Not sure if all of you know, but my first designer bag ever was the Coach Signature Demi Pouch. This is the bag that started my handbag addiction and the first bag I ever remember truly coveting. I still own this bag (pictured above) and am reminded how a Coach bag changed my life every time I look at it.

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My obsession with handbags began in the 8th grade after a trip to a mall with my mom. While my mom was never a handbag lover, I am the polar opposite; I’ve always been drawn to purses. As we walked through the main corridor, I remember seeing many women going into the Coach store. I envied people with Coach bags on their arms and begged my mom to take a look inside with me. My mom remembers this moment as the beginning. I didn’t leave the Coach store that day with a new bag, but it was only a matter of time. A few weeks later, my mom surprised me with my first ever Coach bag, the Signature Demi Pouch. It came from the same the same Coach boutique that we had browsed together that day. That bag was the beginning of my true admiration and love for handbags. I carried that little handbag for years, putting it away carefully every night and thanking my mom for it constantly. You could even say that my love of that Coach bag transformed my mom into a handbag lover as well; she bought her first Coach bag shortly after she bought mine. My love of handbags eventually turned into my life and job running I will never forget that the bag that started my true love for bags was from Coach, or that my mother was the person who made that beginning possible.

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