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  • S

    Everytime I see that Rebecca Minkoff “Perry satchel,” aka Givenchy Antigona knock-off, I cringe. Just wrong on so many levels. I know she has better stylist quality than to piggy back off of other brands..Its disappointing.

    • Yes!

      totally agree with you. same goes for every other American designer who sell “inspired” bags:
      it’s disconcerting that designers like Krakoff, Kors, Kate Spade, and Tory Burch make bags that are look-a-likes of trendy “it” bags just to make a sell…
      do they really have to make cheaper versions of the proenza PS1s and celine trapeze or luggage just to cater to a market that either cannot afford (or choose not to buy) the originals?
      American designers need to stop copying European houses and come up with some original designs and set their own “trend”.

      • louch

        Also totally agree – it is blatant.

      • Haley

        There are very few things in design, art, and life in general that are truly organic and original. All design is inspired by SOMETHING. Not all big design houses don’t even come up with the trends– there are companies who guide them in a certain direction as to what they think the trends are going to be. “copying” inspires new design. Without copying or “inspired” pieces, there would be no point in creating something new. Just trying to get people to think about these things in a different way. The fashion industry literally thrives when “lower” tiers of the industry get inspired by the top because then they are almost forced to create something different.

      • Yes!

        there’s no doubt European houses have their own inspiration, and usually such inspirations are bottom-to-top/street trends shaping couture designs…
        but what separates European couture houses from the American designers I mentioned above is that the former is able to translate such ‘inspiration’ into innovative designs, and thereby set the trends top-down.
        American designers, on the other hand, simply copy such innovation from Europe and do nothing with it other than make it mass-marketable. I really don’t see how American designers, as you’ve said, have created/been forced to create something different on a level at par with European designers….

      • I definitely agree. But American designers aren’t the only ones copying the it bags. European fashion houses do the same thing! Look at the Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Tote, which I like to call the Saint Laurent Birkin. Or the latest Versace ad featuring Lady Gaga and those cute candy coloured bags that feature a birkin inspired handle and lock/belt design. Or Blenciaga’s Papier with Celine wings….

      • Yes!

        all very true indeed… it’s just that the lack of originality is so much more egregious and prevalent among American designers.
        and, yes, don’t even get me started on Saint Laurent (smh while face palming at the thought of what that brand is becoming). lol

    • Rashmi

      I agree 100%. what a waste of talent!!

  • The first photograph is magical.

  • sunshine

    Maybe a Givenchy knock off but that perry satchel is hot.