It’s Thursday, and in the world of Purse Blog, that means but one thing: Project Runway Recap with Amanda! This week, we have one less craptastic designer to scoff at, and we’re one week closer to picking our new favorite designer, who won’t be as good as Christian Siriano anyway! But we’ve still got a bunch of queens, LeathahFace Stella, and the possibility that Blayne might pass out from lack of tanning, so we soldier on, after the jump.

This week, our designers take a field trip to The Bronx, which I think is now officially spelled Tha Bronx, and I was really hoping they’d be dressing homeless people or pit bulls or something (before you hate – I’ve been to The Bronx. The bad part. There were lot of both, and then I got to see someone get jumped in broad daylight), but alas, no.

I’ve got to admit that I do really, really like this challenge – not only did kind-of-adorable Apollo Anton Ono introduce it, but they’re creating outfits for the US Olympic team to wear during the Opening Ceremonies, and I’m somewhat of an Olympics junkie. I was a 10-year-old, soccer-playing kid when the Olympics came to my home town of Atlanta, and I remember watching them late into the night on the little black-and-white TV in my bedroom (my very wise parents didn’t think it was a good idea to buy such a young kid a shiny new TV), completely transfixed that the entire world was watching things going on only miles from my home. So this week, PR, I will not hate on your challenge. I know that Tim Gunn must be relieved.

Ok, so, straight guy Joe. Designs a skort. And THAT is how the world knows that he’s straight – not because he says he is, and not because he’s married or has children. Because he thinks a SKORT is a good idea. I think I could see him make out with a dude at this point and still be convinced of his heterosexuality. And he also appears to think he owns one of the sewing machines, and might punch Daniel over it, and I kind of wanted Daniel to respond with “Yeah?!?!? Well I don’t see your NAME written on it!” But he didn’t. Sad face.

There were no overwhelming standouts in the workroom to me, and I think that after 5 seasons, the PR people have mastered the art of setting at least 20 minutes of the show in the workroom while the clothes are being made, but never really giving us a great idea of what anyone is doing, save for the few that they show Tim nearly gagging over.

And is it just me, or did a lot of these girls look a tad flight attendant? Or, possibly, how Anna Wintour’s Vogue crackpots might style a flight attendant (and despite the fact that the magazine has a wonderful lineage, that is NOT a compliment to the mag OR the designers). But…I’m not sure half of the designers remembered that they were designing for athletes that would be at an event celebrating their athleticism. This challenge was more than just ‘make a cute red, white and blue outfit.’ I saw the adorable speed skater tell them all that, so I know that they were made aware.

You can tell that a lot of these people didn’t play sports as a kid. Straight guy Joe was the only one to do something genuinely athletic, and although I snarked about his skort (and I stand behind that snark – just make it a freakin’ skirt), I kind of appreciate that he at least had an understanding of his client.

Korto, though, was my favorite. I think she did the best job of mixing the clean lines of athleticism with a little bit of fashion editorialism, and I think that her outfit was the one most likely to look modern and polished in front of the world.

And, shock of shocks, the judges agreed with me! YES! This is the first time all season, and possibly a sign that the apocalypse is nigh.

But NO! Daniel, he of Blue Cup Dress fame, is on the chopping block in the bottom two! No! Blue Cup Dress is still my favorite outfit from this season, and although his dress was off the mark tonight, it was still kind of a cute dress. The other of the bottom two is, uh, mousey girl that isn’t the mousey girl that wears glasses…Jennifer? Yes, Jennifer. Well, thank God, she goes home. She is truly full of suck, as her weird clock dress proved last week, and she is just another of the truly awful designers that needs to be weeded out before we get to the good stuff.

My only question for next week: was that Brooke Shields in the previews, or have I been looking at my laptop for too long?

Images via Bravo Tv

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  • Rosemary

    Hey, get your designers straight lol. The one Joe was arguing with over the sewing machine was Daniel, not Keith. Keith is the one with tattoos who is from Salt Lake City Utah. Daniel is the one who made the bright blue/purple dress, and who is in a relationship with previous contestant Wesley. Anyway, thought you would like to know.

    • Hehe, thanks for clearing that up! I’ll go edit it. I hate the first few shows of the season, I’m terrible with names and few of them have enough personality for theirs to stick with me.

  • kara1202

    LOL, thanks for clearin that up, i just thought that wasn’t Keith it was Daniel. Keith was pretty quiet this week, except when he took Terri’s fabric LOL.

  • thanks a lot

  • Brooke Shields is coming and I LOVE her!!!!!

  • I would like to add that, right now, as I was thinking about loser Jennifer, I yawned. The very THOUGHT of her makes me want to take a nap. I’m glad she went.

  • Her design looked EXACTLY like what she was wearing. Something from J Jill, not anything fashionable at all.

    Though the skirt itself would be cute with a tank and killer heels.

  • Megan

    I like Leann (the other mousy girl) did you see her outfit? it was so cute and sporty! she should have gotten one of the top 3 spots. I also think that she should have won last week. I hope she continues to have this streak of beautiful designs and not let the judges not letting her know its awesome hurt that creative grove shes in. I would seriously buy the last 2 outfits and I only buy sale/clearance rack.

  • dela

    I too finally agreed with the judges’ choice for a winner. This time if they had gone with Terri I would have also accepted that. Looking at Joe’s expression during the juding, it was so obvious he thought he had this one in a bag. Lol.
    But, I am tired of these gimmicky challenges. I am even more tired of NBC/Universal tying in everything (movies, tv shows etc) to Olympics. It should be clear to the producers that at this point in PR’s run they are not really going to have any more new viewers and they should make their loyal viewrs happy and stick with the real designer challenges. I love when they have to do couture or avant-garde. Also, can we get some judges that actually have something to do with fashion. Sandra Bernhard? No, please.

  • Rashmi

    Good review Amanda! I agree with you that the PR producers and Heidi must show the viewers some footage about how they create their whole outfit instead of just bits and pieces of action and talk. For an hour long show I’m sure they can fit in a segment where they just show the process-from sketching to sewing to fitting. If they can’t show each contestant, then they should choose on random order every week.

    just my two cents on the show.

  • Rashmi

    I think Korto will be on the Top 3. She really knows what she’s doing and has what it takes to be the best designer.

  • luvhautecouture

    urg that mousey girl was so damn mousey! lol

  • luvhautecouture

    and why does she think she is surrealist??? i dont see it at all!!!

  • rachel

    Daniel is my baby! I adopted him the moment they showed him onscreen. and just like his brother Christian Siriano (also adoption at first sight), he’s not going home. my babies are winners.