It’s been an undeniably fabulous year for Mulberry. The Alexa bag took off into the stratosphere with the endorsement of namesake Alexa Chung and brought hordes of new customers to the brand’s signature British It Girl look, and it appears as though things won’t be slowing down at all for Mulberry Spring 2011. At the brand’s New York runway show earlier today, a well-edited collection of style mavens and fashion bigwigs looked on as the brand presented a polished-yet-fun line of ready-to-wear, shoes and bags.

And it’s the bags, of course, that we’re worried about here. Fans of the Alexa won’t be let down – the design will be coming in several new colors and finishes for spring, and the brand has launched a new, similar satchel called the Tillie for anyone who already has enough Alexas in her closet. My favorite bags were the (little m) mulberry ones – purples with lots of red undertones have a spot in my heart and wardrobe any day. We have tons of detailed photos after the jump, and you can either let us know what you think in the comments or over at our Mulberry Spring 2011 discussion thread on PurseForum!

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  • teddybear

    OMG. That’s make me want to save more money to buy those bags on the next year. They are so gorgeous.

  • yaayaa

    OMG! I love the blue Bayswater … its so rich and just sooooo gor-jus! Also you are right, the little M’s are cute! Are they going to come with the bigger bag as a bonus? Doubt it LOL

  • Seejayluvsbags

    They look beautiful! Now I’ve lost interest in the Fall collection! I can’t wait to snag one!

  • Idealist

    WOW! Amaaaaaazing I’d definitely work overtime to have 1 of these. I would love to see that blue in person hope the color is just as rich as it looks on the web. Mulberry is getting btr & btr w/ each passing season

  • Perry

    Victoria Beckham just designed her first line of bags for spring 2011. Will you be doing a review on them?

    • If we can get up-close shots, absolutely!

  • gacats

    I see a couple of possibilities there. (fb)

  • Lyn

    Love it!! Time to save up! ;)

  • Graciell

    Mulberry used to be my go-to brand for understated useable stuff, but nowadays they’re just another it-bag producing company. Their quality has declined seriously and some of the most beloved older styles are discontinued. It used to be so much fun going to the boutique and drooling over all the lovely goodies, but now I don’t even feel like going anymore…

  • edoardo

    Love mulberry and this bag is so innovative and interesting…is perfect for every woman!

  • Mochababe73

    It’s official. I have come to the realization that I just don’t like the Mulberry brand. While everyone was ooohing and aaahing over the Bayswater and Alexa, I was completely underwhelmed.
    I am still underwhelmed, and I really wanted to like it.

  • Staci

    I am determined to get my hands on a Mulberry bag, even if it’s from the Target line! ;-)

  • pika

    Stop spamming with counterfeit sites!! and you are obviously the same person…

    • We try to delete those comments as soon as we see them – sorry we missed those!

  • Edric

    can you guys do an article about Mulberry for Target??? Are they gonna sell Bayswater and Alexa for such a cheap price? I’m wanting them sooo bad but there’s none here in Vancouver, Canada. Atleast I can just cross the boarder going to Seattle for Target. haha nyway thanks in advance!!! :)

  • Jen

    I was in London last week and saw so much – maybe too much – Mulberry. I know it’s silly, but I really dislike the brass oval plate key lock that is on all of the bags.

  • MizzJ

    There are some cute items (the Bayswater and Alexa) but other than that, it kinda looks the same as before. Oh well, guess it’s hard to improve on classics!

  • Faith

    I love the whole handbags collection, especially the violet one. I got to hand it to Mulberry. They just make the best handbags…

  • Louise

    I think they only bag I like here is the blue bayswater. Everything else just seems overworked or too ‘try hard’ when my perception of the brand is/was that they are an easy going brand that doesn’t scream mulberry at you. Shame, really.

  • nini

    I really like 17! (ipad)

  • Jelita78

    i never liked boxy briefcase type bags..
    but somehow this mulberry looks different..
    love the eccentric shades and somehow looks as if it has a softer side to the boxy shape.. (ipad)

  • Emma G

    blue bays is gorgeous (ipad)

  • sali

    nt bad