Marc by Marc Jacobs Lovely Zip Clutch

This past holiday season I gifted many clutches to my friends and relatives. Clutches are the perfect gift to give to just about any girl. Throw a great lipstick in and you have a bag that is ready to be taken out. For many of my friends that are still into the bar scene, I opted for a bag which would look cute and provide perfect usability. My sister received five handbags from me; one of them being the Marc by Marc Jacobs Lovely Zip Clutch which is perfect for happy hour after work. Most of us have been to a bar (I went to one of the largest universities in the country, I know bars very well by now) and have seen the sticky bar tops. Not only have we all seen the dirty bar top, but we have leaned on it, put our elbow in it, spilled on it, heck, even slept face first in it. So between the bar top and the spilled drinks, you never wear your nicest outfit to the bar and you never carry your nicest bag. This Marc Jacobs clutch is perfect for a bar; it is cheap, it is cute, and it will hold the essentials for a night out. I picked rose for my sister, which offers a nice pop of color, and is offset nicely with white topstitching and silver hardware. There is a logo plate detail on the front that breaks up the clutch and a touch of gathering on the leather. I patted myself on the back for this pick, it is perfect for the gal who loves to go to the bars or good for a younger gal who wants to begin a collection. Buy through Saks for $188.

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  • Lily

    Ooh i quite like this one,i mean i am not usually a fan of Marc by Marc Jacobs products if you know what i mean,but this is nice.

  • mette

    Sorry to write this down,but I don´t like these MJ bags. The leather looks awful and so does the stitching.Had I to use the ladies room after a happy hour,I wouldn´t be sorry to`forget´a bag like this by áccident´behind me in the powder room!

    • VANmiracle

      Mette: Can you imagine how a girl feels who just bought proudly this clutch or maybe just got it for christmas as her secrect dream and then read your lines?
      To quote Megs: ” This Marc Jacobs clutch is perfect for a bar; it is cheap, it is cute, and it will hold the essentials for a night out.”
      You get what you pay.

  • mette

    VANmiracle: Hey,this comment of mine is purely my own! Surely there are people that might even find this clutch fabulous. I thought this would be a forum where you can express your thoughts freely.Obviously I was wrong,because someone like you might get hurt.Truly sorry if I spoiled your day. Next time I have to choose my words very carefully,and even then there will surely be those who read between the lines and get hurt-just like you did!

  • iluvmybags

    Sorry – this doesn’t have to do with the MJ clutch shown above. Is there a problem with TPF site? Been trying to get on for the last 2 hrs & I keep getting a Database Error. :???:

    • Roxana

      I can’t see the forum either. it says ‘database error’ :sad:

  • holic

    it’s cute. I like that design…I liked the wallet and the bag versions also.

  • vuittonamour

    good to know i’m not the only one having problems getting into the forum. i get SO frustrated…!

    • Roxana

      wow, I just got back and still no tpf! Hope this won’t turn out like last time with the server updates. LOL, that was hard for a lot of us! :grin:

      • hermeslady

        lol…hopefully not like the last time :???:

  • Donnie

    I do like this purse and the color is nice being subtle.

  • estella149

    I LOVE it! I really like the gathered leather.. and the color is really pretty. Does anyone know the measurements?

    • MBMJfan

      I got this as a present about a month or two ago in a beautiful cream with brass-colored hardware! It measures 7 3/4″ by 4″. It actually functions more like a zippered wallet than a clutch, but I can fit my phone and keys inside without it looking bulky (thanks to the gathered leather in the front).

      Hope this helps!

  • estella149

    Oh ya.. and Megs.. just out of curiosity..
    What were the other 4 handbags you chose for your sister?

  • angelchick182

    MJ bags are really hit-or-miss for me, but this is a really cute clutch for a night on the town.

  • jan

    i love this clutch – trying to find it but seems to be sold out and my ever beloved eluxury just sold out…anybody know where it can be had right now???

  • Kendra

    Adore! (fb)