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Effortlessly Stylish: Discover the Enduring Elegance of Polo Ralph Lauren Polo ID Collection

Elevate your everyday style with the unmistakable charm and versatility of Polo ID.

Polo Ralph Lauren Polo ID Bags

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As the handbag world continues to grow and fashion houses release more designs multiple times a year, finding a new line of bags that can soundly secure a place in the bag world may seem impossible. However, Polo Ralph Lauren did just that when it introduced The Polo ID Collection, which was met with intense fanfare, and we are here to share why this line is one that will stay.

Polo Ralph Lauren Polo ID Saddle Bag in Suede

One of the most distinguished names in American fashion is Ralph Lauren, and the Polo Ralph Lauren brand is under his umbrella.

This line has been defining for so many of us, from the classic cable knit sweater to the Polo pony emblem to the quintessential contemporary Americana feel. The Polo ID Collection has created its own place in the bag market, and it did so almost immediately upon its release in 2022.

Why is this the case? Well, for starters, everything about these bags speaks toward the brand’s heritage, and the roots in the brand’s history are evident. As a shopper, when you decide to purchase a bag from any brand, you are looking for something that speaks to you and allows you to connect with it, and these bags accomplish that.

The Polo ID collection was “inspired by a sense of adventure, romance, and optimism.” This translates on the bags showcasing beloved house codes, including an equestrian sensibility, subtle elegance, and the signature Pony emblem on the brass hardware.

We have a detailed look at The Polo ID Collection, including the various bags, sizes, and renditions, so you can find the right fit for you!

The Classic Everyday Carry

The bulk of my bag closet comprises more practical daily carries. These are the bags that I turn to most, as they hold my necessities while also bringing a timeless style that allows for many wears. These are my go-to bags, and The Polo ID Collection fits in perfectly.

There are different sizes, depending on how much you’d like to carry (including small and large), and both are defined by a dual-compartment saddle silhouette, which sits beautifully over the shoulder while being quite spacious.

The classic colors in Italian calfskin are defined by smooth and luxurious leather that sits over the shoulder nicely. The shoulder strap is adjustable, allowing for different ways of wear, including over the shoulder, crossbody, or slung across your back. I prefer this bag to be carried by hand, in the crux of the arm, or right over the shoulder.

Getting in and out of the bag is easy, and this is where you will find the only outward symbol of the brand, which offers a jewelry-like touch. The classic Pony emblem is cut out of the weighted brass hardware that flaps over the bag’s top. However, if you choose, you can place this at the front (as shown above), at the back of the bag, or tucked inside.

There are different leather options, such as smooth calfskin and pebbled leather, along with other colorways. I am pretty fond of the deep green hue; it’s one that really only shows its color in the sun, but you can’t go wrong with a classic shade, either. This bag is ideal for morning walks, afternoon errands, and everything in between.

Soft Suede

My pick for the season would be this stunning suede rendition. It’s light, luxe, and suited for your fall and winter wardrobes.

Polo Ralph Lauren Polo ID Suede
Polo Ralph Lauren Polo ID Suede Detail

I like how it pairs with a cream coat and a casual pair of Polo Ralph Lauren sweatpants and socks. You have a quintessentially ideal holiday and winter outfit (actually, it reminds me of one of my favorite movies of all time, The Holiday, and anything that brings that feeling back to me is a total YES in my book).

Dynamic Mini Bag

It would be “dynamic” if I had to use one word to describe the Polo ID Mini Shoulder Bag.

Polo Ralph Lauren Polo ID Mini
Polo ID Calfskin Mini Shoulder Bag

This is the little bag that could, the little bag that transforms, and the little bag that will get a ton of use. Of course, you can carry it as it comes, which showcases beautiful curved lines and a simple yet elegant design, or you can use the swivel clasp to hook into the two metal D-rings and create a croissant-shaped wristlet variation.

While it is the same bag, the new shape offers an entirely new spin, making it one of the most understated, unexpectedly beautiful bags I’ve seen! The full leather options are available for your seasonless needs. Still, I was immediately drawn toward this romantic bullion-embroidered and beaded velvet mini-shoulder bag for every holiday party and night out.

As for the size, when carried as a mini shoulder bag, the dimensions are 7″ H x 10.25″ L x 4″ D, with a maximum strap drop of 8.5″. The interior card slot allows you to leave your wallet at home, and this little bag is more spacious than you’d think.

For a day at the ballet and a night out for drinks, this transformative and practical bag is my favorite small yet mighty bag of the season (and it’s under $500)!

Saddle Bag

For those who want a fully closed flap top and a different shape and style, this Polo ID Saddle Bag offers more equestrian roots from the brand.

There are dual adjustable straps that allow for different ways of carrying, and this bag is the more casual and laid-back of the designs from this line.

The front fold-over flap feature is where you will find the teardrop magnetic slide lock, which allows for a more secure closure. On the interior, you’ll be met with one pillow gusset zip pocket, one front slip pocket, and one card slot as well.

Polo Ralph Lauren Polo ID Saddle Bag 1

A Family of Bags

The Polo ID Collection is one that I welcome in the bag world, one steeply rooted in the brand history of an American designer that many of us feel closely connected to in various ways. The sensibility of each bag is not only seen but can also be felt, and the luxurious materials and design have me fully invested in this collection.

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