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We all know that I’m not exactly the kind of girl who’s happy with a closet full of black, tan and chocolate brown bags. I need variety! I need color! I need chartreuse and coral, if possible! Not to mention that a classic shape with a crazy color is just about the freshest thing going in handbags right now. It’s wearable, it’s modern, it’s bold – what’s not to like?

Obviously Coach knows this stuff, so the Coach Classics Collection that everyone was excited about last month has gotten its second wind, this time with fun new colors like lime green, watermelon pink and ivory. (I don’t have a cute fruit description for ivory, so just go with it.) I’m going to continue to wait for the small crossbody to come in colors that aren’t already represented in my bag wardrobe, and if you’d like to find out if you’ll be doing the same, check out the new options after the jump. You can pick up these bags via

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  • Mode Uncover

    My favorite is lime green! So cute!

    • It’s my favorite too! I wish they had done the crossbody in that color. But I already have lime and coral bags, so I really need them to do a cobalt blue or something before I can buy one.

      • Amy

        You read my mind… I was thinking that if only they had a long strap/crossbody I might have to go buy one!

      • Cathy Fitz

        I, too, absolutely agree. I would love the crossbody in that gorgeous lime.

  • rose60610

    Glad to see some classics come back.

  • handbagger75

    How cute is that lime green? I think a few of these will be mine!!

  • Amy

    I like lime green!

  • Mandy

    I love these colors, but I ordered the Field Bag when the Classics were reissued for NAP and immediately returned it. I was beyond disappointed with the leather quality. It was thin, and the construction felt cheap. It is unfortunate, because I was so excited for the reissue. I guess I will have to hunt for some vintage Coach!

  • mochababe73

    I really like the little crossbody bags. After moving to the D.C. metroplex, I realized that I kind of need a little crossbody.

    • Stacy

      Oh wow. You moved from Houston? Congrats! I can only imagine how hectic it is there and the need for the crossbody is a safer choice. Hope you find one you like.

      Now, about the classics…love ’em, but they do need to offer MORE colors for each of the bags.

  • sosti

    i like the colors, but i’m not into the bags.. the crossbody is just “ok” to me, but the others are a no-go. i’m a classic bag girl, but not this classic.. i like a little “something” or a little more than these bags are giving me…

  • MizzJ

    Great looking collection (although the previous comment about quality is a little worrying). That lime green is fabulous and surprisingly versatile, at least for summer!

  • Riry

    I love the green! It reminds me of all-time favorite Balenciaga color: S/S 2010 Light Olive. LOVE.

  • Lynda

    The Coach Classic in Lime Green is definitely my favorite. It’s such a fun color! [:

  • kirsten

    Cute name for ivory : coconut?

    I like these. Surprisingly! Haven’t been into coach for awhile.

  • mimoko

    Wow! I luv this collections! All colours are yummy & I can see my self buying few of them soon. So functional & classic!

  • Mona

    Why isn’t Coach available in Germany? Bummed!

  • Lauren

    Knew the quality wouldn’t be the same. Just looking at them – and they changed the cross-body straps. You can tell. I would bet they aren’t lined in the same leather and the leather isn’t as thick. Good try Coach, but no go. I’ll hang on to my original bag from 20plus years ago.

  • housewivesfan

    I have an original #2, same color, sitting on a top shelf in my closet. I bought it about 15 years ago, and from the picture it looks exactly the same. Having said that, I would be really interested to see the inside given what everyone is saying about the quality.

    • housewivesfan

      Just looked at the original – the straps are totally different. The body of the bag looks the same though.

  • fe quinilitan

    deferently perfect

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    I like these. Surprisingly! Haven’t been into coach for awhile.Thank you for this…

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