The new kid on the handbag block is fitting in perfectly, being highly sought after and not as widely available in the US as we (by that I mostly mean me) would like. Gerard Darel Bags are not new by any means, but their popularity in the US is blowing up. On my last trip to Spain, I was on a hunt for a Gerard Darel Bag. I left empty handed. But my yearning for this brand has not ceased and after getting a shipment of Gerard Darel Bags to review, I am hooked.

Now I must let you all know that our shipment was mostly leather bags, but there was a metallic python beauty that was included that outshines the rest. Once I set my eyes and hands on the Gerard Darel 24h Utah Python Bag, designed with a slight metallic gold python, my need for a Gerard Darel bag became insatiable. The style of the 24 Hour Utah Python bag is very casual but perfect for a casual lifestyle. The 24 hour style is not the largest, there is also a 36 hour, which would most likely fit me better (also a 48 hour but this might be too large). To be honest, I can not place my finger on what it is that I love about this bag so much. It was the over all feel, the finished product, the way it looked on me. And again, brutally honest, but the plain leather looked quite drab on me after I tried on the python. This python, as you can see in the enlarged pictures, had only a slight metallic shine. It would not gleam on its own, but in the right light, a shimmer of gold would catch the light. The python on this handbag is fabulous, the scales do not feel like they will flake off, rather they are softer and appear as if they will wear better.

Another major plus to this bag is its weight; it is incredibly lightweight. The Gerard Darel 24 hour Utah Python Bag is from the spring collection and will cost around $3,200. We got to review a few of the Gerard Darel bags, but the major downside is how hard they are to locate in the US. You can try your luck at Delcina and Shop Rumor. In fact, Shop Rumor just got a new shipment and they have a python GD Bag! I am not claiming the bag to be extraordinary, the inside is merely lined in canvas, the hardware is just enough, but when the finished product is hanging from your shoulder, you can see why the craze over Gerard Darel will not end. More information on Gerard Darel.

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  • Cindy Maher

    hehehe, love the name of this bag.

  • serena

    I love these bags! I wish they would open a store in the US or at least find a steady supplier. I ache for one of these bags! ACHE!

  • janis

    Wow! I love this am I am not really a snakeskin fan…

  • Hi there! Loving the bag. So how do you take care of a snakeskin bag to keep it in good condition?

    • I don’t use product on my snakeskin bags… just treat them a tad more carefully!

  • Jen

    He is growing on me.

  • Kim

    gerard darel bags are soooo beautiful; the python is treated so its smooth & very lux – i am pining after this one!
    please visit & let me know what you think!

  • Arlette

    That bag is georgeous, the spring collection is so pretty. The inside python bag is really fantastic, is lightweigth you can put it in your shoulder without feeling it too heavy and also you can used at every time you wanted.


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  • Tamara ModernGear TV

    Also try Clutch in Seattle – if you send in your e-mail addy they’ll add you to their Darel update list that alerts you to a new shipment. They seem to go fast – I haven’t been able to get one yet.

  • Shelly

    I found a few on Ebay from powersellers – the seller Cashmeargurl seems to have 2 at the moment the 24 hour and the Dublin sweater bag

  • Jen

    Does anyone know where to buy a Gerard Darel sac 24 heures online in the UK, I love the black python but want to see other leather options too and can’t even get the prices off the official website!

  • marinne

    i like the style look really nice

  • Arm Candy Lady!

    Sweet bag…wish the color was deeper!

  • Ellin

    Bloomingdales is carry Gerard too.

  • Mshelle

    Yes the name says it all and the bag looks liek a top prize winner guranteed to turn heads no matter where you carry it

  • Bridget

    Really, is this necessary; do you really need to wear a snake as a bag; especially to the tune of $3200; maybe it’s time for some soul-searching; just a thought