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  • Susan

    Interesting to read!

  • guest

    no chanel????

  • Edia

    the Zagliani is sooooo not expensive looking.whats with the zipper tingeling around on each side :/

    • Elizabeth

      Can’t say I’m a fan of the silhouette but it’s degrade crocodile leather. Given how small the scales are and the special dyeing process I’ll bet it looks expensive in person.

  • sandy

    this just proves that the rich are stupid.

    • Bo

      spoken by someone who could never afford such luxuries… Why don’t you stick to Target and Wal Mart!

    • YazmineWiltshireoan321

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    • Thomas Bellah the 3rd

      Oh can it we simply enjoy the yields of our labors so if we want to buy our wives expensive handbags thats fine we have a lot of money left over after food shelter and cloths

      • The wealthy tweeter

        I agree Bellah

      • LucyBlakeesas

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      • KiraListonacu

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      • Not Ridiculous

        Food shelter and cloths??? Really??? Lol.

    • A person who can buy one of these bags has so much money its purchase is comparable to whatever you had for lunch. I’m jealous too but I’m not calling people stupid because of it.

      • james anderson

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      • degabber

        You shouldn’t be jealous,if someone is spending this amount of cash on a handbag then they obviously do not know the value of money.Watch this space….Spending like that wont last for long.they will get bitten on their ass…….karma is a bitch.lol

    • cindydtompkins

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    • César

      They’re not stupid. They have so much money they don’t look for quality, they buy “status”.

      It’s sad and rather incomprehensible for regular people, but that’s why they “waste” so much money in a particular brand.

      • Bellaoftheball

        That’s ridiculous. They appreciate the quality as much as a “regular” person. In fact, “regular” people, to use your term, go out and buy LV totes and Speedies all the time to look like they fit in, when these are just PVC bags and frankly, I think the quality is lacking and they are very generic. Or, they buy the knock-off supreme Michael Kors bags and pretend they are LV. Bottom line, if the “regular” people had the money, or were “stupid” like in the main comment, they would own the top bags like the “stupid” rich.

        Jealousy is an ugly thing. If you want to be rich, work for it. I may sound weird here, but in America, one thing is for sure: the opportunities to make money are there. Then, when you make your money, buy your MK bags all you want. But I bet you won’t.

      • RegularReply

        Not to forget, it’s also unaffordable for ‘regular’ people, hence you must assist them with to elevate their status, no?

    • blueblue

      I guess you aren’t rich.

  • Rashida

    I saw some beautiful bags. I didn’t care for the Fendi or the PS bag, but the Gucci was nice and so were the others!

  • Averil

    Damn… Just read an article about the possible re-emergence of the smallpox epidemic, and now that ostrich Prada looks like the pustule-covered skin of the infected *sadface*

    Wouldn’t go for any of them except for the Marchesa, really. Love the colour and the crystal on the clasp!

  • What about Saint Laurent The Jour Alligator which cost in Japan about $ 40.000,00 or eu 23.500,00 in Mytheresa?

  • Bjorn

    Goes to show, a sucker is born every minute…

  • db

    OK Honey, your choice the Prada Bag or the 2011 BMW M3 convertible?

    • chris_m_h

      Except people who purchase these bags are not looking at BMW nor a 3 series.

  • Stephanie Porter

    I got lucky & found a Prada bag 2 Fendi bags, a Dolce & Gabbana, a Kate Spade bag, & a Versace bag in the local Goodwill & a Thrift shop run by a church org. :-D

    • Chicomalo

      sure you did, next to the box of donuts you fat fuck.

    • LucyHobbscig

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    • VivienneGloverini

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    • lenamshields

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    • erindours

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    • johnjsmelley

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    • Sheila

      I got really really lucky, and found a lot of authentic high end designer handbags at a thrift store. I got an authentic vintage Hermès Kelly 32 in great condition, for a great price, they did not know what it was. I also got a vintage Chanel 2.55 lambskin Jumbo Flap, in good shape, but I am having it refurbished at the Chanel repair shop now, in NY. Authentic Chloe Paddington, a Chloe Betty bag, a Chloe Silverado bag. Authentic Balenciaga Giant Day bag, and a Balenciaga Whistle Bag/ w ostrich leg trim. Seven Louis Vuitton bags, two Louis Vuitton wallets, an LV cosmetic bag, and a LV toiletry travel bag. Lots of authentic Fendi, and wallets. Three Christian Dior “Lady Dior” bags, two vintage Christian Dior Speedy bags. Lots of Gucci, Givency, Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo, and so much more, I can not list them all. I have owned designer bags for years, I know my bags, and can spot fakes a mile away. The Hermès, and Chanel were the biggest finds to date. Keep hunting ladies, you never know, there are rare treasures out there.

      • disqus_uLXPavLvZE

        Where is the best place to search?

      • Gin

        If u can’t afford to buy the real price then you don’t deserve to put your worthless hand on one of those masterpiece.

        U can’t imagine how hard I had to work in order to start earning $1.5 million now that I can afford one of those Birkin Hermes bags.

      • Donna Briggstien

        Your an immature materialistic idiot Gin just because your entire exsistance revolves around you FINALLY making enough money to afford a Birkin Bag your actually looking down on someone who isn’t stupid enough to spend retail on a designer bag? What about taking the money saved and investing or maybe even starting a non profit organization helping someone other than your self what self righteous moron. Im wealthy BUT I do not look down on others and if you continue to have that self righteous attiude you will end up losing your multi million dollar job Ive seen it hundreds of times. The people you look down on while your on top will be the same people you will have to go to later. Good luck thinking your superior paying retail …

      • Tiffany

        You know what,,, FUck you!… Many some of us are smart enough not to spend over 15K for a handbag that we wear once in awhile… People are paying money for their used Hermes bag and its not like it’s free used items. and im sure they work their ass off to buy a used one. … Many of us work our ass off but don’t make as much as you and can’t afford the new Hermes.. You are worthless, materialistic, and a complete Moron! Have a blissful day!

      • Wendie Sun

        One of the best way to keep your confidence up is to put people down. Gin, when put you down, it is often a result of your own insecurities, rather than because there is something you. Watch it…the fall is much harder than climbing to get there.

      • Aditya Dahiya

        Gin, a croc is going to eat ure tits

      • Not Ridiculous

        Gin, I see that you are getting beat up on here and maybe you were just kidding with your post! But if you weren’t… When was the last time you donated your own actual time for someone in need??? Forget all your money!!! Lots of people just need your time. If you don’t know where to go to volunteer then just head to your closest children’s hospital that works off charity and you will find plenty of kiddos that need assistance!!?

      • Another Fad

        Wow! How rude and inconsiderate to say such a thing! Anyone who’d pay full price for a Birkin Hermes should have their head examined or their bank account…maybe both! It’s a freakin’ handbag…not the Mona Lisa or Michelangelo’s David for Pete’s sake…it will eventually wear out and become yesterday’s whim! Besides, it’s not really that great looking…plain if you ask me as in “no personality”…just a designer name, lots of hype and a very very high price tag…ridiculousness! The Emperor Has No Clothes On! Whoopee!

      • J

        For someone who makes that much money, you can’t seem to string a sentence together very well. You must earn all your money on your back since you are obviously uneducated.

      • Jay Thompson

        My guess Is, if you did indeed work as hard as you claim to get to that income level. You would be the last person to spend 20 grand and up on a handbag….but that’s just the way I’d be. Hard work tends to make one frugal and careful with a buck…..now some one born into money is a different animal.

      • Chris Ireland

        I agree!

      • Jay Thompson

        Lol…”they did not know what they had”…ever see american pickers where they say something like “its worth more than that, I’ll give you x amount of dollars more.

        I hope it wasn’t a church thrift shop. You should have just stole it out right. You would have felt even better.

    • jack6135

      I just got



  • Stephanie Porter

    I’m tickled that I own all these designer handbags! Some not in perfect shape but not too the point they should be tossed away.

    • Humble

      In which you bought along with roses and oranges from a Mexican on the off ramp of the freeway. $5 per bag? Sweety, their knock off’s. And if they’re not, the only reason why I’m responding negatively is because your comment was highly arrogant and obnoxious. No need to brag. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away…quick. ;-)

      • gigitrining

        Valentino medium rockstud or Prada medium tote handbag?

      • Lefr

        No but it’s not that boasty because some of these bags aren’t all that expensive. I’ve seen many people who own bags less $10,000 it’s not that expensive.

  • Stephanie Porter

    I’d call this purse an ugly green, mine is a pretty green.

  • Cgrish

    What about Louis Vuitton

    • Mariana

      Louis Vuitton is for poor people. LV bags are affordable “designer” bags.

      • Lisa

        Personally I think Louis Vuitton bags are ugly. However, saying that a bag that STARTS over $1,200 and only goes up in price is only for poor people is disgusting and arrogant. Humble yourself; the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away!!!


  • rich

    i guess my daddy raised me spoiled cause i could get any bag i want form this selection.
    And i’m only a teenager!!! :)

    • Marwin

      Lies. Nice try but judging by your sadistic name and your gullable statements are stupid because we all know it’s fake.

  • Buy this authentic Chanel Crocodile at 15% off today: http://colette.com/collections/all-new/products/chanel-crocodile-flap-bag-vintage-rare-and-excellent-condition-one-of-my-personal-favorites or this Valentino Rockstud Crocodile, both limited editions: http://colette.com/collections/all-new/products/valentino-rockstud-crodile-bag-wth-tags 15% off at checkout use codes: 15OFFTODAY and FREESHIP There is only one of each left. Very Rare and the Chanel is Vintage Colette.com

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  • http://colette.com/products/pi
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    hot pink Python Chanel though! Pics to come and bag to come to Colette.com (SOLD OUT in stores) stunning! I can’t even find a photo of the pink Python yet, I’ll have to take photos of the brand new one with white gloves #awesome

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  • This is not the most expensive, but one of the most beautiful I think: http://colette.com/collections/all-new #Chanel Pink Metallic Boy Bag <3 and here: http://colette.com/collections/all-new/products/chanel-hot-pink-patent-boy-bag-sold-out-in-stores-and-i-have-one-available-for-you-medium-size-cross-body use code 15OFFNEW to buy it now :-)

  • betty maye

    i love nice things but this is ridiculous!!! think how much just one of these bags could help the poor. it seems almost sinful to spend this much on something so unimportant.

    • Elizabeth

      I don’t know if I’ll get to a point where I’d spend five figures on a purse but I’m not going to judge someone who does. After all someone could judge me for wasting my money and free time by not helping the poor. Just being American makes me more well off than many of the people around the world.

    • Not Ridiculous

      I know this is an old blog but I just ran across it. I live in Dallas. Went downtown yesterday to Scottish Rite hospital to help with my niece’s baby that was born with club feet. I saw so many babies and children with serious health issues. This hospital does not charge their patients. I just don’t understand how people can even waste time worrying about purses!! Donate just one of your many $1ks and it could really help a child in need

  • I love my Proenza Schouler Python and my Baleneciaga Crocodiles in Bubble Gum Pink and Black ( I have black number 001)! They last forever and are always beautiful. I also love the new python from Chanel in pink and turquoise, classic medium flap. They are not listed here but could be….here is the pink one: http://colette.com/collections/handbags-1/products/pink-crocodile-balenciaga-purse-limited-edition

  • Vicki

    All of these are ugly.

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  • Suzanne


  • owenthomashouse58

    Must be the out- of -date styles

  • bethcwhitehorn

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  • saradduclos

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  • Blondy

    Crocodile/alligator is amazing. You have not felt a great bag till you have felt this skin. Leather doesn’t hold a candle to it. It’s tough, it wears unbelievably well, and it makes for a great investment as it holds its value. You get it home, you insure it, AND you can wear it and enjoy it (unlike your mutual fund), and if you want or need, you can sell it and get a big chunk of it back, if not all or even more. Can’t say that for most cars!

    • Elizabeth

      That’s the thing with these bags. Are they frivolous? Sure but they’re not any different than any other fashion item. Those bags will last *decades* and still be worth a good amount of money. My mom’s LV Alma bag is literally older than I am (24) and it’s still fully functional. And she could pull in a grand if she wanted to sell it. Show me a car that will do that.

      • Alex Zuckerman

        Why are cars being compared to handbags?. I feel like that’s apples to oranges. Cars are for transportation of people (Important) and handbags are transportation for your products (Unimportant)…. am I wrong?

  • The 10 Most Expensive Handbags of Spring 2014 – PurseBlog
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  • Patricia

    This list is missing the new Louis Vuitton Deesse bag that cost $32,000 and Hermes Blue Abyss birkin bag worth $77,000. This list is Walmart compared to the Hermes.

  • zarah

    Really amazing collections and i want know more collections for purple color small handbags.
    Thank you.
    zarah from Bizbilla

  • laura

    too bad for the animals life…so sad

  • michele

    Do Not buy anything Gucci, they will not stand behind their product!!! Had receipt and auth. # and they basically told me to f*#@ off & go get it cleaned for $500.00 instead of using soap and water like it instructed to clean it!!! The leather outline bled all into the material when I hardly even wet the purse!!!!! The most unprofessional customer service by management that needs to be down at the Gap where she will fit in somewhat better……

  • Beautygirl

    Most are quite ugly!!! I’d rather see the skin on the crocodile or alligator, and at the end of the day no money spent on these bags go to the welfare of the animal, (I guess) just lines the pockets of the already rich. Hum go figure!.

  • The Crimson Fucker

    Anyone that buys these bags deserve to be pushed into a lake filled with crocodiles and be mauled to pieces. >.<

    PS: Kyky this goes out to you!! :D

  • Kay McConnell

    Here: http://thaileather.net i saw many really good handbags. I remember before they had shop on etsy.com and i bought really good crocodile tote bag there, i still wear it, very good quality and price i think. I attach the photo of the bag i bought, may be for somebody it will be interesting.

  • Fugol

    Oh, its horrible how much the purses cost. Im from Ukraine and even here prices are just horrible. Look at it

  • Lorelie dabalos

    Buying luxury hand bag is really fun I just but a sf,Lv,Dior,Bally,miu miu,mj,jimmy choo,gm,most expensive of my bag it was the prada bought it for $40,000

    • Jay Thompson

      So…how much do you have in your collection, in dollars spent?
      And where do you live?

      Ah, I can’t fake it, what do you think is your problem, mentally?….you go to a 3 year old thread just to announce how much money you spend on bags? Did you feel appropriately superior?…how about some pictures of these 100’s of thousands of dollars worth of purses?….I gotta admit, I’m curious.