Coach Signature Stripe Shearling Tote

Sorry Coach, I am not laughing in your face… wait, wait, come to think of it, I am. Is this bag for real? The Coach Signature Stripe Shearling Tote is trying way too hard to intertwine winter style with leather, shearling, and signature C’s in this atrocity. Somewhat reminds me of the UGG Australia Patchwork Classic Boots which I ragged on, but hindsight it is a much better option than this shearling trim fug bag. There is a dog leash closure to sum up the extent of bad accessories placed on bad handbag. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of everyday Coach handbags. But this one is rotten. Measuring 14 (L) x 10 1/2 (H) x 4 1/4 (W), buy it for $358 too much via Coach.

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  • crystelle

    ugh… i’ve never liked coach anyway, but this is the ugliest bag i’ve ever seen.

    • Mary

      I love this bag!! I saw a woman in the mall with one yesterday and I have to have one!
      I have been looking all over the internet for one. Can’t be that ugly they are all sold out!!

  • dawn

    This bag is just another horrible Coach handbag. They release WAY too many bags which, in my opinion, only cheapens their appeal. This bag is another example of how they don’t waste a single scrap of fabric. My thought is that they use the cut offs to create the patchwork bags and bag like this one. The new holiday patchwork is horrible too. I stopped being a Coach carrier when the manufacturing left the U.S. in search of super cheap labor.

  • Lauren

    I like this bag, i think its ok, but i like the smaller one for sure!

  • Purse Lover

    Coach – this bag is awesome. What a great winter purse. I have it- along with many others and I can not begin to tell you how many people love it. It is an eye catcher. These people who don’t like it, must be afraid to show a little style. Yes – we all carry the everyday coach – but let’s have some fun and that is what this is. Obviously these people who don’t like this style must not change there purses around to often. Anyone who does not like this purse must be a stick in the mud.

  • Coach Whore

    I LUV THIS BAG!!! i bought this one and the white one! i have to agree fully with purse lover, every one can carry the everyday coach purse, but it takes true purse lover to see how hott this purse is!!!

  • Chanel Elrod

    i love coach i have a pair of shoes two wallets and six purses i have one small one two meduim sized ones and three really big ones. but this is the uglies one i have seen. ewwww :(

  • alexis

    i luv coach

  • hi

  • anyone

  • heath

    But the leather is oh-so soft and comforting!! A great winter bag for cold weather. Besides I only paid $286, when it was new in stores.

  • purse addict

    I really am not a fan of Coach but I LOVE this bag. I carry it and get complimented EVERY time!

  • coachgurl

    I really LOVE coach purses, this one is just ok though :!:

  • Milly Anderson

    I think all Coach bags are fugly.

  • Heidi

    Everyone knows not every purse is for everyone. I think this bag is great!! It’s different, stylish and unique! I could see how it get’s alot of compliments.

    I have seen ugly bags this is not one of them.

  • kiki

    Nice winter tote. I like funtote much better for spring and summer.

  • $hEy

    This Coach bag looks like it would keep warm in Aspen or something. It actually has the same material as my Uggz bootz.

  • $hyla

    This Coach bag looks like it would keep U warm in like Aspen or something. I think it has the same material as my Uggz Bootz.

  • Elizabeth

    i hate this bag it is the ugliest i have ever seen :!:

  • jay

    that bag is so ugly :!:

  • MsRebecca

    Does this bag fold out into a pair of snow boots, a winter coat perhaps..
    nuh uh.. me no like..

  • Tracey

    I just saw this bag at TJ MAXX and I am going to get it. I agree a person with style realizes how fun and fresh this is. I love the bag. It will look great with my Ugg Boots.

  • Shagun

    I usually like Coach but this bag is just wrong. Looks like an eskimo threw up on a beach bag. gross! sorry!!

  • jennifer

    I found this bag at Filen Basement, but I wait too long, other than ebay, what kind you buy it , i so it real for fake? reply to comment by tracy 9/14/2007.

  • Ashley

    im sorry but you people who dont like this bag must be INSANE! it is the cutest bag i have ever seen. I have it and every single time i wear it i get tons of compliments on you people must be nuts

  • monica

    terrible!!! I hate this bag

  • lalalisa

    you have no style monica thats why

  • lauren

    i have the little wrislet and it is so cute it was so fucking expensive though it was almost $300 dolors the big one is almost $1,000

  • Teri

    I just bought this bag and love it!!! It is different than the rest and it’s nice to have what everyone else doesn’t! =)

  • Veronica_Sawyer

    I love Coach. However not this bag. (ipad)

  • Naggy

    The design has been lost with this one. (ipad)

  • Jelita78

    sorry MEGS,
    tend to diagree with u on this.
    i actually like it..
    but i think i’ll love it more if the signature canvas placement a little bit on top most or bottom most.. just not proportional in this look.. (ipad)

  • Danyelle

    Now, I’m usually the first to bag on COACH…esp. outlet style POPPY with all that whore paint color combo crap…but there is something kinda “cute” about this one. It has some potential, although I respect your opinion…having lived in ALASKA for 3 years—shearling is where it is at! I’m going to look around the online auctions for it because like I said, it is kinda “cute”…but I won’t be trumping big bids for it. TFS!