Project Runway Season 5

Golly Jeepers, Project Runway Season 5 done snuck up on Amanda! Rumor has it that, as a metaphorical ‘middle finger’ to Lifetime and the Weinstein brothers for buying the show out from under them, Bravo has done almost zero promotion for the latest season, which debuted Wednesday night to little fanfare (and no reviews – it appears the network didn’t even send out critic copies in advance, which is extremely rare, particularly for this type of TV). Even I missed the initial showing (I was comatose for several hours after work today due to a 5 a.m. personal training session, ack), but thanks to the fact that Bravo is fairly low-budge as far as cable networks go, they always rerun new episodes like an hour after they first air (and then every 3 hours for a week afterward)!

So, here’s your spoiler alert: bail out now if you’re still waiting for the season 5 opener to come back around on the TV rotation. For all those that dare follow, my estimation of the debut is after the jump.

Blue Cup Dress by DanielSo, blue cup dress. BLUE CUP DRESS, PEOPLE. To me, Daniel’s outfit was the obvious winner, although Heidi & Co. didn’t agree with me. Their winner was the vacuum bag dress designed by Kelli, and although the splattered, draped skirt was certainly very fetching, I wasn’t so much feeling the coffee filter boobie covers. Yeah, not so much.

I did, however, LOVE that they brought back Austin Scarlett from Season 1 to judge this challenge, since it was the same one that he won on the very first episode of the series. Besides, he’s the definition of the word ‘fabulous’, and I’ll take as much of him as I can get in my life.

The challenge itself, I thought, was very difficult for a first challenge – for the past few seasons, it seems like they’ve thrown the designers a softball on the first day (or at least let them design with actual FABRIC). Last night, though, they had to get all of their materials from a grocery store. What did that bring forth? Well, a lot of tablecloth dresses. None of them were terribly exciting, save for Korto’s, which I thought was impeccable (and also better than the dress that actually won, although not nearly as awesome as the blue cup cocktail dress).

None of the designers are terribly memorable yet, except maybe the gay tanorexic dude from Seattle (although apparently he’s not that memorable, because I can’t remember his name). A lot of the girls look alike – young hipsters that appear to have been plucked straight from the streets of Brooklyn. None of the clones were terrible, so it looks like I’m in for a few more weeks of being confused before they start to get weeded out. This season’s oldie, rocker chick Stella, probably needs to be put out of her misery and go back to LA to make more clothes for aging rock stars. Based on her trash bag dress tonight, it probably won’t be too long before I get my wish.

Axe Murderer Dress by JerryPerhaps the best part of the show, though, was that Jerry, who had been the most smug and pretentious in his intro, got booted straight off. His model looked like she was about to murder someone in a horror movie set in an abandoned hospital, and she actually LAUGHED at him when the judges were ripping him a new one after she walked. I’m also fairly sure that the paper gown I wore at the gynecologist’s office yesterday would have been more stylish, were I to add a cinching belt and a cute bag.

Overall, there were several bright spots along with the usual cabal of fringe crazies and fabulous gays. The top three tonight are definitely ones to watch for the rest of the season, but it will be interesting to see if a dark horse emerges in the next few weeks!

Images via BravoTV.

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  • It’s on my Tivo, waiting for me!!! I love this show so much :grin:

  • tina

    I almost felt bad for Jerry – did you notice how terribly he was sweating as they were as you said ripping him a new one – but seriously what the heck was he thinking? :shock:

  • BottegaMyHeart

    Yay for Project Runway! I just love Heidi and Tim – they’re always so chic, yet endearing!

    I thought Stella should’ve gone home last night; yes, Jerry’s creation was horrific, but at least he put more thought into his ugly thing than Stella did.

    Either way — I’m so glad PR’s back! :grin:

    • I completely agree. Her design lacked all inspiration or any thought. Jerry’s overall product was a mess, but he did put more into it than she did.

      • Victoria

        i totally agree, as well!! I thought she was going home for sure. Jerry seemed to have more potential on the show to make some really fabulous stuff, too bad he didn’t get a chance! Maybe they chose him over her b/c his own line, Form, is doing relatively well…

  • Rashmi

    I love project runway!! it’s really addicting!! I agree with you Amanda. The blue plastic cup dress should have won as it was totally innovative and beautiful to look at. No one would even guess from far that it’s made from plastic and cups!! i liked the lower part of kelly’s dress but not the upper part coffee filters…reminded me of madonna’s conical brasierre. it wasn’t bad but the Blue plastic cup dress completely put me in awe!!

    I also liked the african gal’s dress that was yellow with vegetables in the neck area…very chic.

  • dela

    I agree Stella should have gone. She basically wrapped the plastic bag aroung her model’s body and that too in a perdictable way. She was probably keep because of her personality. The cup dress was the best, yet Michael Kors told the designer that he could have pushed it a bit more. He already made a sexy dress out of the plastic cups with a great neckline, given the limitations of the material it was an amazing effort. For change, I would like to see MK get out of his jet set aesthetic and be a little more daring with his designs. I hated the bodice of the winning design.

    • The bodice was not great. It was imaginative, but not great. I loved the skirt though!

  • Can’t wait to see another season of project runway! love heidi so much!

  • kimhob

    I am still loving the Ashley Paige swimsuits from last season! Her designs are sooo beautiful! Shes so talented! :wink:

  • becky

    lol,i love the show~!and i think make me a super model is a good show too! :grin:

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  • becky

    lol,i love the show~!and i think make me a super model is a good show too! :grin:

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  • I have to agree that the blue cup special was the true award winner and that Letha’ Mama needs to go home. Korto’s dress was (as stated) impeccable, but she lost points in my book because of the cop out tablecloth.

    And, yeah, wasn’t “Make Me a Super Model” great? I’ll have to find a blog for that one whenever the new season starts up.