Not sure if all of you know, but my first designer bag ever was the Coach Signature Demi Pouch. This is the bag that started my handbag addiction and the first bag I ever remember truly coveting. I still own this bag (pictured above) and am reminded how a Coach bag changed my life every time I look at it.

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My obsession with handbags began in the 8th grade after a trip to a mall with my mom. While my mom was never a handbag lover, I am the polar opposite; I’ve always been drawn to purses. As we walked through the main corridor, I remember seeing many women going into the Coach store. I envied people with Coach bags on their arms and begged my mom to take a look inside with me. My mom remembers this moment as the beginning. I didn’t leave the Coach store that day with a new bag, but it was only a matter of time. A few weeks later, my mom surprised me with my first ever Coach bag, the Signature Demi Pouch. It came from the same the same Coach boutique that we had browsed together that day. That bag was the beginning of my true admiration and love for handbags. I carried that little handbag for years, putting it away carefully every night and thanking my mom for it constantly. You could even say that my love of that Coach bag transformed my mom into a handbag lover as well; she bought her first Coach bag shortly after she bought mine. My love of handbags eventually turned into my life and job running I will never forget that the bag that started my true love for bags was from Coach, or that my mother was the person who made that beginning possible.

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  • mia

    Awwwh this is unbelievably sweet and amazing!!! We all have to thank your mother!! ^_^

  • Joyce

    What a sweet story! My mom was my enabler too :)

  • Nits

    This is a sweet story. The same goes for me and my Mom. I’m a handbag lover while my Mom was not. But eventually she saw the beauty of bags and got converted. :)

  • Kelsey

    I am slowly getting my mom to love bags. I always have.

    She has gone from Classic Black Coach to a black leather longchamp to a LV Wilshire GM in amaranite

  • KaylaNiche

    Awww. I got my love of handbags from my mommy!!

  • Ping

    Meg, my first bag was also a coach bag! i’m a little older so my coach bag goes back to the days before the cc logo:). My mom and I both loved our coach bags and my first one is still at my mom’s house! Now I buy my mom bag’s!

    • mia

      That’s so nice you buy your mom bags. I wanna be able to do so with my hard earned money someday too! =)

  • 19yearslater

    Great story :) I love Coach, and can remember that time with one little bag that I treasured.

  • Loly

    nice story and well written! my first bag was a speedy 30, in high school days. I wanted my first bag to be from my own money and carried years after like a trophy !
    You gave me the idea to bring my mom to an Hermes boutique……who knows?? LOL

  • Jennifer

    Thats a great story! I, too, am a little older than you & my first Coach was well before signature as well. However, I bought my mom HER first designer bag -a black Coach Legacy Zip, from the classics collection when that was all Coach had. It was a Mothers Day gift, too, & she still treasures it to this day. My mom was never the kind to spend $$ on a purse, so to have something that nice (Classic Coach Leather was TDF) & from me was just so special to her.

  • Lulugurl

    Such a sweet story!!!

  • Mochababe73

    I got my love of handbags from my mother as well. While my mom would have never spent that much on a handbag, she had many. My first “designer” handbag was an orange Esprit with a black strap. Eventually, she bought me a Liz Claiborne which I considered the height of luxury in the 80s.
    I wish that I still had that orange Esprit. Ever so often, I go to eBay to see if I can find it.

  • Lillian Ou

    Sweet and touching! I used to like Coach years ago but have stopped buying them totally. Reasons being, I’ve more expensive taste now and into Chanel, Dior and Prada. Secondly, I don’t really fancy that Coach is made in China!! Sorry, but it sort of cheapen the products!! Even my 10 year old daughter will say to me when she sees a Coach bag ” Awww Mom, it’s Made in China!! “

  • Nhi Tran

    It started off with a coach Swingpack for me! :)

  • Janellica

    HA! That same Coach Demi Pouch was my first ever designer bag as well. I continually refer to it as my gateway purse and now have Chanel, Balenciaga and more. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story.

  • Cathy Fitz

    Great story. I carried only leather Coach purses as the first THREE purses I owned.

  • Helen

    My very first bag was this exact bag also. I miss it. So I am looking for it to buy it because it is nostalgia.

  • Nicole

    Aw so sweet!

    I got my love for purses from my mother as well. I used to envy her towering curio of purses, all designer. She had a weird thing about buying purses that weren’t AT LEAST Coach (In fact, she doesn’t buy coach at all anymore, only because she finds them “too common”, yeah she’s a diva.)

    I would borrow some of her smaller pieces for special occasions but the first time I ever had my own designer hand bag was after my elementary school promotion, back when those Dooney It-bags were the hot trend at Macy’s and amongst teenage girls. I was in love with that bag and still am, despite it being replaced by my new baby Neverfull.

    Let me just say that when you’re good to mama, mama’s very very good to you. <3

  • Demi

    I’ve always loved fashion, shoes and hanbags! My mother was and still is very stylish, so I guess I was inspired by her! I even wanted to be a fashion designer when I was younger!
    But my specific obsession with purses started last year when I saw a friend of mine carrying a classic Chanel 2.55 flap! I instantly fell in love with it! I started searching on the internet to find sites that would support my obsession and that’s how I found you!!!
    Though I own some designer stuff (bags, wallets and sarves mostly) my holly grail bag would be the Classic Chanel 2.55 hanbag in black and beige with gold harware!!!!

  • Demi

    Sorry for the typo! I meant scarves, not sarves obviously!

  • GorgeouslyAwesome

    omg! that was my very first designer handbag as well! except mines was black and grey, and i as well got it in the 7th grade. ill never forget that day. we were in macys and i just had to have it, she was shocked at the $128 price tag, (gosh i wish my purses were still that cheap) but i easily convinced her, it was the start of my obsession. my mom somewhat regrets it because of course my taste moved to more expensive bags; but she helped create this purse monster ive become so she has to blame herself lsl. i no longer have the bag or even carry coach at all, but i wish i had at least held on to that one cause it does mean a lot to me thinking back about it. =[

  • Mommy needs a new bag

    Beautifully written story.

  • Lauren

    Mine was a green leather Coach demi in the 9th grade. My Grammy bought it for me. She passed away two years ago and I still have that bag. It has a special place in my bag closet.

  • Zoe

    I’ve never really liked designer handbags, but my mother is really into them. Though recently, she got me one as a gift that I really like. Coach handbags are really growing on me. I love mine!

  • jenn

    I have been a Coachaholic for ever! Unfortunately I can’t say my mom started it for me but I got her started! I gave her her first Coach bag this year. As well as my grandma too! It was a great feeling to get them as excited as I am about Coach!