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As the Coach brand expands rapidly, offering everything from the youthful Poppy line to the more refined Kristen collection, many fans of the brand still yearn for the Coach Classics. To many, a “classic Coach bag” might mean the small signature Demi Pouch, but the brand became known for their simple and refined leather Heritage collection in the 1970s, long before its logo fabric became a signature touch.

With the current 70s trend in full swing, NET-A-PORTER Buying Director Holli Rogers felt it was the perfect moment to bring back some of the original Coach designs and introduce them to a new generation of women. The five bags of the Coach Classics Collection will be exclusively carried at and are sure to sell out quickly.

Shop the Coach Classic Collection at

Upon first seeing this collection, I immediately realized how many bags in the current market closely resemble these Coach classics. From the small structured shoulder purse to the larger Coach Field Bag, the design elements of this collection can be seen in many newer accessories offerings.

While Coach offers a wide variety of designs that seems to suit every possible personal style, I’ve heard many women say how much they miss the brand’s classic bags. Those women can stop prowling vintage stores and their mothers’ closets for vintage Coach finds, because now they can have a piece of the brand’s legacy for their very own. The prices are also entirely reasonable, from $298 for the shoulder purse to $498 for the field bag. In fact, I feel the need to add one of these to my collection.

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  • Nyzinga

    While the idea is a good one, to me a “Classic Coach” bag is not produced in China.

    • gpc

      Nyzinga, you beat me to it. I do believe the “classic” coach bags were originally made in the U.S. Someone please correct me if I am wrong.

    • Anita Barlow

      I would just love to own any Coach purse , and I have not ever had one , and I need a new purse !!!!!

  • Charlie

    Not only were those classics made in the USA, they were less expensive than the canvas-and-baubles trashy things Coach has been doing lately, and they were better leather and better craftsmanship. I used to love Coach, and now I walk right past the Coach store without a second glance. The company gained a lot of money by outsourcing labor and materials, and utterly disregarding its core customer base. What it lost may have been much more valuable inn the long run.

  • lzeligson

    I fear these bags will not be made as well as they once were. I was just in an outlet this past weekend and the bags they had were nothing like the bags they used to sell 20 years ago. They are not lined with leather anymore, but with cloth and they are just ugly. Coach quality is nothing like it used to be – it’s sold to the masses and just junk. Even though they are bringing back the classics I guarantee they won’t be the same –

  • Suzanne

    Glad I’ve hung onto a few of my classic Coach bags. I agree with the others who said their quality now is nothing what they used to be. Coach used to be all about that gorgeous leather and now most of their bags have little or no leather. I would suggest to someone thinking of buying one of these new classic replicas that they first check their local consignment shops. You’ll probably find a REAL Coach classic bag for a fraction of what these new bags cost. Considering how the original leather bags got more beautiful with age you might end up with a stunning bag at a bargain price!

  • michelle

    On Coach’s website, you can buy their original style bags. If you go to their handbag section, there is a “coach originals” section. It does not say where the bags are made. I have bought original styles on Ebay for much less than Coach or NAP prices. Some of the bags are in great condition.

  • rose60610

    Recently I saw a lady wearing a classic Coach Duffle Bucket that was gracefully aged from years back. It was gorgeous and on one hand I wanted to approach her and ask to buy it from her. On the other hand I was fearful of creeping her out, so I didn’t say anything. If an old one came up for sale I’d love to have it. The new bucket style in the store didn’t have the more sturdy appearance of the old ones.

  • kemilia

    I have some of the classics stored away and they are so well-made.

  • BBP

    I agree Coach’s quality has been lagging behind recently. I have been going to local thrift shops in hunt for these vintage bags and it is so neat to find them actually made in the US. I don’t think that these will be made of the same standards they once were…Coach needs to pay more attention to their quality and not putting out so many diff purses so quickly. They are going to lose their loyal customers because of this! But I hope they improve because I want to continue carrying their brand!

  • Alison

    I have a mahogany station bag that I consider pulling out every once in a while! It still looks great. I’d love to compare the feel of the leather on mine to that of the new ones.

  • lzeligson

    I have two station bags – the english brown and navy – by today’s standards they are probably teeny tiny bags, but they are really well made. I remember a long time ago a sales gal in one of the Coach stores told me that I would tire of the bag long before it would wear out. She was most definitely right. They are up in my closet in a storage bag. The bags of today wouldn’t last two years if that. Surely you could find the old ones at consignment shops.

  • PhotoGirl

    What a slap in the face to those of us who loved the original classic Coach bags. I’m so glad I hung on to the ones I have. I’ll keep checking ebay and consignment shops for vintage models.

  • 19yearslater

    This is a great idea. I love the red shoulder bag, and the price is very reasonable. Instead of comparing to the prices to those of a bygone era I’d compare to other luxury brands which are not made in the US today.

  • m1ni

    Im not a big fan of coach, but I have the wallet from their classic collection, bought them in 1999, and it is still in a good condition. This collection is worth to browse tomorrow.

  • Jennifer

    The original Coaches were made in NYC. I am carrying a Court bag from the 90s right now -started carrying it last year bc I yearned for something ‘different’. Had no idea they’d make a comeback. You can/could get the classics on ebay for $50 or less & now this is going to drive the prices WAY up! Ugh. My Coach Classic habit sets me back WAY less than buying the ‘new’ bags of today, which are a fraction the quality! Good idea, in theory, but just like so many remake movies -the originals are almost always the best!

  • mochababe73

    I love the idea. Those bags were so well made.
    As far as the outlet bags are, they are not even made in the same factory as the bags that are sold in the boutiques. I would never buy a bag from the Coach outlet.
    I will never forget that I wanted one of the chocolate leather Coach bags with the big flap when I was a teenager. Now, I see it here. I woould love to buy them.
    I have no problem with Coach outsourcing their goods. Would I like for them to be made in the U.S.? Absolutely, but I understand that it’s business.
    In all honesty, alot of Reed Krakoff’s bags this season remind me of the old Coach bags. Makes me wonder…

  • air max 2009

    This is a great idea. I love the red shoulder bag, and the price is very reasonable. Instead of comparing to the prices to those of a bygone era I’d compare to other luxury brands which are not made in the US today.

  • QQ

    I have a few ‘vintage’ coach bags (some even like the styles above) and they look a million times better than these. even in photos, the craftsmanship appears shoddy!

    go to a thrift store! there is one in my area that has them for about $30 usually. that’s where i usually get mine if i feel so inclined.

  • JML

    I am indeed a Coach Fan, have several that I love, but truth be told, if you ever want a solid, top to bottom tough, stand the test of time leather handbag you have to consider Roots up here in Canada. Hands down Roots delivers quality time and time again, you just can’t kill these bags. The designs are indeed fashion forward, up to date with fabulous colours as well. These national treasures we have here in Canada have to haul our loads as well as make it thru 4 season wear, in a climate where if you get one season out of your winter boots, you’re doing okay.

    • RS

      I absolutely agree!!! I had a new Coach bag flagship that changed colour on me in the first 4 weeks of wear. Sent it in, and while I was waiting to see what they would do, I took out a Roots bag I bought a few years ago. It looked like new and I have been wearing it all summer – a little small for me but that said, the leather is amazing you cannot destroy these things. And it is light! The colour and stitching is fantastic. I think Roots bags are completely underappreciated. So now they sent me a credit for my coach bag and i am like ech, I don’t want another Coach bag, I am going to use my Roots bag for winter instead! (From a transplanted Canuck living in Boston).

  • ottercat

    Wish I had not given mine away years ago. Oh well.

  • hoyachica03

    I agree with everyone here. I didn’t get all into fashion until around 2-3 years ago (wow, I’ve been missing a lot!!!) and I do remember thinking “hmm.. I could have sworn my grandmother had this Coach purse that she’s been using since I was 10 and she still has it” and I’ll be honest, while I bought 3 Coach purses from the outlet 2 years ago, I barely wear them now because the quality is just kinda… ugh and too dated (just a bit). I’ll check out the Classics— and thanks, ladies, for the heads up on where to get the more original classics (including my Grandma’s closet! LOL!)

  • mandy

    Has anyone seen one of these bags in person yet? Megs, which one is on your list? I really like the Field Bag, and have not seen an old version of it anywhere.

  • Mandy

    Just an update: I purchased the field bag in camel. Very disappointed in the quality. Leather is so thin. Color is flat and dull. Construction doesn’t feel like high quality and not close to the vintage bags. It’s going back immediately. Unfortunate.

  • Lisa

    Gotta say, I’m really disappointed in the way a Coach bag has worn that I’ve had for just a year. I’ve been told by sales personnel at two Coach stores that the bag shouldn’t have worn in the manner that it did, but the only solution they could suggest was that I return it to Coach Headquarters in Jacksonville, FL (for a cost of $20 handling PLUS shipping). The whole process, I was told, should take no more than 4-6 weeks, BUT with no guarantee the bag can be repaired or that they’ll replace it. I contacted Coach Headquarters directly and was given the same information – it didn’t appear they even took the time to read my message fully. Very disappointed. I won’t purchase another Coach product.

    • RS

      I agree with you – same problem. I had a flagship bag that changed colour on me in the first month of wear. They sent it in, and I just got a credit for the full amount in the mail. I don’t want Coach again, and I paid cash (it was a year ago, hence the credit according to the SA). I don’t like Coach anymore and I am very disappointed. I tried two wallets both fell apart within a week of each other and I am not hard on wallets! I think their quality is bad now, I am no longer impressed with the leather as I used to be, and they are becoming too expensive for the good pieces (and then you still cannot count on the quality!). I guess maybe I will buy shoes and chains with the credit…rats.

  • titleist 910D3

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  • Lynnie

    The Coach Classics are now being sold on the Coach website =)