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Excuse me while I echo the sentiments about the Dior Spring 2012 collection that have already been expressed by everyone else in the fashion industry: It’s kind of a placeholder, yes? Months have passed and Dior still doesn’t have a replacement for John Galliano, so the collection is being designed by what the French call “le studio.” Bill Gaytten, long Galliano’s right-hand man, has taken the reins, along with the rest of the Dior creative team.

The clothes and handbags that they created are serviceable, but not surprising or innovative. The purses are all shapes that we’ve seen before from Dior, but in varied fabrications and colors, much like the clothes were. Dior seems set on making pieces that will retail reasonably well until LVMH can find a real creative voice to lead the brand, and the intention is written all over this collection.

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  • Sandra

    I like the tote, that either has a punch of orange or is entirely orange. It is the lady bag, but with a more forgiving shape. If the price is right, I will probably purchase this spring.

  • rose60610

    I like a lot of these bags. As long as a style appeals to me, I don’t mind or care how long it’s been around. Change for the sole sake of change often results in tacky looking modifications and quickly dates a piece. If the golden eggs make sufficient money for the brand, don’t kill or tamper with the goose. Adding new geese to the gaggle is different.

  • 19yearslater

    8 is okay, but I think it needs to be made in a slouchier leather. I don’t like the top-handles that constantly appear from Dior, season after season.

  • louch

    Nothing too exciting but as you’ve pointed out, until they appoint a new head designer, they’d be crazy to do anything too radical. I woudn’t rush to buy any of these.

  • annabelle

    how sad…i haven’t seen any decent purse i like in a few years now…miss my old dior purse. too bad they don’t have it anymore.

  • Bir

    Hmmmm something about Dior bags that just………..Do not appeal to me and that mixed material lady Dior is a car crash!!!!

  • J Umm

    love the lady dior in that collection, the rest are kind of … meh!

  • Csjk

    I miss John Galliano’s soul and style.

  • nini

    What are the prices please?