And now, ladies and gentleman (well, mostly ladies), we have Round 2 in Project Runway: Season Swan Song (because after this, it moves to Lifetime to die a slow, painful death in front of sad, middle-aged women with middle-of-the-road ladymag Marie Claire replacing Elle). So what are we in for this week? Will Stella go in to leather (or meth) withdrawl? Does Tim Gunn really say “Holla at ya boy” like in the previews? Will Blayne’s (or however he spells it) head explode from his own sheer annoyingness? Will Suede continue to refer to himself in the third person (ok, so that one is pretty much a lock)?

And their models are doing the shopping for them…..


A nice, fitting punishment for them all after almost every one of them copped out with the TABLECLOTHS last week, despite the fact that Alpha Gay Austin Scarlett and his previous win should have made it obvious that they would be rewarded for using more difficult materials.

A quick note: how did I not notice Wesley last week? He is ADORABLE. I want one of him for my very own. But I don’t want him to make me any clothes, because his brown satin dress is, uh, not cute. And he gets kicked off for it, which is very sad, because that means I don’t get to see him in seersucker and docksiders anymore, and there’s not enough of that on TV.

Moving on. I’m excited that there’s no immunity tonight, because I think immunity is kind of BS. If you make a crap dress, you go home, and the dress you made last week can’t possibly be good enough to make up for it (unless it’s the Chris March/Christian Siriano couture dress from last year, and then your dress is pretty much good enough to make you a deity).

There are a few more twists: all of the clothes are ‘green,’ meaning earth-friendly, which I like. Also, the guest judge is Natalie Portman, which I don’t like, because she annoys the ever-loving poo out of me as a meat-eater and leather-lover. But I digress.

The cocktail dresses for this week are, uh, uninspiring. And what is with all the crotch-huggers? I’m not sure if it’s a function of the models not buying enough fabric or our designers having questionable taste, but a huge number of the dresses are FAR too short. Stella is one length offender, but she managed to make a dress out of something other than leather that wasn’t completely offensive, so we’ll consider that to be a win for her.

And then this? THIS is where Amanda gets ANGRY. Because Suede and his SPASTIC MULTICOLORED TUTU WON THE FREAKIN’ CHALLENGE, AND MEGS WON’T LET ME CUSS, BUT IF SHE WOULD LET ME, THIS IS WHERE I WOULD. It looked like BETSEY JOHNSON ON CRACK. Which is saying a lot, because most all of Betsey’s clothes already look drug-induced.

I’m going to try to be calm for a second here…not only was that dress atrocious, but there were at least a few that were obviously better. Daniel, of Blue Cup Dress fame, made a lovely empire waist dress of black satin that was adorable, and retro chick Kenley made what I thought was the clear winner of the night – a high-collared, organic champaign silk column dress that absolutely fit her model like a glove.

But…crazy tutu dress. Crazy TUTU DRESS.

I need a drink.

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  • …”because after this, it moves to Lifetime to die a slow, painful death in front of sad, middle-aged women with middle-of-the-road ladymag Marie Claire replacing Elle”…

    Tsk, tsk, Amanda… Not nice. Not nice at all.

  • Tellicherry

    Lord knows there’s nothing sadder than a middle aged woman! Yech.

  • I’m a youngish woman and love Lifetime, but I am a sap.

    This is just Amanda’s humor, no harm and all in good fun :mrgreen:

    • My point exactly….

      • What is?… I am not following, but I also have the flu

      • I just mean that not every woman watching Lifetime is a middle aged, sad, Marie Claire reading woman.

      • I do agree… I watch it and enjoy. I know many do.

  • Honestly, I think Lifetime stereotypes women as victims and doormats, which makes me dislike it, but mostly I just think they’re kind of low-budget and will ruin Project Runway, which makes me sad.

  • So is the switch next week? No longer on Bravo…?

    • It’s next season, although I don’t think it’s been officially confirmed yet. The always-greedy Weinstein brothers (owners of Miramax) own the rights to the show, and apparently they sold the broadcast agreement to Lifetime, some say without even giving Bravo a chance to bid on it. Which I think is crappy, because Bravo, IMO, is really the only network that I can think of that can pull of such a high-fashion show.

  • agreenst

    I actually like the tutu-on-acid dress. Though i do think would be more successful selling the dress with the high-collar than suede’s.

    I didn’t see the season premiere, but judging from the second episode i am already missing season 2. :sad: Oh long gone are the days where tim gunn is actually funny, the designers aren’t annoying and there is way less product placement.

  • Bella

    Natalie Portman pretty much rocks in my opinion. She would be the one reason I watched this episode.

  • me

    Suede’s was my favorite dress. :oops:

  • dimon

    I LIKE Marie-Claire and it is not aimed at middle-aged women by the way, more thirtyish. BTW, what age is middle-aged now?

    If you take a look at Bazaar, which I also love, it is aiming much more at ladies that can afford expensive designer clothing, not typically a 22 year old just out of college. Opinions?

  • middle-aged woman

    Really, that was kinda rude. I’m sure there are tons of Lifetime-loving, middle-aged women who frequent this blog. Quite frankly, I’m one of them. Middle-aged, Lifetime loving, but not sad and actually reading books. I’m also a fashion junkee and a faithful TPB reader. But if you’re make judgmental statements about my kind, I’m gonna have to find a more respectful blog. Trash the channel all you want if you don’t like it, I can appreciate opinions. But don’t trash the viewers and your blog readers. I’m sure Megs doesn’t want to lose readership due to insensitive comments like those in this post.

    • Tellicherry

      Darling, it’s time you accepted the fact that you’re ready for the glue factory. Amanda and the other bright young things are not interested in your opinions, your disposable income, or your readership.

      (Tongue set firmly in cheek.)

      • middle-aged woman

        Oh, I’m sorry if my maturity offends you. Honestly, I could care less. There are many other handbag blogs I can visit to get my fix (not to mention better commentaries on Project Runway. My consideration is for Megs and Vlad who have worked hard to build something truly incredible here. They might want to consider advertisers and readers when allowing posts that are so inherently judgmental against an entire group of individuals that make up a huge part of their business. I’d really hate to see the success of TPB be diminished over a tasteless comment.

      • Tellicherry

        I was being facetious, hence the aside about tongue-in-cheek. I am approaching middle age myself and I find the ageist comments on certain fashion blogs to be frustrating and offensive.

    • I appreciate the comment. I am all for Lifetime, Marie Claire, and while I may not quite be middle-aged, I sometimes feel I am. I took the comment very humorously… but I see your point.

      We love having you here as a reader and hope to continue to have you

      • middle-aged woman

        Thanks Megs. I know it was meant in humor but you kind of have to part of that crowd before it’s really funny. It’s kind of like how it’s okay for Chris Rock to make jokes about african-american people – but it would not be okay for a caucasian comedian because it would be racist. That might be an extreme example – but when you have a business, you really have to consider those things when putting things out there in a public forum. Knowing Amanda is very young, I can understand her poor judgment, but hopefully she can learn from this so her future will remain bright ;-)

      • But isn’t the point of a publication to allow opinions to be voiced? It would be an exceptionally boring media world if every joke that might be offensive to some was quieted as a “business decision.” It certainly had value in opening a discussion on the issue, didn’t it?

  • Mrs. C

    I am a young woman, and I certainly hope that someday I get to be middle-aged, because the alternative is indeed quite “sad”.

  • Honestly, I was very surprised at the response, and continue to be surprised. I thought it was overwhelmingly obvious that not only that particular comment, but the entire post, was firmly in jest and NOT to be taken seriously in any way. The Internet is a very informal medium, by and large, and I’ve tried to keep my posts fairly light and silly thus far. I felt comfortable that our regular readers would have understood that about me at this point, and it didn’t even occur to me that anyone would look at that joke and do anything beyond roll their eyes.

    Like I’ve stated above, I do find Lifetime offensive. I think it panders to women and insults our intelligence in a lot of its programming, but the joke wasn’t even in regards to that – it was a reference to the firestorm of negative publicity that has surrounded Project Runway’s move to a network and sponsorship deal that many (including me) think will dilute its quality. The criticism has been over-the-top on many fashion blogs for the past several months, and I thought that our readers, as Internet-savvy fashion followers, would get the reference. If anyone was truly offended by the comment, I apologize that my intent was not clear.

    But really folks, there’s really nothing to get upset about here besides the fact that Suede’s ugly dress won. Now THAT is insulting.

  • ^ Right on sista!! :grin:

  • Barb

    Well I came here to post a link to a little gossip about this season. But I do want to say we are all doomed to middle age. Some of us (me) sooner than others. But look at the alternative… not reaching middle age. Any who….. I was late reading my paper today and came across this,0,7749062.story Amanda, I’m sorry to say your gaydar is inoperative!! A showmance on Project Runway. Too bad we didn’t see any of it. I t may have added some spice which is badly needed this season IMHO. Also The Chicago Tribune reported the sale of the rights last week just before the premier. I tend to think it is happening… I will definitely miss Nina.

  • becky

    lol,i think make me a super model is good show too! :razz:

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  • Hey guys, I just found this site today and I’m luvin’ it. Nothing gets me excited faster than high-end fashion, though I can hardly afford it (you know…champagne taste, beer budget). The blogs on PR are great. I’ve been addicted since season 1 and can find no one around here (Omaha, Ne) to discuss it with. Yeah, there are people living in Nebraska. BTW, I’m well into middle age and did not find anything offensive here. I extremely seldom watch Lifetime and agree with you on its programming. But on the age thing, I think people are getting a bit overly sensitive. I don’t identify with the personna that was targetted, so you aren’t talkin’ about me. Anyway, don’t censor yourself, the free flowing commentary is the allure of the blog.

  • lauermar

    I can’t wait until all of you turn 40…it will arrive sooner than you think, and suddenly you’ll find nothing more annoying than a 20-year-old twit with a self-absorbed opinion.

    I also cannot fathom why an animal lover like Amanda would want to contribute to a leather purse forum.