I have shared this before, but my first ever handbag was a Coach bag. From that day forward I was hooked on bags and it clearly changed my life going forward, as I get to talk about the accessories I love every day. While many designers have come in and out of my collection, Coach will always have a special place in my heart. Over the past few years, Coach has churned out higher quality and priced items season after season. The true Coachies (a name given to Coach bag lovers by our loyal Coach PurseForum members) have grown with the brand and found the collections that they love most.

For $800, brands like Alexander Wang and Louis Vuitton can be purchased, but right now I am crushing on the Coach Pinnacle Leather Allie.

The leather is sure to be richly textured and the smooth and pebbled combination will give a nice tonal effect. The reason this shoulder bag stands out so much is because of its custom buckles, exotic framing detail, and the leather belting. The bag is quite spacious, 18″ x 7″ x 15″ and has a nice shoulder drop of 11.5″. I see this bag working well for the young professional to the empty-nest mother.

I really like how elegant this bag looks, perfect for those who love the brand but are not looking for a monogrammed bag. But my question comes in about the price. I am not one for sticker-shock but I do realize that $800 is high when many people think about Coach. Is this something that you appreciate as they continue to expand or does it turn you off from the brand? Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $798.

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  • Alexandra Davidoff

    I’ve never been a fan of Coach, but this bag is elegant. Not quite my style, but elegant nonetheless.

    Love the story of your first designer bag Megs! My obsession with bags began with a Guess Zodiac stud pink shoulder bag – a small little treasure that although not designer really, infected me with the love and passion for collecting bags. Since then my collection has overruled all my storage space, but still I go to the shops and this blog hungering for more!

  • resham

    my first ever designer bag was COACH … I started late…but I appreciate Coach and they have something for everyone…. Also the fact that CHANEL is unaffordable for me makes me appreciate whatever non premium designer stuff I have…

  • Unknown2angels

    Love Coach. The brand is practical, professional and affordable — even at $800. Coach bags don’t scream look at me I have a designer bag.

  • rose60610

    Coach has so many styles it’s almost overwhelming. There’s something for almost everyone. I have a few leather Coach bags from many years ago that still look great, though I don’t wear them anymore. The featured bag here looks nice. I’ve seen bags that sell for many thousands that don’t appeal to me whatsoever.

  • Sandra Rowley

    Even if you normally purchase premiere designer bags….you still have to appreciate the brands that put out a quality beautiful product of their own design.

  • pixiegirl

    I prefer coach’s leather handbags over the monogram bags. I really don’t like this bag, the leather looks great but the design is kind of boring too me. I’m not sure if I’d feel comfortable paying $800 for a coach either.

  • KoutureCrochet

    My first bag was a coach leather bag and it’s clear why they redefined luxury bags, however I find myself hard pressed to pay Louis vuitton, shit Hermes money for something that will be in an outlet in 3 weeks.

    Even in the past coach hinted that some lines would not end up at the outlets but they did anyway. So I just look as pretty as some their bags sometimes are.

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  • drspock7

    i love this bag. coach was my first love. i actually purchased this one in black. its amazing in every way. i tend to impulse buy which isnt always best. i actually listed this one on a resaler to make up for it. i think the factor about coach that deters me sometimes is often the price when it WILL be in an outlet some where in the world in a month or so. the value does not appreciate as commonly as LV does but i do like the fact that their designs are fresh, sometimes trendy and they come out with different things often. i like that there is something for everyone at every price point.

    • Syrenitytoo

      I can honestly tell you that I buy and sell Coaches as part of my collection; I can still sell a Coach after using it for 5 years for half of what it costs.  I stopped buying them at the outlets and became a friend of coach to receive special friends discounts at full stores. 

  • Deedee

    My first 3 bags were also Coach. Still have one of them around and recently unearthed a never been used backpack from a decade ago. I think some of their stuff is too loud for my taste so it’s nice when they can make a nice, mature looking purse. $800 is a bit much though. Then again, I rarely buy anything at retail, not matter how much I love it.

  • Subbz

    I like how Coach is expanding, unfortunately for the Coachies I think Coach should raise the prices of some of the bags. I know it sounds awful but honestly Coach has lost it’s luster and should have more expensive pieces in the collection in order to gain it back, Which is probably what they’re doing. I like the way they are doing it also by having many less expensive purses and only a few 600+. I am not being a snob, I have no high end purses but it’s just my opinion.

  • Jennifer

    I think the fact that Coach was known for YEARS as an elegant, leather goods company gets lost in the monogram, poppy, sequins world. The bag in the post is the type of bag Coach was originally famous for. $800 may be a bit steep, but without a doubt, the leather will be good & this bag will last. Plus, it’s a basic shape, good size, & could be used for a multitude of uses for a long time. If you’re the type to buy a bag & use it everyday for a year (ME!), you’d probably get your money’s worth.

  • lz

    My first bag was a Coach also but that was when they made really nice quality bags. They don’t make the same kind of bags anymore. Their old bags were lined with leather and were nice heavy bags (not that the weight of the bag implies quality) but their more recent bags are not the same quality leather, lined in satin or something like that with sequins, studs or other metal attachments. Just not the same. So when I look at this $800 bag it just doesn’t look like the same quality to me. No go.

  • Jacki

    I keep looking for that classic Coach “look and feel”, but this is definitely not it and certainly not for $800. Maybe they thought because it is so large they can put a huge pricetag on it, but I disagree. Sorry Coach give me something classic, try again let me give you a hint – go back to your roots.

  • Jacki

    Oh yeh pressed submit a little too soon. Has that RK vibe with the belt.

  • Amy

    I just checked this out over lunch & was disappointed by the leather – not supple at all.

  • PhotoGirl

    Very pretty bag. My first “real” bag was also a Coach. Recently, my godmother gave me some money and told me to buy myself a “nice” bag. Her only request was that I buy something made in the USA, “like a Coach.” I haven’t yet had the heart to tell her that this is no longer the case…

    • drspock7

      LV is made in the US :)

  • Absolutely love Coach Handbags. A bit pricey, but still great handbags

  • Kat23

    When you buy a leather Coach bag, you know it will last. The company stands behind its product, unlike some of its pricier competitors. I’ve seen all the bags in the Pinnacle collection and own one. The leather, though not “supple” is thick and durable, and holds its shape. The hardware is unique and fairly minimal. In my opinion its worth every bit of $800.

  • erica

    Sweet story about your first Coach and your mom. My first bag was Coach aslo and my mother bought it for me as well. It was the leather Janice Legacy bag. I still have it and it still looks like new! Coach leather esp the older bags wear well!!

  • Syrenitytoo

    I definitely love the Coach Pinnacle line – a cut above for sure.  But my latest ultimate surprise came when I visited my very fine Coach SAs at WFCT store and lo and behold Coach had heard my prayers and have redesigned the Kristin Sage for us tinier gals in its oh so famous, fabulous and feminine lines.  I am dreaming of packing it as I write for tonights venture into West Hartford with friends for a fine night of dinner and cocktails.  My collection has grown over the past 7 years and definitely ventured out into dangerous territories, however for some reason, I always come back to Coach – people ask what that is? “the feel in my hand” I say. . . As for the featured bag, were hobos my style, this is one very chic bag. I can see why you like it!  Coach has several fine price points for everyone.

  • Lavon78

    This particular bag looks adequate, but coach in general just doesnt do it for me. I have never liked the brand and now that the streets are flooded with their mono lines, I’m just done. On the other hand, D & B, which is a brand I equate with coach, has stepped up their game with the Vachetta Satchel, so maybe there is hope.

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  • Coach11

    i really like this handbags

  • Reneer212

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  • Guest

    Have you tried the Coach Outlet?  There’s one for sale today for around $300!