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  • Frances

    Oh wow! I am loving coach more and more!

  • pe.riche.

    Seeing lots of Celine, LV, and Prada influences, but am thrilled with the outcome! Coach has grown up without becoming “stuffy”. Certainly eyeing a few pieces…

  • PhilanderingMoustache

    I wonder if you can remove the COACH embossing on the bags? I appreciate that it’s smaller than it has been, but I’d rather have a bag without it.

    • dela

      Yeah, if only Coach, Celine, Hermes, Saint Laurent et al. would heed your advice.

  • I’m impressed! Is this Stuart Vevers’ work now?

    • Nope, this is the tail end of Reed Krakoff. Coach has yet to announce exactly when Krakoff will officially leave and Vevers will take over.

    • Syrenitytoo

      Not yet, you won’t see Stuart’s designs come out until the fall.

  • I’m impressed! Is this Stuart Vevers’ work now?

  • Amanda


  • Jane

    Lots of great pieces. I like the simpler bags and the large “cloth” totes. I am not a huge fan of the leather bags that a have large section of color on the top half and the horizontal lines of color on the bottom. The widths look wrong to me they are too even I think it would look better if they were more varied in size on the bottom half of the bag.

  • Redroze

    The Borough bag is really beautiful, especially in the smooth leather. Why’d they have to add the “New York” beside the “Coach” logo though? I don’t mind the words New York below Coach, but on the Borough the NY is beside it. I don’t love it as it makes the logo seem lopsided. Guess they’re trying to add the prestige of NYC, similar to the rebranding of YSL to Saint Laurent Paris. I like the direction that Reed is taking it in…maybe he’s consulted with Stuart already so this is a transitional line to the new direction?

  • janenuqui

    Of late, Coach has been making some of the most amazing handbags I have seen. I’m excited for the Spring collection, but I think the Borough bag looks much better in the Fall/Winter colors. I can’t wait for all of these beautiful bags to hit Asia soon!


    IN LOVE!! I see hints of Hermes in this collection. Great job transitioning design ideas between Reed and Stuart. Please drop Poppy and continue up the stylish path you’re going with Coach. I love the leather!

  • Michelle Lim

    After several years away from Coach…FINALLY…am in LOVE again! Love the ever SO subtle branding on the bags. Classy as heck. Keep it up Coach!

  • surfandsun

    Just ordered my pebbled large borough alpine purse.
    Can’t wait to get it!!

  • Anne

    What happened to the phoebe bag? I wonder if they will continue it. I have five large leather phoebemadison.

  • lv2shop

    Do you think they will come out with a size between the mini and medium SOON?

  • citizenlen

    I’ve lost faith in Coach just like Dooney except their Alto and Florentine line, but the Borough is to die for. I got my Borough calfskin in teal. The leather and craftmanship is top notch. The bag is amazingly light compare to my Miu Miu madras. Although the strap is not adjustable and skinny, it was surprisingly comfortable to carry around. I also covet their Coach Sweater with the carriage logo, but at $400 is way too much. I may consider the sweater if it was at $150. BTW, those white boroughs looks like an army that is ready to wreak havoc in the fashion world.

  • Jacqueline Michelle Brown Rami


  • Cathy Meadows DiSantis

    Very glad to see a mini bag in there!