Back when I wrote about the fantastical, confusing, reptilian shoes that Alexander McQueen showed for his brilliant Spring 2010 runway show, I remember thinking that the only person that I could see actually trying to wear the shoes in any serious way was Lady Gaga. Apparently I can predict the future, so if any of you would like to know if you should dump your current boyfriend, you know who to ask.

Ok, really, it wasn’t that impressive of a prediction – these shoes are beyond fierce and Gaga is the only person on the face of the planet besides maybe Daphne Guinness that can really own them. And that’s exactly what she does to no less than three different pairs in her brand new video for Bad Romance.

To make things even better, she also sports head-to-toe McQueen straight off the catwalk about three and a half minutes into the song. The shiny, reptilian ensemble that she chose was my favorite of the collection and a total standout across all of Paris Fashion Week, and it deserved to be enshrined in pop culture history this way. I’m seeing her in Atlanta in December, and I can only hope that she takes a piece or two of this McQueen brilliance on the road with her. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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  • Behonce
  • Michael St. James

    Love this video and those amazing shoes! The song sucks though.

  • MAX

    The shoes, dresses, and the whole things are so fabulous. but in music video only if she wears it in real life that’ll so scary. Luv the MQ shoes though so colorful

  • Mika

    Love love love this song and this video…I think she’s just fabulous!! XD

  • weaslgrl

    It only makes sense, since she premiered the song at the MQ spring 2010 show.

  • tadpolenyc

    this is the kind of song that gets stuck in your head for days at a time. she’s crazy, but she’s awesome.

  • bunny

    she’s really crazy. like amazingly, cringey omgoodness-what-is-she-doing crazy. she truly doesnt care what she does or sounds like or looks like, and the thnig is, she wears outfits that would make everyone else say “slutty!” if it was done by britney or christina or whatever. but not her.

  • Claire

    Love Gaga!!!!

  • Graham

    OMG! I have watched this vid at least 20 times since it launched, both on You Tube and on the itunes. The styling is amazing and that song is freakin’ catchy. I love that she’s practically naked the whole time and the four pairs of McWueen shoes are phanom! So happy to see it posted here.

  • Graham



      A.McQueen rocks!!!

  • Bambola

    I think she’s just a cyber Britney…Her dance moves and expression during the video are very similar to Britney’s.

  • Kendra

    Fabulous (fb)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    me again (fb)