Here at PurseBlog, we have a favorite game that we play from time to time. Everyone gets in on it and sometimes it goes on for days. What’s the name of this game, you ask? Why, it’s “Guess who’s ripping off Chanel now!” I’m usually on the side of the non-Chanel designer because I don’t want elements like quilting and chain handles to be off limits from everyone else until the end of time, but when I saw the Dior Quilted Cannage Bag, I knew I’d never be able to muster any sympathy when the Chanel comparisons began.

Dior Quilted Cannage Bag

This is a clear case of one designer ripping off another one if ever I’ve seen it, and in my mind, that’s way worse than a cheap chain store making ‘inspired’ bags. Dior is a brand with innumerable design and financial resources (they’re owned by LVMH, one of the companies that’s weathering the recession the best), yet for some reason, they’ve chosen to make something that’s little more than derivative of an iconic style. It’s a flap bag, it’s made of quilted black lambskin, and it has a handle that’s mostly chain. It even has a closure in the exact same place as a Chanel would. The quilting pattern is slightly different, as is the handle construction, but that’s not enough difference for me, particularly considering the close-to-Chanel price point. Buy through Saks for $1750.

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  • mette

    I´m not taking this so seriously. Dior has look a likes in the past too, a very similar bag to a YSL one. Actually, this little flap bag is a cutie.

  • Sarah

    I think it is funny that this bag is the one that makes you think it is a Chanel ripoff while other bags by more trendy designers that have been reviewed are clear violators but have been given a free pass. This bag is actually pretty cute and is a younger design than the Chanel flap.

  • …are we looking at the same bag here?

  • Alexis Thorough

    I see nothing Chanel about it. It has a chain. Whoa. And it’s shaped long-ways. Oh my. Dior and Chanel have both been around forever, so I do believe it’s more forgiving to “look alike”.

  • 19yearslater

    Oh my, if you don’t see Chanel here you’re crazy. I’m totally with Amanda. Its a ripoff for nearly $2000. That’s freakin’ crazy! It’s not cute. It took just enough out of the Chanel design to make it an ugly knock-off.

  • Sarah

    I think it would be a cute first designer bag for a twelve year old girl.

  • mmbags

    The bag doesn’t remind me of a Chanel flap bag. It’s a cute bag but for the price I’d rather spend it on a Chanel.

  • Arlene

    Actually the cannage design (looks like quilted design of chanel) was launched by christian dior 1st than chanel.

    • nana

      yess Arlene, ure absolutely correctly! Christian Dior came up w e cannage design 1st before who is ripping who off?!


    Cute bag although it does have an obvious resemblance to a chanel. I agree with ‘mmbags’ for close to $2000 I’d rather get a chanel.

  • Karissa

    I think that anyone who pays 2 grand for a purse is CRAZY! Honestly are brand names really that important?

  • Scott



  • ying marie

    It’s look like my chanel!!!

  • Adrienne Zedella

    nice Dior bag. Like the detail (fb)

  • FW

    It’s a very lady-like design ! Has anyone made any price comparison as in which city we could get a best deal ? My friend is going to Europe soon, thinking of getting this one ! Pls advise. TQ