So what’s up this week? Who’s in? Who gets Auf’d? Now that the adorable Wesley is gone, will his boyfriend (YES! THE TRUTH!) Daniel be too sad to sew? What adorable outfit will they have Heidi in this time? Will Tim strangle Blayne for calling him ‘Timlicious?’ As always, spoilers and this week’s roundup, after the jump.

I’m a bit peeved. Haven’t we done the ‘take pictures around the city!’ challenge before? Didn’t Andre make a beautiful gutter-water dress or something like that? Am I taking crazy pills? Bueller? Of course, Stella is basically a thousand-year-old piece of petrified leather (excuse me, LEATHAH), and can’t work her camera. Surprise. And then, of course, from the short-haired guy with glasses (whose name I haven’t learned yet, which probably means he’ll be gone soon), we get this season’s first utterance of the old reality show staple line: “I’m not here to make friends!” Apparently, Stella and Kenley are too snarky for him. He wouldn’t last a week on the Tila Tequila show.

I will say that seeing our contestants galavant around New York at night makes me think about moving there even more than I already have been. So, I guess I can get behind this challenge. But still, a bit peeved. I get the feeling that the writers are kind of phoning it in this season – we’ve already had one obvious rehash of a previous challenge, and it’s only week 3.

And this week? This is the week that Project Runway officially jumped the shark, because this is the week that Tim Gunn, he of wonderful vocabulary and fabulous verbiage, learned to say ‘Holla at ya boy,’ despite the fact that they teased it in the previews for last week’s show. So it may go off to Lifetime now, may God have mercy on its soul (and may God punish Harvey Weinstein for being such an a-hole).

So who is bad this week? Well, a lot of people, but we’re early yet. Suede’s looks kind of H&M, and Stella somehow managed to make a 115 pounds, 6 foot tall model look like she had love handles. Emily made some sort of Copacabana frou-frou ruffly thing, and Keith (that’s the whiny glasses-wearer) made a dress with a lot of crap stuck to it. The mousey girl that is not the one that wears glasses made a mousey clock dress. Surprise!

I’m going to have to agree with the judges in that I kind of loved Kenley’s in an Alexis Carrington, fabulous ’80s way. I’d never wear it, but it’s still pretty cool. My favorite for the night was the mousey girl that DOES wear glasses (Leanne!), who was atrocious last week – I would buy AND wear both pieces that she made, together and separately. She referenced her photo while still being editorial and maintaining her personal style. To me, that makes a winner. But again, the judges don’t agree, because Kenley won. I’ll allow it, because I love her in general, but I thought Leanne was better tonight, as much as Leanne annoys me.

It was down to Jennifer and Emily, and really it’s a crapshoot at this point, because they both were full of suck. The Carmen Miranda getup was the worst, just barely, so Emily got the boot. At this point, we’re just weeding out the terribles, so the Auf’ing is kind of anticlimactic.

I stick by my original picks of people to watch – Daniel, Korto, and Kelli, and I’m going to have to add Kenley because I think her hair is so cute. And please, for everything that is holy, let Blayne go home next week.

Images via BravoTV

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  • ATLCutie

    I think LeAnne should have won. Her skirt and top was impeccable and I would have ordered it from Bluefly in a min. I liked Kenley’s dress as well, but probably wouldn’t wear it. I think Blayne is creepy. His over tanning, and starring thing is a little out there. Is it me or does he finish his dresses really fast, I mean how does he have so much time to stare at people. Emily’s dress was craptastic, what was all that frilly foo foo stuff stuck on it. I too think they are just weeding out the terribles, I still don’t know everyone’s name. Like the one who made the backless dress, she is one to watch. Loved how she interpreted the picture to make the dress.

  • nyshopaholic

    Amanda, your weekly Project Runway re-caps are the highlight of the Purse Blog for me now! I have not liked any of the winning designs so far this season and I agree that LeAnne should have won last night (although I am also a Kenley fan.)I personally think Stella is hilarious, especially when she couldn’t work the digital camera and was hammering away at her grommets disturbing all the other designers. I think Season Five has the least talented group of all the seasons so far and I keep hoping it will get better…

  • me

    I have thought Stella needed to go home weeks one and three. Her outfit was not edgy or rock ‘n roll, and yes, it was unflattering. Even on a model!

  • Amanda, loved this review!!!!

    LEATHA has to go. Her design was really unflattering. Those pants looks heinous on the 5’11 120 lb model…

  • AJH

    Was anyone else surprised to see Sandra Bernhard as the guest judge?

  • ^ YES! That was an off the wall approach!

  • dela

    Amanda, I agree with you. This season feels incredibly stale and maybe lifetime can breathe some life back into the series. LOL. Is there a Golden Girls challenge in store?
    The winning dress by Kenely reminded me of the scuptued floral Balenciaga dress that Jennifer Connelly was photographed in several magizines. So, there was nothing original about it. But, Leanne not only had the best interpretation of her photograph but it showed originaliy and skill.
    I don’t know how could judges love Terri’s dress/pants combo. I like the idea of a backless dress, but the dress part was very much grandmother-of-the-birde (we are already moving in the Golden Girls direction) and to top it off the designer had a matching black trim on the sleves of the dress. Whenever I see matching trims etc. it reminds me of little outfits worn by toddlers not high fashion.
    All in all, I have been pretty disappointed by the designers’ efforts and the judges’ opinions. I don’t think Nina Garcia is editor-in-chief of Elle any more.

  • amanda lane

    i agree that the skirt and shirt was the showstopper of the night. THe detail was beautiful. Overall i am disappointed with the designers this go round…

  • Angie


    • AHHHHH I can’t watch this because I’m at work, but if it’s what I think it’s is, it’s HILARIOUS.

      It was made by one of my very favorite bloggers, Rich from FourFour :mrgreen:

  • Heather

    You mentioned you were upset about the ‘take pictures around the city challenge’ but seeing that you’ve watched seasons before they repeat a lot of the challenges, so this is nothing new.

    I do agree that Leanne’s skirt and top was more deserving of the win, but Kenley’s was still interesting and well done.

    • I just feel like I see them with cameras in their hands at least once a season (including in one of last season’s final episodes). Think of something new, PR!