Coach Soho Ocelot Demi Flap

The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year! But do you remember the scene from Bridget Jones’ Diary where she is wearing the hideous sweater her mum picked out for her? Well my assumption is this has all happen to you at some point in your life, maybe you were not in your 20’s, but I bet when you were younger, your mom picked something totally fluffy and ‘cute’ for you to wear for the Holiday’s. My mom sure gave me a sweater with Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer on it who was extremely fluffy and happy. How I loved it. But remember back to Bridget Jones – both her and Mark Darcy had to wear just awful sweaters their parents picked out for them. Well I have found the bag to match the outfit.

Marc Darcy Reindeer Sweater

As much as I usually love Coach, this bag is just a bit much for me and my liking. Not to mention it went over the top with the red Christmas like bow on the front. The Coach Soho Ocelot Demi Flap cries out “Bridge’ should have worn me!” I just can’t look at it and think anything other than it being tacky and over-the-top. The flap handbag is made of imported dyed calf hair with suede and leather trim and the famous Bridget style velvet ribbon with rhinestone details. There is a cute buckle tab with magnetic snap closure which is trying to revive the bag from it’s doom, but I’m not sure it is enough for me. The inside of the flap is lined in satin fabric and there is an inside zip pocket. The dimensions are not overly huge, 9 5/8 (L) x 4 1/2 (H) x 1 3/4 (W), but for Coach the price is exorbitant for something that does not meet up to par- try $498 via Coach. So if you find Bridget on the street, please call out and tell her we have found the *perfect* bag to match her perfect Christmas sweaters!!

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  • zoesmom

    I completely agree! I was just in a Coach store yesterday and I could not believe how over done that bag is and how expensive it is. The only slightly larger version sells for $798! Are they kiddning? If I had that kind of cash to drop on a bag, it sure wouldn’t be for a Coach bag that will be “last year” before Christmas bells even ring.

  • billyjoe

    omg that purse is cute i just hope its not real fur

  • ^ It looks like pony hair, which I would say is fur. Why are people always weird about fur and not LEATHER!?

    • Clumsyandcrazy

      I hate that animals have to die in order for us to wear these coach bags! I dont like real fur or Leather. One of my friends just loves it but i cant stand it! Animals suffer for days in steel-jawed leg-hold cages before being killed by a variety of methods: standing on their chest to crush their lungs, shooting them, clubbing them, stabbing them, or by other equally cruel methods. I HAVE searched these things up. I used to LOVE coach bags until i found out what they do to the animals to make them.These are straight up facts. Please think of the animals.


    though the purse is cute, i’m not too fond of simple accesories that have been made from an animal skin, however, some companies buy fur from animals that have already died, that is fair. mabye, this is the case.
    Rhiannon, most people would more likely be thinking of the cute fuzzy animals that died inorder to make the priceless item than the watch or purse made of the scaley lizard or the alligator, crocodile, ect.
    nice observation though

  • capi

    I am glad to see that this bag is made with imported dyed calf hair with suede and leather trim and not of the fur of another animal. If the bag were made from the fur of the leopard I would be really shocked, considering this animal is illegally hunted mainly for its fur, putting some of its species on the endangered list. As for the leather, i have yet to hear of anyone hunting cows for their skin but hey, i could be wrong… the bag itself, i would lose the bow for sure.

  • It must be ugly purse week here at purse blog.

  • pinkmink

    i think its cute, i got the one pictured myself. i also want the flats. i agree its pretty over the top but i like it that way. and i do think its easy to end up looking like a disaster with this one.

  • Zippy

    What an absoulutely incredible piece of poor taste. Coach appears to have slid down a few notches with this one. The designer needs a refresher course or two…

  • Miss Clairol

    Delusions of grandeur, anyone? Crap, a Dior is cheaper than Coach’s abomination! And classier, too.

  • stripedpenguin

    Take off the bejeweled bow on the right and it’s ok.

  • Cierra

    The fur is dyed calf hair, the same animal that is used to make all those leather purses.

  • Elyssa

    I know that this website is all in a matter of opinions so I will say that I think this purse is SHARP! I feel red paired with most animal prints(depending on the coloring of the animal print) is usually a winner. I personally love the touch of the velvet bow, although I can understand why some may not like it. I think it’s important to wear this bag with simple clothes though..I.E. no beads, ruffles, etc. just simple colors with timeless shapes

  • AndreaLee

    I love that purse! The trick is to wear it well and not try and put it with the wrong thing. But I think it’s fun, shows a lot of personality and daring, and I like the bow. I’m also a big fan of Longchamp (pliages and patterns), Lancel and Gucci (again – due to their patterns),and there was one green Chanel bag last year that I loved. But I think appreciating these thingst has to do with being daring and enjoying it. How can you think it’s any worse than the Choach bags trimmed in mink? But the price was a bit crazy for what it is – so I’ll probably get it off of ebay.

  • Michiko

    I’m from Tokyo, where handbags are very popular. Everyone wants a designer bag. I have the larger version of this purse, and I love it! It is popular in Japan. I wear very simple, tailored jacket with it- nothing fancy and the bag looks very nice when put together with a nice clothes.
    I agree that it is daring, and not everyone can “pull it off”. It’s a bold and very showy purse. It has lots of personality and It takes a fun, dynamic individual to show it well. I hope I do ok, I get lots of compliments on it and think it’s very unique! The sweater is scary to me though…

  • Celia

    I found this purse in the bigger version at a Coach store back in September and fell in love with it. I absolutely had to have it! Apparently others felt the same b/c it flew out the door as quickly as it came in. It is so much prettier and classier in person. The flats are adorable, also. Those I did not get, however…if I can still find them, I might. :)

  • mia

    I’m looking for this handbag! Anyone willing to give it up? Or know of anyone willing to sell it to me? Let me know

  • J0

    I LOVE THIS BAG!. It screems fun and sassy, and is the perfect Holiday “over the top” bag. I have it and the pumps to match. I pair it with simple, elegant pieces and if I am feeling really spunky, a really good pair of jeans and great blouse (solid color of course) ;)

  • TerriLynn

    I have been looking for a cute leopard bag because it is my school’s mascot… and even teachers want to be stylish. Animal prints are in and of themselves a bit “over the top” by definition. Usually I gravitate toward a solid color leather Coach bag for its classic style, but I thought this one was cute. I also considering the one with purple/lavendar trim which I saw paired with a simple black dress on New Year’s Eve.


    Its Ab Fab and perfect for my over the top shows. Shame its not ocelot that die of a heart attack or other natural causes.
    The matching shoes are unbelivable also AB FAB

  • Veronica_Sawyer

    Not a fan. The bows do nothing for this bag. (ipad)

  • Naggy

    This is so mismatchy and boring. (ipad)

  • KY

    Not my cup of tea. (ipad)