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  • Christofle

    Were they going for flea market chic? These bags are horrifying.

    • joele keilso

      No, Soccer Mom chic. Did you know? 99% of Coach fans are indeed soccer moms. After all, their entire facebook page is flooded with angry moms picking and b****ing about every one of Coach’s designs. So much that the person(s) responsible for running the page had to personally tell them to grow the F up! It’s hilarious.

      • stupid is as stupid does

        Stupid people who have nothing else to do but throw insults in a purse blog.

      • joele keilso

        And women do not belong on the internets. THEY BELONG IN THE KITCHEN.

  • Celin-a K

    The only thing I want is the t-rex bag charm…

    • TexasST

      Me too! I love it!!

    • joele keilso

      Are you willing to spend over $300 on this charm?

      • what do you care?

        Again……very concerned about others. How sad.

      • joele keilso

        Look who’s talking. LOL.

  • Karisma

    Horrifying is a bit harsh, but very accurate. Yuk!!!

  • Sara

    I haven’t been inspired by Coach for years and years but strangely enough some of the bags in this collection have made me look twice. I don’t know if it is good or bad yet but it’s got my attention.

    • joele keilso

      I bet the price tags are going to be attention-grabbing, as well. Heard most of these cost up to $1000 per bag. Surely, you wouldn’t spend that much on a Made-In-China Coach bag, are you?

      • Sara

        Nope. The absolute most I would pay for a Coach bag is 500. And I have really really love it.

      • joele keilso

        Thing is, 99% of Coach bags end up at the stinkin’ outlet anyway, where you can get the bags for more than 50%-75% the retail price + whatever discount they’re having that day. It’s totally not worth spending full prices on Coach bags anymore.

      • Sara

        That always annoys the living daylight out of me. The whole ‘outlet’ idea is cheapening on so many levels.

      • you are out of touch

        Oh wonderful!!! Out of touch as well. JOY! Read up on the bags sold at Outlet stores. Try to keep up ok?

      • joele keilso

        Get a life, go back into the kitchen, and stay in there.

      • you are mean

        Surely you couldn’t possible care what people spend THEIR money on. You must have something else to do than worry about that……right?…..maybe not.

      • joele keilso


  • Gloria

    Anybody thinks the crossbody looks identical to Mansur Gavriel’s? And the flap bag… I don’t know where to start…

    • Esther Kapteyn Senior

      I like the 27 also

    • natasha

      Uhmm maybe if you looked at some vintage Coach bags from the 80s and 90s, they had the same design as those cross bodies. Maybe Mansur Gavriel copied Coach huh. Or do some research before making uneducated statements.

      • joele keilso

        Sorry Natty, Gloria just crawled out of her rock so she isn’t familiar with vintage Coach, unfortunately.

      • I’m in high school

        Got Natty being Catty too. When is first hour??????

      • joele keilso

        Maybe you should go back to doing your homework…. And making me a sandwich.

  • pinkngreenpurse

    Waiting on #27 within the spring collection……We’ve collected quite a few Spring 2016 pics on the Coach forum as well…..We need a post regarding Spring 2016 as well.

  • Johanne

    This bags are very beautiful! I love the one that looks like a Ted Harrison painting on calfhair. I think that model is probably my favourite. It’s very Waspy Canadian mom, very Roots.

    • joele keilso

      So what does a “waspy Canadian mom” do in her spare tine? Make sandwiches in her 1950-style kitchen, catches wasps in a bottle and use them as pets, and wear hippy clothing and oversized glasses while driving a VW van from the 1960s?

  • FashionableLena

    Bag 27 reminds of a Tory Burch bag that I saw at Neiman Marcus just last week. I think that it was even featured here on PurseBlog.
    I like numbers 3, 4, and 8 but not enough to spend my money.

  • Nor Kam

    Some of the bags look very old lady-ish…

    • joele keilso

      Says the lady with the Chanel bag.

      • I’m having fun!!

        Is joele jeaowous because she cannot affowd a Chanel bag?????

      • good night

        Thank you so much for getting me through a boring meeting. You’re a bitch. Have a nice night!!

      • joele keilso

        Yes, I’m so jealous because I can spell proper English language and you cannot. How about you take your Coach money, and go back to school and re-take those English classes. I’m so sorry to hear you got an F- in English. LOL.

  • Immodest Goddess


    • Daisy Fields

      That’s so funny.

    • Jen

      I LOVE Simon!! In other news, I like the plain totes in photos 18 and 21. The charms have to go, but all in all at least they are making an attempt to do something fresh.

      • Immodest Goddess

        I agree. I’ve liked their general direction – I found them boring for years but found some of their new designs lovely. These however…

      • joele keilso

        So you like boring, plain, grandma bags? You have no taste.

      • me1we

        You have no manners.

      • joele keilso

        And you didn’t make me a sandwich.

  • Jess

    hilarious immodest goddess… i dont know why but i’d rather spend my money on other designers. i just dont rate coach. great bags, not so fond of the label.

  • Sparky

    Rather than being “Coach” and retaining heritage, they seem to be scrambling to copy everyone else.
    Sad really.

    • joele keilso

      No Shiz, they are a contemporary brand. Contemporaries are famous for one thing only – copying.

      • Ping Yan

        These are from Coach 1941 collection. You’d better to visit boutique store and check them out, The Rogue bag is Coach original design, it’s not copying anyone. Tea rose applique is also Coach signature design which is gorgeous. Stop hating something without knowing it. the recent coach design is much different than you know from 2000s.

  • anon

    Do you know if we can buy the T-Rex charm separately?

    • kemilia

      This! I hope it is sold separately too–LOVE this charm. The bags themselves do nothing for me :(

    • joele keilso

      Hi Anon, yes you can buy it separately. It costs $300+.

  • Finem Lauda


    • joele keilso

      I hope you have $300 lying around somewhere.

      • like you’re on repeat

        Yes Joele……everyone knows it’s 300.00.

      • joele keilso

        I didn’t know you had the inside scoop of Coach’s unreleased garbage. Did you give a blowjob to the CEO and he told you that? LOL.

  • Anna Dinh Nguyen

    I agree that the T-Rex charms are awesome. The bags do look kind of old fashioned.

    • joele keilso

      Who are you agreeing with, exactly?

  • mary

    all hail stuart ververs!

  • Sugarplum

    OMG!!! This collection is stellar. There is not one that I don’t like. They are all absolutely stunning.

  • Amunet

    What happened to Coach?!

    • joele keilso

      First you soccer moms want Coach to go back to their boring, plain leather bags of 1941, now you are whining about this collection now? Get over it.

  • lavinia

    I’m sorry the lack of taste it’s soooo huge here. I save n.4, n.8 which not shine for fantasy (already seen). Couch can do so much better!

  • Jen

    “Hey what should we do with all this leather liability??”
    “Just sew it all together!”

  • elizahill

    There is SO much in here that I’m loving!! Guess Coach must be for the weirdos now, haha. I’m so over the fuddyduddy.

    • joele keilso

      No, Coach is for women with no taste. Haha?

      • me


      • joele keilso

        Where is my sandwich?

      • Joele STFU

        No ones making you a fucking sandwich.
        So stop wasting your time/ my time weeding out your irrelevant comments
        shut the fuck up.

  • Suzanne

    Aaaand I continue to hate virtually everything that Stuart Vevers has done. They’re certainly going for something. It unfortunately looks increasingly like Fossil, but I guess it’s something.

  • klynneann

    Looks like I’m in the minority, but I love at least half of these bags!

  • Vicky

    Aside from all the crazy patchwork, I think this collection has a really strong foundation to build on. I like it.

  • Jeannie Shmina Greenwald

    Color me amazed by the collection and excited as there are some interesting satchels in the mix. I think the details are stunning.

  • PKW

    Wow, I am truly in love with some of these – I am a sucker for the leather/chain strap and they really have some new and fun designs!

  • LC

    umm the patterns are hideous!! whats wrong with basic leather now?

    • joele keilso

      What’s wrong with patterns?

  • Arthur

    Such a great assortment!

  • Alex

    Maybe I’m in the minority here, but I love (almost) all of it! The dinosaur charm definitely has to be mine. I have every SA in the Phoenix area on the hunt for one!

    • joele keilso

      It costs as much as those purses. Have fun!

      • get a life please

        It’s like you’re obsessed.

      • joele keilso

        And you need to get a life, as your name implies. :)

      • everyonehatesjoele

        fucking joele….

  • Laurie

    Can’t wait for the floral appliqué bag to be available

  • I like Coach, but these bags are hideous.

  • Iris Lamb

    I really like this collection. Not so fond of the snarkiness in the comments though. Last I checked, everybody is still entitled to their own opinion, without having to defend this opinion to someone else. Name calling is childish and inappropriate.

  • Sofia Papastamelos

    I am not sure why there are so many haters of these bags. I think that some of the color options are not very tasteful but the majority are very beautiful, functional bags at a reasonable price. I recently purchased the white floral bag in the last photo and it’s gorgeous. The leather is so buttery soft and each of the flowers are hand painted and assembled. All about the purse charms! On top of that I got a monogrammed tag for free and complimentary purse cleaning services. This bag is dare I say nicer and higher quality than some of my higher end bags.

  • ?? ?

    picture 12 probably inspired by Salvatore Ferragamo fiamma

  • cindy

    hi i wanna know the name of the model purse in the pic number 6 and the cost please!! and if i can find it in the official page because im been there and i can’t find it!!!!!

  • Shara Sagraves

    It’s nice to see some change. Your bags were getting boring! Good job!