While none of us know for certain where Dior is headed, if the snaps that have come out of the Dior Resort 2012 handbags are any indication, accessories addicts don’t have much to worry about. During recent years, John Galliano’s Dior gave us season after season of mediocre accessories, never quite recreating the success that the brand had with the Saddle Bag years ago. I don’t see the Next Saddle Bag in this array, but I do see some very fun designs.

The Lady Dior bag with clear beads will remind a lot of people of Prada’s stellar Spring 2010 accessories collection, and there are certainly worse steps in which to follow while the brand finds its new direction. The rest of what we see so far is solid, functional and colorful in a way that will likely make it move off store shelves very quickly; the bags feel very of-the-moment, which is something that’s been largely missing from Dior accessories for some time. Several more pictures after the jump.

Images via Women’s Wear Daily.

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  • Candace

    I’m totally feeling #4 – I love the bright colours, so dynamic. So far I’m impressed (except for #2, which looks like weird arts and craft work to me).

  • Mila

    Red one is so cute!


  • edoardo

    These are very cool but I want to see something new from Dior. It shows every time the same 5/6 models it produces and, more or less, nothing more. Please!


  • mochababe73

    Dior has been disappointing in their handbags for a long time. They’re like an afterthought. This proves it.

  • kelly

    the last one is quite nice. the 2nd one with all the lace is horrid.

  • rose60610

    I’m not as fond of Dior as I used to be. For the money, I’d go Chanel.

  • Marry Lynn

    The last one is a MUST HAVE!!

  • QQ

    dior is so boring to me

  • Meredith

    I would have to agree with most of the previous posters in that I too am not enamored with Dior, especially after the incident with John Galliano! These bags have been done before…not to mention I am a die-hard loyal Chanel client!

  • BJ

    YAWN!! How predictably monotanous and tediously tragic. This is B’ore Dior. These lame products will be just in time for Sex in the City 6 when Carrie and her posse land up in the old folks home with their bingo arms.

  • Sherry

    Oh my GODD!! I just can’t believe a huge brand like Dior is dropping. I mean look at these, they looks terribly useless. I really love the last Cruise collection at Shanghai but, for these… definitely not. In the last Cruise collection, I can’t understand why don’t they launched the Lady Dior double strap in acidic green for strap and creamy white. The one that Emma Pei held in Fashion show. That’s the best Lady Dior ever!!

  • tripatmann

    i m looking forward to buy 1 dior hand bag.

  • tripatmann

    nice collection but not the1 i m looking for,.

  • FashionA

    I think they’re gorgeous (especially the first four) and perfect for spring.