coach ergoBeauty sometimes comes at a nasty price, a heavy price, an uncomfortable price, an ‘I-need-physical-therapy’ price. This is what happens when fashion looks so good but hurts so bad. Take my mom for example. Her Gucci Horsebit Hobo was used for a week in NYC, lots of walking and toting later, her shoulder was hurt. The time when we decide that enough is enough, comfortable light weight bags are a must. Coach jumped the trend early, creating an entire line of ergonomically correct handbags, perfectly named the Coach Ergo Bags. So for the gals who want to keep their posture and look chic, check out some of the beauties Coach has created that are practical for our bodies!

A few of my favorites after the jump!

coach ergo vintage leather large hobo.jpg

coach ergo scarf print hobo

coach ergo leather large tote

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  • emlovr3689

    i think that is such a great idea. i know that after half an hour, i can’t stand carrying my chloe paddington because the lock is so frigging heavy!!! sometimes, i almost regret buying that bad because it’s so heavy…

  • suzannah

    How nice-somebody actually thinks for these people who buy their stuff :)

  • Rafidah

    My favourite shopping bag is my Prada Nylon Hobo and Pocket bags. The handles are quite comfortable especially when I’m carrying a mini umbrella (Lite) and a bottle of water, along with the necessary bits in a woman’s bag :lol:

  • Sylvia

    I’m a huge classic Coach fan, but have been disappointed with their recent lines – too many prints for me!

    But I LOVE this Ergo line and have every intention of purchasing the Hobo bag you’ve pictured here – through I think I’ll go with the medium size. :wink:

    And, regardless of what I just said above – I think the scarf print version is the bomb! A great print for Spring and Summer! :grin:

  • jac

    I was so happy to see Coach re-introduce this line. I received a black medium hobo as a gift about five years ago and it still looks great.

  • LizzyNYC

    :evil: I think Coach sucks because I own the original bag by Neal Decker:
    I purchased this about 4 years ago and love it. Way to go Coach-knocking off the indie designers. Just sayin’. I think it stinks. Great article in the NY Post yesterday re: knockoffs, BTW.

    • chelsea

      :?: are you serious those bags suck. totally disgusting/really ugly.

  • Candace

    I have an ergo wristlet in the black/silver signature print. My husband bought it for me and I first used it at graduation from OSU. It is an awesome wristlet because most of the small ones don’t fit very much…but this one fit my lip gloss, cell phone, credit cards, and even a pen! It’s a great find!

  • Candace

    Also…those neal decker bags look nothing like the Coach ones.

  • Crystal

    I see a resemblance but they are still ugly. Looks like something my grandma would carry because she got it as a gift. But the ergo bags are OH so pretty. Even though the one I want they don’t sell online anymore. Silly ergo patent leather….

  • sabrina

    Coach sucks and no one with an ounce of style would own onw, look who wears them! ewwww. :twisted:

  • Saoirse

    Wow!! Amazing collection…Coach is my favorite store… I like to visit this store through couponalbum… Love it…

  • Courtney


    I got that large Ergo hobo at the Coach outlet the day after Thanksgiving for about $200!! After seeing it on the site I really wanted it, but wasn’t too happy about the price. Mine is even the same color and size as the Vintage Hobo above. I love my purses, and I love a great deal!

  • sophie

    give me a dang coach bag urgggg one that i actually like :twisted: :evil: :mad:

  • coach click

    :cool: hello girls i so argee with the top comment , i have so many ergos , there lite in confort stylish many colors funky and classic every day bag and great to travel with .and i have to leave a comment about neal deacker if u like his syle great .but coach has more class and style then that wal-mart look sorry but thats the truth :mrgreen:

  • Dawn

    Hi, I don’t care what anyone says Coach is the best! I just purchased the Large Ergo Signature Hobo in Black!It is by far the best purse I have ever owned! It is very classy and comfortable to carry and it holds everthing, can’t beat that whenI paid $144.00 at an outlet and the regular price is $ 368.00.I think this is a great everyday bag!I’am proud to carry my Coach bag!!!!!! :grin: :cool: :mrgreen:

  • Dawn

    :cool: I just bought the Ergo Med. Leather Hobo in Camel.All’s I can say is Love it! It is a beautiful purse, and great for everyday! The leather is gorgeous and as the bag ages it gets even better! I would recommend this bag to anyone, the style # is 10740. I only pd.$87.99 at an outlet! :lol: :razz:

  • Jennifer

    I’m a huge Coach fan, and amy dying to find the green leather bag shown above. A friend had one, but it’s a mess as she used it for a baby bag. I’ve looked on EBay, with no luck. Any suggestions???

  • Bettyblu

    I have several Neal Decker bags and must say they are timeless and chic. Also, they are made in the U.S.A. I will avoid made in China Coach bags at all costs.

  • MOM69

    I just bought the new Ergo Pleated Med. Hobo in khaki/ platinum! It is a great everyday bag! Got it at an outlet in Tilton,NH. for $125.55., not bad considering they cost 298.00 retail. This is by far my favorite bag, its the perfect size and is very classy!!

  • prettyprettybutterfly

    Hubby bought me an ergo last year for Christmas and i just bought my second. I love Coach and love my Carly but after a while even it gets me a little achy. That never happens with my ergo. I will love them forever and ever and ever.

  • cyndy

    I bought a coach bleecker ( paid over $400 incl S&H). It was a beautiful deep red. After about 2 months, it turned orange and the leather showed ugly streaks from the inferior leather used, despite my attempts at maintaining it with mink oil polish and such.. It is ugly now and I hate it!!! Coach should be ashamed to put their logo on a product like this. I also ordered shoes from them – the sneaker started to break apart after a month; the flats I returned (it fitted badly, had not arch support, and looked like a warehouse liquidation merchandise). Customer service really sucked. They did not give a damn; they got my money.I will never, never, never, never buy another coach product. I swear to God.

  • liz

    To me “coach” means second class. These bags are a totally worthless, over-priced, made-in-china, non-status symbol. I laugh at women who carry them. If you want a real bag, go with genuine Italian leather. . . or maybe work on your personality instead of letting it be defined by your f’ing purse.

    • Erin

      To Liz…
      Maybe you should re-consider laughing at anyone simply because of the brand of her handbag. You never know when someone might be lauging at you because of something you are wearing or carrying. Ever heard the expression “to each his/her own”?If you dislike Coach, then simply avoid it. Easy. You might also want to check your facts before you say anything about where a bag is made. Here’s some info for you: not all Coach bags are manufactured in China. The creed patch on the inside of the bag states where each one was made. I’m not an all-out Coach fanatic and yet I know that. I also know that a lot of the couture brands have factories in China too, and that the bulk of the manufacturing is done there, with only the finishing touches done in Italy or France. Read up on fashion if you want to be opinionated about it and hold your own in a discussion, chick. And take your own advice, sweetheart, and work on YOUR personality, if you would be so snobbish and mean-spirited as to laugh at someone over an accessory!

  • Mam


  • julee

    coach isn’t what it used to be maybe because of the FACTORY OUTLET stores. Awful.
    The customers are abusive and throw temper tantrums to get away with EVERYTHING. Even returning purses they are using!!!
    The managers let customers walk all over the employees.

    Coach has lost it’s classiness, imo. It’s 15 minutes of fame is soo over.

  • steve jenkins

    You women are empty-headed, vapid and materialistic. The fact that you can all sit here and speak so casually about spending hundreds of dollars on a purse is a testament to the over-indulged. Next time you feel like spending 478.00 dollars for a purse go to a local homeless shelter, free clinic, or house for abused women and spend it there instead. It will give you something more worthy to discuss.

    • Alley B

      What if we already do that ? I’m not allowed to go on eBay and buy a purse I like? Just like my bras. I spent $48.00 on a (one) VS bra, 4 years ago, I still wear it. I have 8 VS bras, some 4 years old. A very good friend will spend $16.99 on one playtex bra probably 4 or 5 times a year… And buys 3 bras at a time. You get what you pay for. She has used 4 purses in one year, at a cost of $25.00 a purse. I bought mine on eBay for $55.00, 2 years ago. Who wins? Because I buy a quality product (I.e. I get what I pay for) I spend LESS money and have the ability to donate to a homeless shelter. I have the extra disposable income to HELP others because I don’t go buy cheap shit that wears out and breaks quickly. Just like, I don’t buy used cars. I buy brand new cars, drive them till they can’t be driven and then move on. A friend bought a used SUV and has put THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of $$$ fixing it. She could have bought my car and still had $$$ left over. Some of us chose to buy wiser, which has helped me donate money and spend time helping less fortunate people. I am by no means rich or have a shit ton of disposable income. I just chose to spend wisely and when I can use extra $$ to help less fortunate people.

      So, shame on you.

  • enjoygames
  • Erin

    To Steve Jenkins,
    Its none of your business how any of the women here choose to spend their money. You are entitled to your opinion, I suppose, but so are they. Women happen to like handbags—so get over yourself, and get off your high-horse. Just because we sometimes spend a bit of money on purses doesn’t mean we’re empty-headed or vapid (I, for one, most certainly am NOT!) And as for being materialistic, everyone has that particular quality to some degree, unless you, sir, happen to be either a monk or a hermit! (What have YOU spent a few hundred or a few thousand dollars on lately that wasn’t a vital purchase? If you say that there hasn’t been anything, you’re lying.) And as for being overindulged: everyone treats themselves occasionally by splurging. Very few people can do that every day, so let these women have their fun. You buy things that you enjoy, don’t you? By the way…NO ONE invited YOU to this discussion…if you don’t want to discuss or read about purses, then GET OUT OF THE PURSE BLOG! Now I’m done with you…you are dismissed.

  • Sarah

    I wouldn’t carry a Coach bag if you gave it to me!! This is a company that uses real fur on some of their items. To kill an animal for the sake of fashion is disgusting, and all those who buy Coach support this!! You should boycott them until they stop!! Don’t know what the fascination is’s all overprised Crap!! These so-called designers are laughing all the way to the bank…people need to wake-up and smell the coffee!! Be different…stop wanting to be a bunch of Posh Spice wanna-b’s!!

  • Naggy

    I love turnlocks. (ipad)