coach ostrich lily
Coach Ostrich Lily

The Lily is a new design from Coach that actually has my attention. It is a cute shape, style, and great daily wear. There is a black and camel leather version of the Coach Lily, but if you are a special person, you have the opportunity to get your hands on an ostrich version. The Coach Ostrich Lily was the bag of choice for Rebecca Romijn in the stunning red Bordeaux. Romijn, along which other celebrities such as Eva Longoria, are opting for some of the exotics bags from Coach. Coach bags have always been popular and are many women’s first bag into the designer handbag world. But as the market expands, Coach does too, and while some are not keen on spending thousands on an exotic bag from Coach, some are. The Coach Lily in ostrich retails for $7,000 (model # 11160). It is also available in a Brass/Mahogany ostrich combination. If you are interested in the leather Lily, it retails for 1/10th the price, $700 via Coach.

rebecca romijn coach bag
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  • GeorgiaT

    Coach or not, it’s a great bag! You should spend money on something because you like it, not because of who made it. Ignoring this bag because it is Coach would be sad. It’s so multi-dimensional and beautiful!

  • mette

    However, there is just too much of everyting in this bag. Would not want to own or carry one.

  • Rachelsea

    There is also a dark blue ostrich Lily XL, for those who are interested.

  • addicted2chanel

    This is a gorgeous bag! I don’t think there is too much of anything, except awesomeness! :lol: I love the color, and I would SO rock this bag.

  • legal2shop

    I love Coach but this bag is just bugly… :sad:

  • Jasmine

    I much prefer the black! Finally a Coach bag that looks up-to-date and funky! I like!

  • Allie

    I am not really in love with this bag..usually i am a fan of coach but this looks a little tacky to me. Like something you would find at tjmaxx trying to look high end but the red color and hardware just reminds me of the opposite of luxury.

    • Danyelle

      I feel ya…

  • janis

    Way too much going on…but I love the color!

  • sjbdmd

    I can’t believe it’s a coach!! Totally cool bag in ostrich no less. I would absolutely purchase it if available.
    Last seasons ostrich exotic was gone immediately as only a few were made.

  • coachgrl

    It’s COACH, it’s Ostrich and it’s Gorgeous!

    I have a smaller COACH White Ostrich, and I Love it! I’d also love to own a larger one like this Lily!!!

  • doreen rodgers

    i love coach handbags no matter what kind they are i find they last forever and i love the quality of them coach is my absolute favorite pocketbooks of all time .to date i have 4 but would another one especially like rebeccas doreen

  • Deanna

    I have the Lily leather satchel in black and it looks very similar to Rebecca’s. At the risk of sounding pompous and rude, her handbag appears to be an impostor. To the best of my knowledge, in a real Lily satchel, the center strap does not wrap all the way around in the top of the purse. It is supposed to stop short of the zipper, likely because flipping the strap out of the way every time one needs to unzip the purse would become irritating. That, and a partial center strap prevents the caved-in look you see in the photo. Rebecca is a beautiful woman and I mean no disrespect. I just wanted to point that out.

  • Kelly

    To the poster above.
    There are two sizes of the Lily- mediium and X-Large. The exotic bags were the XL size, one of the features of which, is that the strap wraps over the top and fastens in the front.
    The medium size, on the other hand, has the strap that begins on the top (zipper) seam and fastens across the front…. Hope this helps explain why her bag might not look ‘real’ to you….

  • angle

    OH,Is very prefect!If you are a woman,you must go www itmesstore com.At there you can find what you want and good cheaper bags,glasses,purse… good luck

  • designer hand

    What is not to like….want one……!!

  • karina

    i owned this bag before but in the walnut leather this bag is so heavy i had to sell it on ebay it a beauty of a bag but its very heavy.

  • Jules

    Love the bag, hate the color.

  • Veronica_Sawyer

    I love this bag!! So stunning! (ipad)

  • Danyelle

    Now that’s FUGLY…scuse my ghetto, but it looks like a broke-ass crocadile hunter! Yes, I realize I’m going straight to hell for that, but someone needs to spear it with a barb!