Well, isn’t this just the ray of sunshine I’ve been looking for! Here in South Florida, we are in the midst of our rainy season. While I have become accustom to afternoon storms, the past week has been full of doom and gloom. Rain in the morning, thunder in the afternoon and a nice combination of the two in the evening. So, I’ve definitely been on the hunt for a handbag to brighten my day.

Devi Kroell Degrade Wide Hobo

The Devi Kroell Degrade Wide Hobo uses bright colors in all the right ways! Python leather adorns this wide hobo (11″ x 17″ x 6″) perfectly. For me, exotic skins almost always look good on clutches or small handbags, but the same skin on larger bags can sometimes look a bit sloppy. If the sunflower inspired python wasn’t enough, open the bag and you’ll see a silk lined interior. Sure, I might worry that my keys or perhaps a pen (I never leave home without a pen and lip gloss in my bag) could snag the silk, but this is a risk I’d be willing to take. This bag is a complete hit, I love it! Buy through Barney’s for $3490.

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  • Thistle

    I’m not even a big fan of orange or yellow, but this is amazing! Simply gorgeous!

  • Jan

    Love it, but truthfully, how many of us could afford it even if we love it?!!!

  • Mandy

    Can’t afford it, but totally love it! DK strikes again!

  • Her bags do range on the more expensive side, but they are beautiful! Did you see Rhianna with her bag? We posted it on BagThatStyle.com, it looks amazing on her – a yellow hobo

  • Merve

    Complete hit or not, with that price tag its a no go for me.

  • dimon

    Sorry, I hate snake skin, just creeps me out to touch it. Doesn’t help that a two year old little girl was strangled by her family’s pet python yesterday, in Florida I believe.

  • Pamela M

    Such a beautiful summer bag! But with that price I’d like to see it in a croc than python. So gorgeous though!