Yesterday we posted a What’s in her Bag feature with one of my personal favorite singers, Colbie Caillat. Before Vlad and I met the talented and supremely gorgeous Caillat, I did a bit of research on our featured lady. Turns out Colbie tries to stay away from leather products and is an animal rights activist.

Upon reading that, I remember feeling slightly panicked. If you read our site you know the vast majority of the arm candy we post is made from one kind of animal product or another. I not only needed to change up my questions for Colbie a bit but also felt the urge to see what vegan options are out there in the handbag world. And that is where I began to appreciate the brand Matt & Nat in a major way.

Though I already knew of the brand and we have reviewed its bags on PurseBlog, I never fully delved into the company’s mission and products. I called up Matt & Nat and spent a bit of time talking with its founder, Inder Bedi. Matt & Nat’s mission statement is simple: To live beautifully. With so many animal products being utilized in the world, the brand not only focuses on vegan bags but also on sustainable products. The linings of its bags are made from an average of 21 recycled plastic bottles, packaging is made from recycled materials, and all of the products are vegan, meaning they are void of all animal by-products.

In a world filled with leather bags, staying away from such a commonly used commodity remains hard. Yet Matt & Nat has created a vision and a brand that stays true to its roots, combining fashion with eco-friendly products, which gives anyone looking for vegan options in the fashion world amazing accessory options.

The two bags pictured are one of my favorite designs from Matt & Nat, the Santogold, which retails for a mere $195. The clutch is extremely spacious but not overly cumbersome. I love the blue-hued Ikat version, but the pink gives a solid color option as well. I have no idea how a bag that uses no leather feels so supple (the Ikat version is canvas while the pink version feels similar to leather). Though the products used vary tremendously from what the average bag lover expects, the quality of the workmanship has not diminished. Make sure to check out Matt & Nat not only if you want a vegan fashion option but also for a flat out great bag. More via Matt & Nat online.

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  • alice23

    Stella McCartney she is against leather…but is plastic (what they call eco-leather is plastic) better than leather? I do not think so.

  • suz

    Thanks for following up on this and keeping the discussion/consciousness alive.

  • Catherine

    I LOOOVVEEE these bags! .. and there are from Montreal ! :D

  • Jennifer Taggart, TheSmartMama

    If the brand is use polyvinyl chloride plastic as a substitute for leather, than it is not an environmentally friendly choice. PVC (aka vinyl) is the most toxic of the plastics, most be stabilized with a metallic salt, and that metallic salt is usually contains cadmium or lead, and also has hormone disrupting phthalates added to soften the vinyl and make it more pliable/flexible. However, there are eco friendly, animal friendly choices, like many natural fiber fabrics that use low impact dyes. Also, while I don’t like industries that create a use for our plastic, those purses and bags made from recycled plastic are at least a more friendly option than “virgin” plastic.

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  • mochababe73

    I agree with Jennifer. Vegan “leather” is not very friendly to the environment.
    On top of that, I haven’t been impressed with Matt and Nat. I find it to be tacky to the touch. I’ve mostly seen them at TJ Maxx.

  • Mousby

    Thanks ladies!! These posts give me hope!!

  • darkangel07760

    Thank you for featuring Matt and Nat. They are a great designer bag comapny that happens to be vegan. :)

  • cynnnn

    this isn’t necessarily about the environment, it’s about animal cruelty. no animal has suffered a horrific, unimaginable life to make a plastic purse.

  • north face online

    this is a good post!
    this is a good post!

  • FashionA

    It’s great to see quality, fashionable, eco-friendly accessories!


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  • OlderWoman

    There is nothing immoral about leather purses. Using all of the animal is sensible.The vegans are some of the most unhealthy persons I’ve ever seen. They are obsessed with their health but they suffer from obscure illnesses. I know one currently. She, as well as the others I have known are are hypochondriacs.

    What they don’t tell you is that plastics give off gasses that cause allergies. The plastic tears. It’s ugly. Once they’re worn out, they go into landfills and don’t break down like leather does.

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