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  • mint

    it seems like PurseBlog is paid to shamelessly promote Coach so much

    • Sophie Proust

      I, too, am growing weary of all the Coach posts. I love PurseBlog, but It feels like the line between editorial and advertising is getting blurry.

    • Joshua

      Don’t get mad at these ads and spreads; at least they look nice. Without these, there wouldn’t be a PurseBlog.

    • Paid placements are always marked. This post was not sponsored or even “encouraged” – I found the images in the SplashNews database like I do all of our celebrity content and the brand had no input on the post. Posts about Coach products get lots of positive reader response by way of clicks and pageviews – blame your fellow visitors for their interest!

    • Chloe

      Wow its pretty pathetic how you have to point this out. Why do you feel the right to throw people under the bus? As far as I am concerned, the most important feature to having a successful blog is the traffic you create, then comes the minor profit from ads. Coach related posts about the new bag designs are actually pretty important in the fashion industry news at the moment since Reed Krakoff’s departure from the brand. Stuart Vevers’s new designs are supposed to revive the brand and take the brand to a new level of sophistication. And what is the point of running a blog dedicated to HANDBAGS? Posting top daily news related to HANDBAGS.

  • rada

    omg I want Freja’s sneakers.

    • Yes! I was waiting for someone to say this

  • Holly b

    Agree enough with the Coach stories already. They had there time to make millions $$$ but the market has change and it is not the go to brand for entry level handbags anymore as I would had buy a micheal kors r Tory burch over coach any day. Coach wants to move upmarket because it can’t compete in this mid level anymore as it just not trending. However if u cannot sell cheap bags what makes u think u can sell expensive ones. Company is doomed to get its $$ from outlets sales that killing the brand itself.

    • Pandora

      I would take Coach over M Kors any day. His stuff looks so cheap to me not to mention ripping off everyone else’s ideas.

    • JJp

      Coach is a much more stylish and ORIGINAL in my opinion, Michael Kors is to trendy and in two years most styles available today will be outdated. I’ve really never seen an outdated leather coach bag, they are classic.

  • Toni

    i LOVEEE the red bag!

  • claire

    Coach ad always look great, but the problem is it always look better in pictures than in person. Something just missing when you really go try it on. I just wish I won’t be disappointed again for these bags.

  • Renae

    Thank goodness for all the Coach related posts here,I finally saw a bag I’d actually buy, that first picture of the snakeskin bag is gorgeous. The past few days I’ve thought they looked nice enough but not enough for me to buy “Coach”
    Things are looking up!

  • Anna lynne

    It all looks like reed krakoff’s rejects.
    To be honest, I would never spend anything over $500 for a coach bag.
    The 1k price point is nut for a entry level goods brand. The bags r nice but there is so value to it. Sorry just my opinion

  • sashimie

    I don’t see what’s all the fuss with purseblog writing many posts about Coach. I see a lot of Celine discussion as well. Paid placement or not, it shouldn’t change a thing. At the end of the day, it’s beautiful pictures showing handbags. I think we’re all old enough to make shopping decisions and if you do like the new Coach bags, buy them, if not, don’t. How is this different with ads/writing on magazine?

  • Purse girl

    I’m also surprised by the negative comments. Coach is an established company with great quality and great value. The fact that they are successful enough to be able to provide many diferent price points isn’t a negative…..unless you care less about the quality and more about the logo trend of the month. I think for many people the styles are beautiful and enduring and frankly I prefer the fact that bags are their primary focus rather than a sideline designed to augment weak clothing sales. At the end of the day its a purse and its up to you if you appreciate the styling,quality and function or not.

  • Marie M

    I was always a Dooney & Bourke girl. Just purchased my first Coach and I am very impressed with the quality os leather and materials, zipper etc. i love it. It won’t be my last Coach bag.