Marc Jacobs Monica Mink Python Clutch

There are those fools in life that are certain buying an expensive good means it is fashionable. Let me tell you (although as loyal Purse Blog readers you already know!) that is not true! Take this extremely fug bag for example; the Marc Jacobs Monica Mink Python Clutch attempts to combine exotic materials, mink and python, to make stylish handbag. But look for yourself, it is evident that this handbag is far from fabulous, it looks like a mess of a bag. Sure, mink feels like heaven, but in this handbag it looks like hell. The buckle detail adds a knap-sack feel, which is not the hi-ho silver look I am going for when dishing out $3k on ‘luxury’. And this clutch is large, measuring 13″W X 8½”H X 2″D, which means everyone will be able to see it and question your fashion sense. Totally a waste of $2950 at Saks.

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  • I’m not sure I could carry this bag off….I’de need a pretty unusual matching outfit :shock:

  • I agree with Sophia.. this is really glamour needs a chunky bracelet or earring or even daring boots to balance it out :lol:
    texture must be haeven but looks, needs someone with tons confidence to pull it off

  • Don’t like fur bags. Nasty.

  • littlefab

    A big NO for me…

  • I saw this bag and I thought and I thought and I thought and then I realized what it reminded me of! A Tribble!

    Honest to God! Its something out of Star Trek. Go look and tell me we are off the mark.

  • Jordi

    Mink is really soft, and feels like heaven, to be sure.

    This is just hideous, and costs too much for ugly, thanks.

  • Maryann

    Must we kill small, innocent animals (and I mean the pythons, too!) just so we can make ugly (or beautiful, for that matter) things from their skins? And man is that ugly. The seams literally look messy. What is THAT? It’s nearly 3K and we can’t stitch it neatly?

  • melba

    If I dug that out of the $1.99 bin at the thrift store, I’d say hey! this thing is so ugly it is wonderful and take it home with me. It could keep my green naugahyde company.

  • Kendra

    The fur is nice…good winter clutch. (fb)