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In my experience, most people other adore Coach Poppy Handbags or they hate them, there’s not much of an in-between. And that’s true of most lines that really go for it when it comes to having a point of view – the more personality a bag has, the wider the gulf between the lovers and the haters becomes. With their bright, in-your-face, pink-and-sparkly persona, the Poppy bags were about as divisive as it gets. They were also less expensive than other Coach bags and positioned to appeal to a younger customer, which clearly worried some lifetime Coach devotees.

It looks as though the brand might be trying to establish a little bit of middle ground with the new Coach Poppy Pushlock Collection. (Not to be confused with Mulberry’s similarly named Polly Pushlock bags.) These monotone leather designs are still something of a steal compared to average Coach pricing, but the feel is a bit more chic and upmarket without losing the line’s youthful appeal. More photos of the line and prices after the jump, or you can shop the line via

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  • Ellz

    I think the chains make them look cheap…but I do like number 5 and I’m not a Coach girl.

  • Babs

    I’ve seen these…the push locks are cheap not at all what I expected on a “designer” brand.

  • mandy

    I saw these in person the other day and was pleasantly surprised for them being the Poppy line. I’ve been disappointed in Coach for the past few years. I like the satchel and larger tote. The reddish-pink color is bright but pretty.

  • Ashleyg

    Unfortunately I’m not a Coach girl either- even though I’ve tried to be so many times. I just hate the way their leather feels. I haven’t been able to find anything from them that I’d value past the first few months.

  • Lulugurl

    they are not doing it for me, they have almost become too boring….and i am not a fan of the chains they make the bags heavier.. :\

  • susan

    I am a Coach girl but only leather and never Poppy. I went into the store the other day and tried on the Poppy cross body bag (it also can be worn on your shoulder top picture) in Ash (grey) the leather is waxed Italian and the push locks are easily opened with one hand. I loved this bag I bought it and I have had nothing but compliments on it. I now plan to get the satchel. I like the feel of the leather and the fact that Coach made a trendy bag that was worth the money. I would recommend it to anyone. In less you have seen it in person sometimes you just can’t tell. I was not impressed till I saw it for myself. Pictures do not do the color or the purse justice.

  • Jessie

    i LOVE her necklace, the clover leave necklace…

  • Lulu

    I just…cant swallow it. lol.

  • Syaz

    These look like they don’t photograph well

  • sosti

    I”m not a coach girl at all, but i kinda like some of these bags. Not a big fan of the chains either, but i don’t think it’s too overdone with these bags. I have to see them in person though, bc sometimes the hardware is too much IRL.

  • Annalisa

    I have to say, I’m pleasantly surprised. I’m not usually (ever) a fan of Coach Poppy. Even though I am 26 and that’s not terribly old, I feel like I am already too mature for the Poppy line. Everything has sequins and disco balls and hot pink, and it seems like it’s either meant for spoiled junior high girls or someone’s crazy grandma to take to the bingo hall or casino gambling…basically, not at all understated. Most of the Poppy bags look, to me, like a Coach bag got jiggy with a Betsey Johnson Betseyville, and Coach Poppy was its resulting bastard child.

    This bag, though, is really refreshing! For one thing, it doesn’t say “Coach Poppy,” in metallic print, all over it! I really am liking the black satchel in the fifth photo. Who knows, maybe I could be a convert? If they keep up this style sensibility, I just might be!

  • c michelle

    I love the new Coach Poppy line. The colors are young and hip and refreshing. I like to see that Coach is starting to revamp its brand to target younger consumers. I am a young Coach fan myself. Check out my site at


    love the necklace.and like the bag of number 3.

  • Flajf0665

    I received a poppy leather pocketbook in Feb 2012.  I read the information that came with the pocketbook and no where did it mention that this is a sensitive leather.  There are now marks on it from denim which cannot be removed.  It sad that this was an expensive product but it does not hold up and nor does it look like it should.  This one is less than two months old and looks in such bad shape.  I guess the quality of the product has deteriorated. 

    • Dylan

      I know this is an old comment, but 99% of lighter colored bags will get denim marks on them. This is common knowledge, and happens on bags in the $1,000+ range too.

  • sirius max

    I think it geared more towards a much younger audience ( who or who’s parents can afford it ), so definitely has its own niche. I don’t feel it though, they look cheap.