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dollar sign While I am a lover of handbags, I do not have an endless pocket book, which means my collection is by no means the largest or greatest out there. I have a collection that I absolutely love though, with my bags ranging in price from $200 to $9000. But how much is too much for a handbag? The Hermes Diamond Crocodile Birkin will cost you the same price as a condo, about $140,000. A ‘Regular’ leather Birkin may cost one year of in-state college tuition. What is the price point that you will never go over?

My monumental purchase was my Hermes Blue Jean Birkin that I got last October. The first feeling that came over me was immense joy. I had yearned for this bag since high school and never thought it would be in my closet. I left the Hermes store with a smile from ear to ear. But when I got to the hotel room a feeling of extreme worry came over me. How could I spend so much on a handbag? Leather? Am I sane? This is ridiculous I thought. It took me 3 days to then take the bag out of the box and love it. Kid you not. Ok begin to laugh. But it got me thinking; everyone must have his or her stopping point. I have not *quite* found mine yet, but I did realize that one Birkin purchase had my heart palpitating like I just ran a marathon. Let’s have a debate, how much is too much for you?

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diamond studded platinum handbag
Diamond studded platinum handbag designed by jewelery maker Ginza Tanaka cost $1.63 million. [More]

chanel diamond forever classic bag
Chanel Diamond Forever Classic Bag for $261,000. [More]

Hermes Diamond Crocodile Birkin
Hermes Diamond Crocodile Birkin up to $140,000. [More]

Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork Bag
Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork Bag sold for $45,000. [More]

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  • Lisa

    More than $1000. is insane for a bag, there are people in this world who dont even have running water or food to eat.

    • Darlene

      If you are so concerned about people who do not have running water or food to eat, why is the cutoff point $1000? Why not $100? Or $10? I’m just curious.

      • Jazmine

        yeah exactlly my family is on the go like all the time aome times we stop to look at handbags but not 4 $1,ooo

  • CK

    I bought my first Hermes Birkin in March 2008, and like you did not take it out of the box for a few days. I have always admired the classic look for handbags, and my justification to purchase this bag, it will never go out of style, and holds its value.

  • emememem

    Most people wouldn’t think twice about paying $3000 for a piece of jewelry…I beautiful bag is an investment similar to a piece of jewelry. Just my opinion…

    • enshogirl

      Good point. I feel this way too.

    • ofaj

      I agree.

  • michelle

    I’m no where near a point where I could justify more than $500 for a bag. I couldn’t even justify that. I have a small baby, her needs come way before my wants.

    • HoneyPie

      Right, but I guess if someone has the cash to spend why not? I however won’t ever be spending over $200 on any bag.

  • Andrea

    For me, bags are completely an emotional purchase. If I end up spending a lot of money on a bag, the reasons for doing so go beyond just the bag. Most likely, I would buy the bag because I accomplished a long standing goal. The more expensive the bag, the less likely I am to view the bag as just a material possession and more likely I am to view it as a symbol of something bigger and more personal.

    • Chiffre

      Andrea, I absolutely agree with what you say.
      If I do spend a large quantity of money on a bag or similar accessory, it’s because of some emotional attachment to that particular item. Also, like ’emememem’ said, most of the items I purchase feel like an investment to me – something to be cherished and shared with others around me. Furthermore, I don’t spend my money on frivolous “It” bags, but more so on items that, no matter the time, will hold true and resonate with class and atmosphere. Like fine jewelry, a classic vehicle or a vintage bottle of bordeaux wine, items of great caliber, worksmanship and taste will usually only appreciate with age. Of course, each individual has their own set of priorities and, of course, spending large sums of money on fine things is certainly not mine (a hobby, perhaps, but not a priority) however, I pride myself with recognizing that with each piece of handbaggery I purchase, I am purchasing not only a work of craft, but a piece of art crafted by someone who, obviously, loves what they do and does it uncompromisingly.

  • suzana

    If you are going to spend $1000 on 6-10 trend bags over 2-3 years compared to buying one Birkin, then it is quite justifiable because the Birkin will last for years, even a keepsake for your children. The other bags will lose huge value over time and will be so old after wearing them for a season. I can definitely justify buying a great “classic,” but the whole diamond and croc bag screams a bit too loud in style and price. ..

  • Jaffa

    I actually compiled a spread sheet to track my handbag spending. I entered the retail price, the price I paid, and my total savings (I try not to buy at full retail but of course there are exceptions).

    The highest priced bag I own (a Pucci satchel) retailed for $1100. I paid $486 for it.

    The average retail price looking at all my bags (28 total) is $450 and the average amount I paid is $335, for an average savings of $115 per handbag. Not too bad.

    In total, I’ve spent just over $9300 over 7 years. Sure, I could’ve saved all that money and just had enough for one Birkin. But really my life isn’t fancy enough for a Birkin. :smile:

    So I think everyone has their own price threshold, and that’s exactly right. We’re all individuals. Otherwise we’d all just carry the same bag :wink:

  • patois

    I keep a spreadsheet of my bags with the exact same information! It’s a good way to remember what I have and keep everything in the rotation.

  • valentina

    Dear Megs, at this point I have to say I REALLY admire you! You wrote an honest, objective post reflecting a legitimate doubt over the Hermes’purchase, all within a context that is, well, light and frivoulous, with no offence. Obviously I adore bags, but as I have been reading your posts I have come to see the difference between you and the other fashion bloggers, who seem to be living in a “want-to-be-a-celebrity-at-any-cost” and this is why I continue to visit your blog and will continue to do so. I also agree with Suzana’s point.

  • ms p

    I’ve learnt to never say never. Once upon a time I never bought any handbags that exceed $30. Currently the most expensive handbag I own cost $800 :oops: . Everyone have their piorities. I feel that as long as we can afford the material things it’s okay to spend on bags too. There are always cheaper alternatives even for neccesities like a house.

  • chloehandbags

    For me, it’s not so much a definite financial limit (although, I do tend to have a bit of a limit with bags, as I feel that, unlike jewellery, they are a highly perishable commodity), it’s far more a perception of value (or, far more likely these days, a lack of it); as I have quite a long memory and so I know that most of these designer bags are waaaaay overpriced (particularly the larger ‘it’ bags).

    In the case of a large, plain leather, fabric-lined Chloe bag, for example (and many other designer bags of a similar type, too), the equivalent sized bag would have cost about £350, 5 years ago (and would, generally, have been far better quality!), so I do NOT feel comfortable paying £800+, now and frankly, why should I? As even allowing, very generously, for inflation (at about 4% per year [until this last year, inflation was supposed to be at under 3%]) that bag should not cost more than about £425 now.

    Similarly, if I happen to know I can buy an Italian artisan-made non-designer bag for about £150; why on earth would I want to pay more than 2.5 – 3x that, just because it’s R-T-W designer? :?:

    However, I might very well pay around £800 for a bag, if I just had to have it and if I knew that the identical, non-designer version (made in the same country, by the same skilled artisans, with the same quality materials), would cost me about £300.

    I guess what I’m saying is, I can’t help buying with my head, as well as my heart. :)

  • katkooty

    i think with handbags, your next purchase just keeps getting more expensive and you end up paying what you thought ud never pay.. like for instance, 2 years ago, i never spent more than $2000 on a bag.. and i swore i wouldnt, then i bought bags in the 2500-3000 range.. and then i swore that was my new limit, and then i reached 4800 … and now i see 2000 bags as cheap..and i hate myself for this cause im losing track of my spendings and perception!

    plus its not helping that the euro is getting stronger and that price increases are so frequent now!

  • samsmom1127

    Interesting topic. I don’t think that there is a “right” or “wrong” answer. Obviously, no one should go into debt, or spend money that belongs in a retirement plan or for other purposes on bags or any other optional purchase. After that, though, to each her own. Some women would rather have a Chanel bag than a diamond ring. Some would rather have a Birkin than go on vacation.

    For me, the ultra expensive bag is out of the question at the moment. I have a teenage daughter who attends a boarding prep school, and is only three years away from college. You know where most of my disposable income goes! So, I seek out the mid-priced, indie designers to satisfy my bag urges. However, even they are generally too expensive, so part of the fun is tracking down the $700 bag I want for $350 (which is about my limit for a bag.) I recently scored a Rebecca Minkoff No Strings Satchel that I had been stalking forever from delcina for $320, I got the Bulga pocket front satchel in plum patent that I thought I would have to wait another year for from the Revolve sale (with 30% off coupon) for under $300! I honestly wouln’t spend more than the $350 cut-off on the mid-line bags even if money were no object. I could more easily justify spending the big bucks on Hermes than $600 on RM or Botkier.

  • Irina

    in my opinion, too much is anything over $6000, FOR A NON-HERMÈS OF COURSE. if it’s Hermès, then you can neveeerrr pay too much, it’s always 100% worth it.

  • wgs

    i think the price point is dependent on income received and how much people are willing to shell out from savings, husbands, cash cows etc. for me, i think $2K is already pushing it as I always think in the back of my mind that i could be using that money towards a car payment, paydown on the principal balance on a mortgage payment, a contribution towards my IRA etc. etc. as i get older, i notice that my priorities are always changing and purse purchasing is no longer numero uno.

  • heidi

    Can someone please explain why hermes bags cost so much?

  • dana

    where can you find condos for $140? certainly not here in CA.

    • Jayelle

      As amazing as it may be, dana, not everyone lives in California.

    • Jahpson

      you cant find condos for $140 over here in the east coast either.

      I wouls also like to know where you can find condos for $140

      • marianne

        You can find condos for $140,000 in Atlanta GA and Charlotte NC

      • Jahpson


  • dierregi

    I do not agree about comparing investments for bags and jewelry. Bags have a market value which is relative (to the country, the purchase power, etc..). On the other hand, jewels (and I mean basically gold and diamonds) have a much larger market and an intrinsic value. Besides, leather does not stand well the passing of time, even a Birkin get frayed at the edges. That does not happen with diamonds. Will a Birkin be still so valuable in a hundred years, when its leather starts to slowly turning into cardboard? Maybe only for a collector, but somehow I don’t see any lady going out carrying it. Will a 3 carat diamond still have the same value in a hundred years? Probably even more, because it does not deteriorate.

    Having said that, for me a bag is a purchase of love. I don’t feel I have to justify my purchase by saying it is an “investment”. I buy what I can afford, I don’t go into debts and I don’t feel guilty about it.

    • maic

      Although I do agree that jewelry is the better investment, I would like to point out that unless it is estate jewelry, that is jewels that have a certain history and a price point usually well over 500,000, diamonds do lose value. A diamond bought at 75,000 will probably only resell for about 50,000, which is a considerable amount of money (for me anyway) but nevertheless a 25,000 dollar, or 33% loss. Although diamonds do not deteriorate they are valued less with time.

      I’d also like to note that the only reason diamonds and gold have such high values is because the world markets make them so, they are not actually the rare or precious commodities we believe them to be… They’re just very strictly controlled so that they keep their value.

      And my limit, because I’m a college student, is 1500 and I have to really really love it to justify spending my rent on a bag.

  • savvygal @ savvymode

    I think everyone has a different comfort level but as long as one won’t go into debt or eat curry for a year like some women in Japan to buy a Hermes birkin then I don’t think there is a limit. I just won’t trick myself into thinking buy a bag as an investment as a bag will not yield dividend at the end of the year…..

  • Cindy Maher

    Tell me where one can find a condo for only 140k. Even here in the timbuktu region of Utah, condos sell for MUCH, MUCH more.

    • I know for a fact Northern Florida, parts of Ohio, and much of Texas has condos for $140,000.

      Though you are right, most places to not have condos that cheap anymore.

  • sndc99

    If I had the money I would buy a Birkin but I don’t have the money and my Husband would kill me. I bought a LV that was 1240 which is now 1450 so I saved by buying it sooner rather than later but that is the top of my limit at this time. The others I get on sale. It is only going to get harder with gas and everything else going up. I have only bought 3 bags this year so far and last year I bought 7 around this time. It’s harder to spend the dollar these days.

  • christy

    I try at most to get my bags on sale. Sometimes it doesn’t happen for example when I buy Louis Vuitton … I love my collection of handbags. My taste has grown through the years. I started with kate spade, Coach, Bcbg Max, Charles david, Versace, Marc Jacobs, Prada, Louis Vuitton Balenciaga My taste gets bigger… So does my price!!! But in the grand scheme I really only do bags under $1000 I try I do..

  • merve

    I totally agree with some of the comments made. I own the same birkin Megs has and i thought to myself last yr that i would not buy 2 or 3 bags of 1500 euros each and i would save up for the birkin. Thats how i got it however i do still blush at the price but it did mark an achievement in my career as well. Thats how i choose to remember or justify the purchase. Plus i appreciate and cherish what i own. Its not every day i can blow 10 grand on anything i like. Maybe its appreciation thats the key otherwise we women wouldnt be on this site discussing these topics.

  • Jahpson

    I wouldnt buy a handbag that is worth more than my car or home. Put together or apart!!!

    that would be simply ridiculous.

    and all you ladies rocking $4k bags driving a Saturn living in apartments should all be ashamed of yourselves!! lol

    • Kris

      Why should they be ashamed of themselves? Does that mean they should not be ashamed if they buy a $4k bag and drive a Hummer and live in a castle? Someone is shame-worthy because they drive a less expensive car or live in an apartment and splurge on nice handbags? Please remember that not everyone wants to own a big home or drive a fancy car.

      • Eliyahu_ben_Yehoshua7

        If your bag cost more than your car and/or more than your rent/mortgage/home that is definitely something to be ashamed of, that tells that your priorities are off and you are living beyond your means. Yes if i drive a Bentley and carry a 10k bag that’s understandable, that tells me that i am within my limit. What most women forget is that luxury brands such as LV and Hermes were designed not with the poor in mind, but marketed for the wealthy and affluent of society, the top echelon. Saying someone wearing a 4k bag, when there are many other bags of equal quality for less does not wish to live in a big home or drive a fancy car is like saying someone would rather wear dentures than have their real teeth.

  • sidewalk

    Jahpson, some apartments in London cost more than some Villas :lol:

    I think the key is to spend within your means, if you have the money and want it, buy it, if you do not have the money – save or get something else. :lol:

  • tk

    At this point in my life I could not even dream of affording a $9,000 bag. The most expensive thing I own is a $150 dress. But if I could afford it, and by that I mean pay for it with cash, I might because then the expense wouldnt seem so massive to me. But you can bet your sweet booty I would be keeping that purse FOREVER.

  • Claire

    I think an important factor in this is how OFTEN you buy. I will spend up to $1000 but I seriously only get a new bag every 2 – 3 years at this point. If you get a new bag every month, even if it ‘only’ costs $200, you have a much bigger bag budget than I do, know what I mean?

  • angel

    i grew up in a pretty poor family and while i’m still pretty young (24), i recently graduated from college and made some money, so i am now able to buy some “nicer” things. the most expensive bag i own right now is a miu miu for $1200, and it took me a long time before i could take the plunge and justify buying it. when my mom and other relatives asks me how much that bag costs, cause they can tell it’s designer, i can’t tell them the truth. they guess that it’s a few hundred dollars and i just nod.

    now as time passes, and my purse obsession grows, i’ve found that many of the purses i want are far more expensive than i’d imagine. i see bags that i really want for 4k, so a 2k bag seems like a “good deal” to me. my next handbag purchase is going to be a prada tote, at $2600. i honestly never thought i’d spend so much for a handbag, and i always feel that once i get the “holy grail” (perhaps its this prada tote) i’d back off spending so much on handbags for a while… but who knows what will happen.

  • Suki

    Thanks for being so honest about the spending guilts! Everyone always acts like they don’t exist!!! I recently got a weekend bag – a LV Carryall which fits TONS, is sturdy and well structured, and is incredibly glam on trips. It cost 770 Euro and I was in a total guilty daze for 3 days afterwards at the price, even though it’s a luggage piece and I travel a heck of a lot. Everyone keeps asking me what it cost and I’m too shy to tell them. I know I could have gotten a Samsonite for half the price. But it wouldn’t have made my heart sing every time I saw it!

    I have no kids, enough savings, and a good job, so I guess I’d be the typical person who could buy lots of bags. But…I just can’t justify having a lot of pricey bags in my wardrobe that I only use once a month! It’s the Catholic guilt kicking in, and it’s no harm as it keeps me sane. I’m willing to spend a few hundred Euro on a day bag – up to $1000 I guess – but I have a rule that I will only ever have one black day bag at a time (ditto brown and white) and will immediately give the last to Oxfam once I replace it – it definately makes you stop dead in your tracks in the store and think about what bag you REALLY want to carry every day. You don’t make expensive impulse purchases any more.

    I’m 33 now and I’ve decided that for my 40th birthday I’m going to buy myself a classic Chanel 2.55. I’m going to buy a moneybox to save up! I’m hoping that I’ll have so much time to save up gradually that I won’t feel “the guilts” when I do buy it.

  • court

    this is such a good topic, seeing as i just spent the most i ever have this week on a handbag. i go back and forth. i am not wealthy, but i don’t have a family or any other major financial obligations. i don’t spend money on jewelry, either. however, i do start feel immense guilt at the amount of money that i put down on this bag. once i get it delivered, hopefully today, my doubts will be diminished. :)

  • Katt

    I think the most I can justify for a bag is probably $3000. And that would be the cost of one semester for my Canadian in province tuition at a reputable University. And where I live unfortunately $140 000 will never get you a Condo, maybe one with no windows and a broken door and problematic toliet.

    I think its important to keep within your own threshold. Its okay to obsess, as long as you’re not remortgaging your house to do so. I don’t own an excess amount of bags (I’m more Carrie Bradshaw Shoe obsession) but at the same time, I think that if you can attribute the purchasing of something you really want with an achievement (proportionate to price and the goal of course) I say why not splurge – You’ve earned it : ]

    And of course like most things, it should be proportionate to your income. If you spend more than half your income on purses, maybe you should talk to your financial advisor about how to start a purse trust, help you maintain a good level of purse splurges while building your wealth.

  • Sakyie

    I’m 23, college grad, no kids…financially independent of my family. so at this point…i feel no reason to “justify” the way i spend my money…currently i feel 3000 is a good cap for me. and i buy maybe 2 bags per year if that…i do feel its silly to go into debt for bags…or buy expensive bags if you’re living paycheck to paycheck…however everyone’s priorities are different…i make sure that my purchasing a new bag doesnt interfere with paying the rent ya know? i buy bags that im absolutely in love with and though my collection isnt huge i adore every single piece :smile:

  • Sakyie

    by the way in tampa bay florida & the current real estate slump you can get condos between 120-170k waterfront condos! this area is gorgeous..the shopping is fab…they’re actually building another mall here very soon:)

  • sugarcookie72

    What a great topic! I love bags & right now I have no limit as to how much is “too much”. I don’t buy what’s “in”, I buy what I LOVE and it costs what it costs. Sometimes what I love is currently “in” but that’s neither here nor there to me.

    I expect that when I start having childen my priorities will change and I’m okay with that. For now, I buy what I can afford & I’m simply enjoying my handbag obsession.

  • sugarscrub

    I love bags as much as I love jewelry… I think of them as investments, agree? I’d say: If you can afford it, then by all means buy it! Here’s the thing though… I hope that you are also willing to share some of your blessings to those who are in need :grin:

  • Contessa

    I guess it all comes down to your passion and finding what you love.

    Personally, I’d never spend $140K on a handbag, but if someone else can afford it and love it, well then, good for them!

    There are people who spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on art, jewels, fur, cars, etc……Frivolous?? Perhaps, however, it’s all relatively subjective, don’t you think????

  • eris

    The answer is complex because the absolute number is not meaningful from a bag owner’s point of view. This dollar amounts and the number of votes are good survey results for manufactures to determine the price range that is acceptable to consumers. Therefore, for the smart girls, who want the bag price to go down, you should vote for the lowest number available.
    As a girl, who loves her bag too much, I buy bag to be good to myself, to pamper myself. Therefore, there is always a formula:
    Happy = bag x other aspects of my life
    If I were pay more than my budget limit, that is more than half year of savings while I live a normal life, my other aspects of my life will balance out the “happiness”, hence, the total amount of happy I earn from this bag purchase is not increased.
    This formula only works for me and everyone has their own formula. In summary, I buy the bag for myself and not to show off to the others. Once, this motive is steering in the other direction, it is too much.

  • eris

    An addition to my previous comment:

    This society has been highly influence by the media, that praises being rich and famous (i.e. Paris Hilton and Sex and the City). This subliminal message in our TV programme triggers girls to crave, to buy, to compare, to become materialistic – we are turning into slaves of ourselves and each other.

    Be happy with ourselves is more important than anything that we can ask for.

  • KC in Philly

    I was surprised in seeing the vote count that $3,000 is the threshold of many. It is my personal one even though I haven’t even purchased a bag which is a third of that.

  • Kelly

    My budget is very much dependent on my salary.

    When I was earning aroud $2,500 a month, $500 seem like the max I will spend on a bag.

    Then I’ve got a $4,000 a month salary, and to spend $1000+ seems okay.

    If I have a monthly income of say, $10,000 ( or a millionaire husband ), then things might be different…

  • Carry

    meg, looks like someone copied your style…

  • CGP

    I think purchasing expensive bags is something completely relative- you can’t ever say that a number is too much.

    My mom used to tell me that her $150 purses were way too expensive and she’d say that she regretted them, etc. but she had a family of 5 and no job at that time.

    I have no responsibilities but a car payment and $350 rent I pay my boyfriend to live in his condo, and my boss frequently gives me bonuses, so I can buy one or two $1000 purses a year. I have nothing to support but my closet. I know things will change, which is precisely why I’m splurging when I have the chance.


  • FendiFan

    I have started to sell my bags, when I’m done with them. It’s a good way to recoup some of my cost, and then I use the cash to buy more handbags. I actually did buy a pre-owned limited edition Chanel at the site where I’ve been selling, because it was beautiful and in good condition. The site is

  • Anonymous

    This is by far one of the most interesting posts and ensuing discussions that I ‘ve read on purseblog. I feel that for most people reading/contributing to this blog, purse-buying is really an emotional adventure (restrained somewhat by the financial means of each individual).
    There was a time when a $40 bag made me happy. Then I bought a $250 crystal evening bag. Then came a genuine python bag on sale for $425 (original $1050). When I carried it out I felt so good and it really whet my appetite for exotic skins. Now am saving up for a classic Birkin croc bag (not Hermes!!) that retails for around $2300. Couple of years ago I’d havee refused to believe I’d be spending so much on bags….but that’s the thing with emotional spending…it defies all logic (though of COURSE the buyer will justify it some way).
    As for me I hope that with the croc purchase I’ll cool off of bags for a while!!

  • SK

    Unfortunately, like with anything buying handbags can be very addictive and once you reach your goal as with anything there always seems to be something better that you want next. I find this is the case with anything whether it be a bigger home, better job, or a better “classic” handbag. I thought once I finally made my leap to purchase a Birkin I would stop, but now I find myself “lusting” for Ostrich Birkin. But I must say at least I don’t leave my items in the box, I use them and enjoy them often and I do this with all things I purchase. So many people never even take their items out of the box and then what is the point? This was the most interesting Blog I have ever read and very insightful. It looks like all things aside everyone shops according to their priorities putting what’s important in their life first (which was really nice to read). I am single and don’t have to save for college tuition which is why I can make splurges here and there and I always make sure that even when I treat myself I give an equal amount away which I feel is also important in life. Enjoy your bags LADIES and please use them and pass them to your family so they to can enjoy.

  • sarah

    well, I’m trying to deside whether to blow $260 on a michael kors leather tote, on sale from almost $500. But, I am only 15, so I don’tn know…

  • mamahusky

    owning an expensive one handbag either channel or hermes is not a crime or illegal on earth. as long as you had a budget for those items. for me, i dream for myself that before i gone on this earth, i want to experience to own at least one of those luxury handbag and enjoy it. and i was glad i did it. im not from reach family but i save and save and pick the most i desiring purse that i want it. now i treat like my child. as long as you not getting obssessed to spend all your money for those unwanted addiction of handbag.

  • Iloveagreatbag

    O k you guys I love a great bag just like the next person but I am of the opinion that if one has to choose between the bare basic and and a handbags food wins. Hermes is so outrageous because (A) they don’t want everyone (you &I the average person) walking around with it. And (B) It increases the wow pow factor, that some fool was crazy enough to pay that for A HANDBAG i KNOW BECAUSE i’M THAT FOOL.!
    And Also after you wake up from the STROKE of paying 6 figures for your bag you realize you have to work for the rest of your life to pay it off. And you know it’s true NOBODY except the 1% has that kind of money just laying around.. the stars and the like get that stuff for free but we have to purchase it, Some of my bags cost as much as my Mercedes. And for the most part I’m happy with my purchases but my addiction to handbags is real and it’s serious. And I know it. So for me no amount is to much I know it’s wrong but i don’t care.

  • imsocool

    the most expensive bag i own is a red Coach tote which was about 300 dollars, but i wouldn’t spend more than 1K cus i don’t have that much money lying around to spend, but if i was richer i’d probably say i would spend more than 2K

  • piv

    i really want a dr martens leather satchel, but i don’t know whether to go for the 15″ at £125 or the 11″ at £90 because the 11″ might be too small?

  • Lara (LAIR-A)

    Yep, this is an old blog post, but it’s an interesting topic and totally relevant to me at the moment so, dang it, I’m gonna comment! LOL

    For years I’ve longed to own just one LV and Chanel handbag but never could afford them. In the past I’ve owned a couple of Dooney & Bourkes, and my current bag is a Coach I got from the Coach outlet on eBay during one of their sales last year. The most I’ve ever spent for a handbag was $280 about 10 years ago for a D&B that I carried every day till it fell apart. I couldn’t believe I spent that much for a bag but I definitely got my money’s worth.

    Recent circumstances have caused me to come into a decent chunk of money, so I started really researching the two brands and finally online shopping at several highly-rated online consignment stores to see what I could find. Honestly I didn’t hold out much hope as my highest price point remained $300 for a bag in great or excellent condition. (Even then I was still skittish about plonking down that much).

    If that didn’t seem impossible enough, I wanted a style rarely spotted in each brand that wasn’t in-your-face flashy LOOK AT ME, I’M A LV OR CHANEL. I love designer stuff, but I also prefer not to be a walking billboard for high-end goodies. I like knowing I have the real thing, but I don’t want people looking at me and immediately thinking, “She’s carrying a Chanel/LV.” I’m understated that way.

    Anyhoo, after days online and lots of patience scrolling through pages and pages of handbags, I found exactly what I was looking for … one LV and one Chanel! The LV (Josephine PM Mini Lin) was made in 2003 and the Chanel (Etoupe Calfskin Tassel Hobo) in 2004 but I don’t care. They’re MINE now. And I’ll carry them lovingly and with pride. One will be my spring/summer bag and the other my fall/winter bag.

    I’m 46 and a recent Stage 3C breast cancer survivor and currently fighting State 4 kidney disease. Yes, others may tell me I’m wasting my money (I’m sure my mom will be the first to chime in). But life is short and precious. My cancer could come back anytime. Yes, I could save my money and keep pining the rest of my life. But I’ve had a hellish past few years, so I’m taking the chance to treat myself while I can.

    • joe fresh

      why are you even on here

  • Lara (LAIR-A)

    Oh, and if you’re wondering, I got both bags from Malleries. I know they have a great reputation. The prices were great too, although they did exceed my price limit just a bit. The LV was $445 and the Chanel was $699.