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  • ellavanw

    If I were Reed Krakoff I’d be calling my intellectual property lawyers . . .

    • I think Reed Krakoff is still employed by Coach; his contract isn’t up until June of this year and Stuart Vevers, who will take is spot, has not started with the brand yet.

      • becky

        Hey guys, I think Reed actually separated from Coach at the end of August 2013. Stuart Vevers started before they were separated and is already fully enmeshed in reviving Coach. I think alot of these bags, (including the Borough Bag) were done by the interim creative director who was under Reed during the transition (don’t know her name). I agree, though, it still looks like Coach is knocking Reed’s Atlantique off this with one…

      • Very strange, Coach has been exceedingly quiet about all of this. Last I read, Vevers hadn’t yet taken the reigns, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he had and the brand was just mum about it. They’ve been vague about the transition in a way that most brands aren’t.

  • justa9url

    I think Coach has borrowed some key features of Rebecca Minkoff’s MAB… Front flap and tassle anyone?

    • megan

      well rebecca minkoff basically copied that design from the celine nano

      • justa9url

        The structure of this bag is very Celine like, but the details are very Rebecca Minkoff. This one is more like the love child.

  • Julie

    technically we are seeing the end of krakoff and the start of vevers… which is why there is no more legacy collection

    • Catedi

      I’m very disappointed Coach stopped developing the Legacy collection. The leather and linings were a step up. Loved the refreshed shapes and tassel detail.

  • kindled

    Agree about how derivative this is and I really, really don’t like the mixed textures. Maybe if the grain/pebbling was not quite as giant, it could have worked. Definitely not a fan.

  • Est

    I own two and I love them!

  • Pursegirl

    Didnt Coach launch Krakoff in 2010? Not sure you can call it a knockoff….

  • jennifer

    I love the bag.

  • leechiyong

    It looks like a cross between the Atlantique and Inside Out Boxer to me. I hope Reed is getting paid for the use of his design.

  • Ericca Brock

    I like the bag. I prefer bag where the name is not splatter. The test for me is seeing the bag in person and how it feels

  • Vicky

    I love the baby blue color although I’m not so big on the bag when I saw it IRL. I’m still debating whether to get it or not though.

  • klynneann

    Definitely looks more like a Rebecca Minkoff MAB than Reed Krakoff’s Atlantique.

  • Cathy Meadows DiSantis

    All I can say about the new bags is, “Boring…” The Phoebe is marginally interesting and the Caroline/Carrie, both older and new, where very nice. Other than those two, their mostly down-right hideous. I don’t know why they have such short runs for the most popular bags. It must be extremely expensive for Coach to do that. Used to be, you could go into a Coach store and could count on them having the bag you were looking for. They’d have those styles for a few years. They were able to save money doing that and the customer got a high quality bag with full grain leather and real brass details. Now, their production runs cost so much, they have to use 1/2 the leather and fake brass. They’ve even cut out the D rings.

  • sondralee

    I LOVE the Bleecker Mini Riley!!

  • caroline Hollesen

    I love coach I have been buying since I was 18 years old. Coach over the years have lost their way, I am 40 now and if I was 18 again there is no way that I would buy a bag,they are too old looking for this generation. Also Coach was always considered the handbag for real women and what I mean by that is the working women. I am a native New Yorker and when I would ride the subway just about every woman young and old had one. They were known for their leather, durability and affordability. Let’s not forget the way the company made you feel special by putting that registration card on the inside so you could mail it back with your purse’s branded number on it. It was the whole experience that you enjoyed when you bought one they made you feel so special as a woman. Now let’s talk about that affordability ….. Remember when they had that limited edition section on the website and that was the section that you saved for that tax refund but they weren’t mixed in with the everyday purse selection, now the 1,000 dollar bags are mixed in with the 200 hundred dollar bags. I don’t know how we got off track but I am pissed off that MK is spanking our butts in front of everyone at the playground.

  • The Beauty break

    I am so glad to see new things from coach. Previously all the bags were so tacky (in my opinion) with the logo all over them. It is refreshing to see newer designs. The bags seem nicer quality yet still affordable for a designer brand. They have a modern and younger outtake than they used to have, and I think they are going in the right direction.