Like most businesses, fashion tends to gloss over whatever moral and ethical quandaries that might be encountered on the road to aesthetic fabulousness. The use of animal fur, the health and employment rights of models and garment workers, and the absence of women of color not only from magazine pages, but also from the upper echelons of the corporate fashion world are just a few of the matters that industry bigwigs would rather weren’t discussed.

But when John Galliano, Dior’s top creative mind and one of the richest designers in the world, was hauled to jail for an anti-Semitic attack on a couple at a Paris café, the fashion world was too shocked to let it slide. When a video of a second verbal attack emerged, in the grand French tradition, it was off with Galliano’s head. With Galliano’s Spring 2011 Dior collection just hitting stores and Fall 2011 to come later in the year, that puts fashion lovers in an odd spot: If you love the work but disapprove of the man behind it, do you still buy the bags?

It’s impossible to know what the exact stipulations of John Galliano’s PPR contract were, but most high-dollar employment agreements in any industry include some sort of clause that relieves the employer of having to pay any sort of contract buyout or separation fee if the employee acts in a way that seriously jeopardizes the company’s public image or reputation. Galliano’s actions are almost certainly an example of something that would fall into that category. So if we’re working under the assumption that Galliano has received his last paycheck for his work at Dior and further purchases from the brand will not benefit him financially in any way, does that affect your opinion?

Or perhaps the problem is more of a moral one. Does the support of a man’s work indicate support of the man himself when everyone knows what kind of man he is, even if there’s no direct financial correlation? I find myself vacillating between the two options. Dior Spring 2011 and bags like the Dior Lady Dior Tie-Dye Tote are some of the brand’s best accessories work since the heyday of the Dior Saddle Bag, and Dior’s corporate team did the right thing by immediately terminating Galliano upon release of the damning video evidence. And in the fashion industry, head designers of huge labels aren’t usually the people who design and develop the accessories.

But still, whenever I see a Dior piece these days, I feel a little twinge. That gut reaction may not be fair, but gut-level responses are never predicated on a fair and nuanced evaluation of the situation at hand. It might just be enough to keep my from buying one of Dior’s bags until a new creative director’s work debuts, though. Will it stop you? If not, you can buy this Lady Dior through Neiman Marcus for $3100.

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  • borges , felipe

    Galliano unfortunately is not in the normal state, no one would naturally balanced the nonsense spoken by him, furthermore he is a genius in style and his creations for Dior should not suffer reprisals commercial.

    • swati

      I have read so many comments on his mental health – he is ill/ he is overworked/ he is lonely/ it was a cry for help etc etc but i wonder where they are all coming from.

      Unless someone has unearthed his shrink’s records, what is the basis for this ? Just because he is a creative genius we assume he can’t be a bigot. Someone’s talent does not reflect their value system. To me, buying galliano is equal to supporting him. But i am sure there are a lot of people who feel otherwise.

      I would continue to buy dior. I loved how they handled it. But i rather wait for the new collection by someone else.

  • swati

    i don’t think i can buy anything by galliano now. As a retail customer how to express our self except through our wallet ? We have no other platform to condemn his actions. I don’t think one can simply say ‘what he did was wrong but oh! he is a genius and i will buy his stuff’ and rest their conscience.

    …………. And there are so many amazing designers around. Why should i spend my money on a racist ?

    • Lulugurl


    • Missy

      Well said, I agree completely…

    • G

      Very well said ! I would never buy bags designed by Galliano or clothes designed by Tommy Hilfiger. In this day and age tolerating racism in any form is unpardonable. To me the only way i can express myself that i dont tolerate racism is staying away from his stuff

  • mochababe73

    I figure that I’m not buying anything from Galliano, I’m buying from the Christian Dior brand. I am supporting the design house. That should be kept in mind. I would have had a bigger problem if Dior had decided to keep him.
    Dior did the right thing so why should the brand be punished?
    And, by the way, there were quite a few women PURCHASING handbags at the Dior boutique at our high-end mall here in Houston.

    • Laura

      totally agree!

  • dailyfashionista

    No, I won’t be buying anything from Galliano Collection, I’d rather choose from other brands.

  • Kat

    This is a tough one. If we were talking about couture (as if I could afford it, but that’s not the point), where most of his involvement was then I could categorically answer “no”. But in terms of the handbags… then I’m not too sure. Some of the designs have been around even before Galliano joined Dior, and how involved was he, really, in designing accessories line? If we could say that he was involved in even half of it, then I would not come within 10ft of a Dior handbag. But could we really say that?…

    But in a few seasons, for sure, when Tisci becomes established (well, they should confirm his appointment first) and when it can no longer be said that any Dior products could have been produced with Galliano’s involvement, then we’ll be lusting over Dior bags again. Provided their drool-worthy of course.

  • edoardo

    I believe that it’s really stupid not to but something only because its designer is antisemitic (or betetr says something like that after had drunk…). Inf act, the geniality of Galliano is objective and its mind (for me it’s not a problem that he said those things, everyone could think everythin the only important thing is not to hit anyone) or its toughts don’t matter with its products!

    • Ekaterina

      Completely agreed ! I will continue buying his wonderful creation (only his not someone else’s) and I really don’t care about those stupid people who is saying that they wont buy them ! its they choice! I respect and love his talent, and do not really read and listen to what people say when they are drunk! I have more important things to do in my life! ))

  • alice

    I would not buy this bag because is ugly and costs a fortune. Galliano was a wonderful designer and an alcoholic. He needs help. I prefer Hermes, Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Vuitton, Chloé, Valentino. Dior makes not interesting bags…(it’s better for the shoes…)

    • RY

      Have to agree, bag is ugly on its own. I would not buy it if it were $10 on a flea market. Now for Galliano, man who worked for one of the most prized fashion houses in the world, who counted celebrities many of whom were Jewish, expressing his antisemitism in the manner he did, is despicable. Ask yourself a question, if you want to wear, carry or have anything designed by the man whose creative process is fueled by his genius, but equally poisoned imagination? I doubt many of you ever set your foot into a real concentration camp huge ovens still stand as a reminder of a pure evil, but had you seen those, had you seen, as I had in Europe, gas chambers masked as shower rooms and felt death surrounding you slowly in those camps that now stand as memorials to those who perished, be they Jews or not, you would have said to yourself that man who even thinks like that, is not a human being, but a stinking piece of sh*t.
      Let’s not forget, that being gay, he would have been right in those camps along with Jews.

  • nappy

    i’m gonna buy a Dior piece because it’s gonna be a Galliano legacy and one of the last few items that Galliano had a hand in designing for Dior.. it’s gonna be such a good collector’s item…
    I believe that everyone has the right to change and everyone is entitled to another chance.. just because he is famous and his tirade was captured on camera, doesn’t mean he is not entitled to the same forgiveness and a do-over. He is human and so are we. We all had commited mistakes in our past that we wished we could undo. nobody’s perfect. right now, we react with horror because it is the expected thing to do. but what he needs now is help and support. and he deserves that. just remember when u point a finger at someone, 3 fingers point right back at you.

    • Lulugurl

      Well written nappy! While I think I still may have a problem buying one of his bags for the moment (for many reasons, $, the fact that I am not a fan, etc, etc), you raise several valid points!!

      I especially like “when you point a finger, 3 fingers point back” !

      • amanda

        Ehhh… I think a certain responsibility comes with such a high profile job. Yes, we all make mistakes, but how many of us can honestly say that we’ve gone on a very public drunken racist tirade? Forgivable? Sure – as you said, we all make mistakes – but I don’t think he deserves any pity.

    • Selene Spencer

      I completely agree. It’s not just a black and white case. John Galliano should be given a chance to recognize his error and make amends. He is a great artist and a flawed human being.
      Racism is a disease that’s sadly prevalent in every society. Years from now people will look back in shock at how much racism is excused when it’s being applied to people who the “powers that be” want us to hate-Muslims, Chinease, etc
      Galliano has done a lot of good and although I completely agree he needs to pay for what he’s said I also equally believe such a great artist known for creating beauty should be given a chance to make amends.

  • lisa

    i dont think galliano had anything to do with accessories and given the fact that dior responded so quickly buy firing him, i would definitely buy dior bags and shoes. however, not this bag!

  • EKB

    No, never, forget it. Other places to spend you hard earned dollars.

  • Norman Lee Boughman III

    I’ll still be buying his pieces.

  • Suparna

    Christian Dior is not just’s accountants, business analysts, architects, seamstresses, lawyers, interns, etc etc …why should they be punished?

  • ninjaninja

    If I purchased something from his line, I’m going to think Nazi bag every time I look at it. That bag in the post looks like it has ringworm.

  • R.C.

    No. Period.

    • Vivid

      love it R.C.-short, sweet and to the point. There are too many other fab bags out there on which to spend my $$$. Dior is to be commended, their actions were swift and decisive. And the bag in question? Sorry, Dior….FUGLY

  • KaylaNiche

    We don’t really know what anyone (celebrities, politicians, designers, etc.) does behind closed doors. While I’m so disgusted by Galliano’s actions and speech, my opinion of the brand has not changed. I’m not planning on buying the Lady Dior anytime soon, but that’s just due to the price. ;-)

  • PhotoGirl

    There are few absolutes in my life, but absolute zero tolerance for racism and hate speech are among them. While I do not question Galliano’s brilliance as a designer, his particular set of human failings makes him completely off limits for me.

    There are a number of businesses I don’t patronize because they are incompatible with my personal values/politics. I vote with my ballot AND with my checkbook. YMMV, of course.

    • G

      ” I vote with my ballot AND with my checkbook ”

      Love that !

  • qudz

    diors pieces are a little pricey, so thats whats holding me back, but i see no reason why dior as a brand should be punished for the awfulness that was their former head designer. i happen to like the lady dior style alot (not necessarily this tie dye version though, lol) and if i liked it, i would buy it.

  • papertiger

    The Lady Dior was made in the Gianfranco Ferre era of at Dior and presented to Lady Diana 1995, years before Galliano was asked to join by the head of LVMH (not PPR) so the basis of the dilemma is redundant IMO.

  • Sandra Rowley

    Dior took action on Galliano’s comments…that is good enough for me. I have yet to purchase a Dior bag…and it will not be this one. I did come really close to purchasing the libertine hobo….Dior is still on my list and one day I will purchase a Dior bag…already have Dior shoes.

  • Raquel

    to be honest, it have been a long time i didn’t spend money in Dior !!! Bags are not the same !! where is the famous Saddle ??? totally forget !! that’s why we spend money at other brands !!
    furthermore john galliano is awful man, good news !!! he’s not working for dior anymore !!

  • N.

    geez! chill people… the man got drunk and lost his temper. he’s still more genious than any of you over here. would he have gotten the same treatment had he called an Arab a “terrorist”? I would buy his bags in a heartbeat. The world is going bananas every time someone mentions something remotely related to the Jewish people.

    • Babs

      No, the world went ‘bananas’ because a high profile designer for a storied design house that epitomizes class and good taste was shown through actions (and documented on video) to be a racist. Not quite the same thing as ‘getting drunk and losing his temper’.

  • Shannon Wesley

    All that I can say in this matter is, 1. There are TWO sides to every story and 2. If a handbag makes my heart skip a beat, I am going to buy that handbag reguardless of the designers antics…to me the handbag is representing ME, not the person who designed it..

  • ChanelAngel

    whatever it is… the bag is quite hideous in my opinion!! *gulp*

    • Jennifer

      I agree! (saw this after I posted my comment.) I wouldn’t buy this bag regardless of who made it…

  • Robert J.

    “Two sides to every story…”

    Buy the bag, fine, but at least recognize that Galiano is a classic European Jew-hater.

    And you might consider a pacemaker for that skipping heart.

    • Lilac

      If there wasn’t a video of him spewing his verbal garbage, the “two sides to every story” argument would actually work in Galliano’s favor. But as it stands, just because someone drinks, is lonely, and overworked doesn’t give them the right to state their bigoted remarks much less tell others they should be gassed like their ancestors.

      It’s hard to feel sorry for a man who gets paid millions to work in an industry where most people they meet brown-nose them so hard just because they are seen as creative geniuses.

      Anyways, there are a ton of better looking bags out there to buy at the price of 3 grand.

  • louch

    Yep would still buy them. I don’t consider his comments representative of the whole Dior company. They took action so that’s enough for me.

  • Nessa

    I love the lady Dior bag. Yeah Galliano is racist, but what about the hundreds of other designers and owners we don’t know about. I agree with the others above that Dior handled the situation amazingly well. Galliano’s design is good. I will buy for his talent and not because he is racist

  • ellen

    I would rather use a plastic bag then anything of his.

  • Lushiekittycat

    I will continue to purchase Dior because he no longer works for the company and they made the right decsion in fireing him immediatly. If I stopped buying Dior I would not be punishing him but rather all the hard working people of that company!

  • MsLabelsofLust

    Galliano is a Fashion Genius but his rant was a little much. What Dior should do is donate money to a charity benefiting the group of people he insulted. Also, he should make a televised apology and donate some of his own money to the same charity….This bag is TDF anyways..

  • Maye

    Agreed with one of the previous posters, this bag is FUGLY! Sometimes I think that designers like Galiano are haters. You can see the hate in their “genius” work. Just look at some of his designs that are just purely to make fun of women and make them look ridiculous. Now to top it off, anti-semitic. For the love of God! Not buying it…

    I prefer designers like Valentino Garavani (to name one) whose ever-elegant designs are a tribute to women beauty.

  • Catrina

    I will continue to shop at Dior if any of their items appeal to me. I think of it as supporting a company that handled a tense and unpleasant situation to the best of their ability.

    Also, while I believe that Galliano’s words were cruel, hateful and racist and that he deserves every punishment that comes his way due to his actions, I do not question his talent as a designer. Though, I feel it appropriate to allow Galliano to make amends for his actions and not completely write him off as untouchable.

    Some people may disagree with me but alcohol does greatly affect a person’s judgment and actions. To much and it brings the monsters within men. Anyone who says that they have never acted cruel, rash or inappropriate is, most likely, lying.

    • Vivid

      Catrina, I will agree that “….alcohol does greatly affect a person’s judgment and actions. To much and it brings the monsters within men.” In vino, veritas. And the monsters within are usually… monstrous. Alcohol doesn’t give them a “pass” for spewing their vitriol….IMHO

  • Dani

    I’m loving the passion and thought put into all these comments. Who would of thought that a simple, overpriced handbag could hold so much emotion and evoke more than just handbag attention, but real feelings and opinions from women.

    My personal opinion is that the Dior brand handled it well. And their MANY other designers, seamstresses, assistants, local and international store clerks, etc, should not suffer because of Galliano’s disgusting self that just happened to be the face of a brand. His actions were luckily caught on tape – proving how disgusting he is. And that fact that he denied the remarks after the video came out, shows that he is not only disgusting, but also a coward. None of this should rep the brand of Dior now.

    Here’s to all the men that think a bag is just a bag. Clearly, its not. In some form, it represents us.

  • Jennifer

    I wouldn’t buy the bag show here, but not because it’s Dior by Galliano. I just don’t like it. :P

  • 19yearslater

    There might be gloss all over the fashion industry, but when the problem still shows through the gloss there’s something wrong. This situation is too much, if I liked this man’s work I’d have trouble buying it after his very public acts of discrimination. As for the bag itself, I wouldn’t ever pay that much for something I could get from a Vera Bradley.

  • MizzJ

    I think boycotting Dior b/c of Galliano is silly. The brand did do the right thing by canning him as soon as this came to light, although I question whether they were aware of his behaviour previously as I would find it hard to believe this was an isolated incident. But to boycott an entire brand and the work of tons of people b/c of one man? Not like he was Dior himself.

  • Millie

    I wouldn’t buy something from a season he’s had a hand in because I’m half-Jewish and, you know, not cool. But in the future I’d have no problem buying Dior, and I have no problem with other people buying Dior now, if they want to. I just hope it’s not that bag, because the price is a little high for something that looks like that.

  • Golda Meir

    I look forward to Galliano’s next line…. I have no problem with his expressing himself under the circumstances. This gang-rape by some religious militants is sick. In America we can say whatever we want. And I don’t want any middle easterners to take it away.

    • Andy

      Galliano’s punishments seem excessive, though, the freedom of speech excuse everyone in the United States uses to get away with saying degrading, condescending and disgusting things, is the reason the country’s going down the toilet.

      • Babs

        There’s a difference between freedom of speech and freedom of hate.

        It’s obvious that many, many people do not understand this concept.

        Also, we’re doing just fine over here in the U.S., thanks for your concern though.

  • Priscilla

    yes, I would buy from the spring 2011 collection. Just because Wagner was a terrible, terrible person doesn’t mean I won’t listen to Overture to Rienzi or any of his other works! Same with Galliano and some bags.

  • amy

    ew no! It reminds me of Vera Bradley,.. tide-dyed with an expensive price tag.

  • lchua

    I know this is purseblog, but are we talking specifically about the bag or the entire spring 2011 collection in general?

    As to this bag, I personally wouldn’t buy it for that price no matter who designed it – and it may not have been Galliano himself who did it – think of a creative team who may have put a lot of effort to create it and Galliano probably just nodded in approval for it to be in the line.

  • Loly

    Knowing that Christian Dior’s sister had been deported to a concentration camp, it will be completly unfair and stupid to stop buying from this wonderful brand.

    about Galliano : being drunk doesn’t excuse such behavior. Worst. he was just expressing what’s inside him that he couldn’t tell when he’s sobber…..racist and coward.

  • Graciella

    Fashion is unethical in many ways (bad for the environment, production in low wage countries by children, not very animal friendly etc.), yet we all still buy more clothes and bags than we practically need. I understand that this particular instance is different in that we have all seen the actual footage of Galliano, but I still think it would be very strange to stop buying Dior, or his own label for that matter – just how consitent are we when it comes to ethics in fashion?

  • Fashionkitty

    I appreciated the way Dior handled this embarrassing situation. I wouldn’t want their sales to be affected as a consequence of their head designer’s maniacal blabber. However, I deeply despise Galliano for acting so irresponsibly and allowing himself to reveal his racist, anti-Semitic, barbaric opinions in public. He is after all, a very public figure, and should have known better. Which in my opinion, makes his actions even more wrong, if possible. Therefore I wouldn’t want to support him or his work in any manner, because of his highly unprofessional behavior. As an avid Dior fan and customer, I will have to wait for their next head designer in order to feel proud (and not embarrassed) to carry/wear one of their creations.

  • james

    This is stupid.
    Galliano had no involvement in the accessories line.
    The only line he designed was haute couture. And partially ready to wear. The accessories line is inspired by his couture designs and therefore they ARE couture but not by galliano.

    Dior fired him. No point boycotting dior.
    When kate moss was caught sniffing cocaine in 2005, did you stop buying magazines because she was in it?
    Did u stop buying h&m and chanel (she was the face of both at the time) because she was in the ads?

    Then get a grip of yourself.
    Galliano is creative, eccentric and talented.
    Antisemitic maybe but that does not reflect in his work.

    Rant over!

  • Babs

    I would not penalize Dior for Galliano’s behavior…as soon as it was disclose, they fired him which is what I would expect of a socially responsible company. If they had kept him on, I would feel differently.

    As far as his designs, I do not care for Dior handbags…I’ve always found them to be ‘ho-hum’.

  • suz

    Don’t have the moral dilemma. It ‘s an ugly bag……

  • chloehandbags

    If I knew, for sure, that he truly believed what he slurred, drunkenly, to those apparent wind-up merchants, I’d never buy anything by him again.

    However, not being inside his head, I don’t know that and the phrase ‘in vino veritas’, although admittedly very snappy, is much overrated and overused, IMHO.

  • Stacy

    I do not approve of his actions and I applaud Dior for their swift action.
    Now, as for the bag shown in this post, strictly speaking of the aesthetics of it, I don’t like it so I wouldn’t buy it. If Dior ever produced a bag I actually did like, then yes, I would buy it, but so far I haven’t seen anything that makes me want to open up my wallet to them.

  • Merve

    I do believe in freedom of speech and Galliano is totally entitled to his opinion however being a public figure means that he should not have expressed his views especially in such a vulgar manner. You can not dismiss a person’s talent just because of his take on the world. We should applaud Dior on how they handled the situation, we should give Galliano a chance to redeem himself and go into therapy and we should actually avert our money from those who do real harm. Ie the investment banks using our money to sink our countries and then expecting us to help bail them out. There are bigger fish than a sad little man mouthing off about the Jews.

  • finny

    The top ruins this outfit.

  • rashida

    Maybe he was drunk or something he wasn’t in his right mind but I’m not a fan of the Dior bags, I think they are overpriced but it is the designer who said some racisit things he speaks for himself and not the company… What about the person that made the bag, the sales person selling the bag, the people advertising the bag? You can’t blame the organization for what one person did in a drunken stupor… The man needs help….

  • Cathy Fitz

    I have to say that I had no intention of buying anything from this collection. But, in theory, if I had been interested, I would feel that I was buying from Dior, who fired Galliano (bravo to them), and not from Galliano.

  • Bir

    Question : PPR I thought LVMH owned Dior . To the point, I personally do not see myself not buying Dior because of theese comments I do not approve at all ! . But it is his last collection and the man was a genius like all geniuses he is a bit off but the talent is still there I personally want a pair of Dior shoes from this last collection and the print of this lady Dior on a blouse. So in all honesty not buying because of the comments Dior is Dior always and for ever !

  • Bir

    And as Cathy fitz said they did fire the man after all!!!!!

  • Lori

    I would not buy anything from his line, or from Dior (right now) for that matter. Do we really think this is the first time Dior was made aware that the was a racist? Or is it the first time it was public? I am sure his coworkers were aware of his prejudice and just kept it to themselves… “he is brilliant and eccentric, just ignore his bigotry”. For that reason, I can not spend huge amounts of money on Dior items any longer.

  • rose60610

    I’m sick of comments in general that provide excuses for obnoxious behavior, whether it be for actors, professional athletes, and other celebrities. “Poor baby, he was overworked, under pressure, a family member died, blah blah blah.” A lot of people who aren’t celebrities (and not pulling down millions a year) who have a grip and don’t spout off/wreck hotel rooms/beat their spouse, kid, dog/ and actually function in society. I’m convinced that some people think they are so important that rules don’t apply to them. When the hammer falls and they get fired, they can still take their millions and veg out on the beach for the rest of their lives. No pity from me.
    Will Galliano’s departure affect Dior? Not as far as I’m concerned. I think people buy Dior’s products based mostly on Dior, not Galliano; just as people buy Louis Vuitton based mostly on LV, not Marc Jacobs or their other designers.

  • Lisa


  • reneeo

    No. I would NOT buy Dior now. People are such pigs because everyone looks away. I can certainly resist a pretty bag. There are many others. I don’t agree, we CAN dismiss his talent. Voting with your wallet is quite effective. The other staff can get other jobs and they will probably be happier. And no, I am not Jewish.

  • Blaine

    No. No no no. I love art and fashion but I’m still the third grade kid in Mrs. Murray’s class who was shown those holocaust films and fled the classroom and yarked all over the blacktop. Sorry – art never trumps morality. Not for me.

  • sandy

    i think Mr Galliano is entitled to his opinion just like all of us, and no i do not think he is a racist. i agree with him..i think tthe jews have too much power in his world…

    • Vivid

      wow…just…wow….I have no words or response to this point of view…although you DO have the right to express it…….*sigh*, makes me sad….. :(

    • Gabby

      WOW Sandy what ignorance

  • just me

    HELL YEAH, if I CAN afford them. In fact, I’ve been saving up for quite some time and will be purchasing the light pink lady dior next week ^^

  • Cris

    Yes, I would buy the Dior bags. I always liked Galliano designs for Dior. Aside from the fact that he got drunk and said stupid stuff which I am sure he regrets, he is very talented.

  • Lisa

    OF COURSE I WOULD! They are gorgeous bags, and he was just drunk! Nobody thinks straight when they are drunk, and I think the charge against him was too harsh, considering the people filming him were egging him on. I would buy his bags without hesitation!

  • Hiew Mui

    i still will buy his design for dior!
    in fact,i bought some galliano’s bags and clothes recently( not for dior,but his own brand).
    a drunk person used to be honest and im sure many people will scold….even curse someone they dislike when they were drunk.

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    Dior handbags are stylish and trendy

  • Sherry

    His work was great especially for Cruise 2011. I can’t understand why don’t they manufacture the bags. They got like almost 30 bags, I think but they only manufacture for sale in boutique for about only 3-4. That’s the reason why I hate the company sometimes. But for this time, I won’t buy anything from this collection. Even the Dior company does lots of silly things, the company never insult or humiliated anyone from their national background. All the rude and bad words came from his mouth shows a lot about him.

  • renato1980

    I believe that, firing Galliano from DIOR was a BIG mistake. He was the only person for decades who was able to breath life into the collection and gained a brand new clientele for the house of Dior. Galliano is a genius, i respect his opinion as a JEW-YES I AM A JEW!!! I am so very sure that it will be a down fall for the brand of Dior,as i stock up on previous collections designed by Galliano,i have no interest buying anything that will most likely mimic the Galliano era and feed off his ideas under a different name as head of design. Mr. Galliano was the person who had identical views with Christian Dior and therefore changed the way we look at fashion now, i as a designer myself will always admire the work of John and will always be proud of my privet collection of Galliano era Dior…as it will never be the same. True-the latest creations were somewhat disappointing…as corporate pressure has taken it’s toll on an artist…but the “saddle bag” just to mention one huge success by Galliano for Dior…would have always been a top-seller at Dior even after 12 years of its introduction.
    Me personally do not encourage anyone to purchase anything from Dior in the future-for the simple reason; it is’t by Galliano anymore…Dior is dead without Christian and John…

  • lady j

    As a woman of color, yes I will continue to support him. Since the industry refuses to address any of the other issues why should the address this one.

  • AstaK.

    I love that classic dior lady bag!
    Im sure wearing one with jewish company would be little unrespective at the moment.
    I hate when people are so without imagination, that all they invent is an insult for persons nationality.
    John, you did a bad thing.

  • AstaK.

    …and surely, what sort of honesty comes from persons as?
    Isnt that the place where your mind goes after too many drinks?
    You cant hear honest words from the childs or drunks mouth.
    They really dont have neither reason or experience.
    That sure is so stupid thing to say about real honesty. whaaaah!!!

  • bluelly

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