It’s hard to think of an American accessories brand with as devoted a following as Coach; in fact, the New York-based leathergoods giant might not have any domestic competition in the “ardent fandom” department. Those of you who consider yourself a part of that very large group will be excited to check out the new Coach Chelsea Collection, which features totes, satchels and shoulder bags in a variety of leathers and fabrics. Several more pictures, after the jump.

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Check out the entire collection at Prices range from $178 to $1000.

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  • gretchen

    the pics are not working =/

    • Fixed, apologies for the issues.

    • The Internet has been running circles around us today.

  • Lulugurl

    i really like the flagship bag, but i don’t know i have a problem paying 800$ for a coach bag. otherwise great collection!

  • Abbi

    the last one looks like a Givenchy bag :/ not impressed

  • jb

    the middle 2 look too much like a copy attempt of chanel, can’t coach be a bit more creative

  • gpc

    These are not bad looking at all – in pictures, but it seems like every time I try to give Coach a chance, their quality just disappoints IRL. Lastly, I can’t say it enough, the biggest obstacle for me is that they are made in China. Enough said…

    • bambissimo

      ditto. the “made in china” tag is the biggest turn-off.

  • Ashleyg

    These look better to me than some of the most recent past collections but, le sigh, I just can’t get down with Coach. The quality is just not what it used to be and the cost is only reasonable if you truly get your money’s worth- which I haven’t with Coach :(

  • Cynthia

    The bags are GORGEOUS! I’m really loving the “curry” shade. It may be a fall-ish shade, but it works well with summer whites, too!

  • Karen

    coach’s leather collection is incredible, especially their men collection>>love it

  • Cathy Fitz

    I’m really liking those leather flaps.

    The flagship is interesting, but not $800.

  • pixiegirl

    Coach is definitely getting better styles of bags. I’m excited to see the F/W season to come out. I used to be a big coach fan and I feel out of love of them a while back this is the first time I’ve seriously enjoyed looking at what they have to offer in years.

    I’m not a big fan of the flagship style or price, I just don’t like bags that have the weird covered tube look on the top for a lack of a better description.

    I like the Chanel look a like, I hope they come out with a black I’ll happily snap that up I might consider the metallic one.

    I feel like the emerson is a cross between the givenchy nightingale shape wise and a hermes birken with the turn lock up. I will definitely have to check this one out because it shows that it can be worn cross-body on their website.

    I’m glad to see a big return of the turn lock I love it!

  • mochababe73

    I love the flap bags and would take one in either color.
    I am a little confused as to why they are charging $800 for a bag. It seems a bit un-Coach-esque. As much as I love a good Coach bag, this is a bit much for me. But, I bet that Eva Longoria will be carrying it soon enough. She seems to like the brand.

  • rose60610

    The Chelsea bags look sturdy. The old Coach bags wear like iron, and the old brass hardware looked rich. I hope the current Coach bags hold up as well as the old ones.

  • Earmuffs

    I’m a bit annoyed at people saying how the chain bag looks like chanel. The chanel flap bags are such a standard look now that you can’t say every bag that has a flap and chained straps “look like chanel”. In that case, rebecca minkoff, marc jacobs (especially marc jacobs with the quilted bags), and many more designers are also culprits of “copying chanel”.

    On the brighter note, I would really like the first bag in the pictures if it used better looking chains (i hate the perfect circles) and lose the bow ties on the sides of the bag.

  • Amy

    Coach bags are tricky – they photograph so well but I just don’t like them in person. I thought I loved their Spring line until I saw them IRL and they just seemed… synthetic? I bought my first Coach 20 years ago and the leather was AMAZING… even 10 years ago it was better… bring it back, Coach, please bring it back!

  • mia

    Wow – I am loving this collection. I used to love Coach in high school – but then they fell through this…. weird slump where their designs just looked either too young or too long and cheap but now, they’re climbing back up!!! Love the leather flaps.

  • Chiyong

    They all seem a bit derivative to me. The first one looks like a Miu Miu hobo bag, especially the colors of their past season. While it’s half the price, if you can afford to blow $800 on a bag, why not spend $1600 to get the original? The second is the generic rectangular flap clutch, which I can’t really fault them for as everyone does it. The third one looks like the YSL Downtown tote.

    I get that Coach takes popular designs and makes them mainstream, but considering how much more original Reed Krakoff’s lines are, I want more. There are certain styles that it seems all designers will do, which I get, they’re classic shapes; however, I saw the first and third and immediately recognized them as someone else’s. While I do like some of the combinations, I appreciate originality and would rather purchase something that isn’t obviously inspired by another work and won’t be carried by thousands of other people.

  • muggles

    I love the flagship dowel flap! I drove 300 miles to get mine!!!

  • Ame

    I’m sorry but there is no damn way I will spend more than $350 on a Coach, ever. I love a few of these bags but for that price point, pass.

  • 19yearslater

    I am not in the camp of Chanel owns the flap bag, so I like these new Coach offerings.

  • susan

    I think Coach has done a great job with the fall offers. We can only have so many designers designing bags before we run out of new ways to do a bag I like them and we will carry one of the Chelsea pieces proudly

  • mar

    “Those of you who consider yourself a part of that very large group ” …
    as clearly the author of this article does not.
    shesh you write it like it’s a disease this “group” lol

  • Olivia J

    Well, I’ve been really disappointed in Coach lately, but I’m happy to report I would purchase the flagship bag.

  • Tristan Santos

    I came close to buying a coach messenger, i thought it was made here in the States but i discovered it is manufactured in China it totally put me off, a total turn-off. Fake coach are made in china, authentic coach is made in china, what is the difference?

  • TFlan

    It’s 2013 & I still love Chelsea bags. I wish I’d gotten one back then.