Halston Heritage Susan Cluctches: Metal Mesh, $295 via ShopBop. Watersnake, $195 via ShopBop.

For how small they are, it can be difficult to find a reasonably priced box clutch. I’ve yet to figure out exactly why it is that they seem to be marked up more than their soft counterparts; does the rigid structure cost more money or use more manufacturing time? Do brands simply know that consumers are willing to pay a little more for a bag that they perceive as more formal? I’m guessing that it’s some combination of the two, which makes the reasonable price tags for the Halston Heritage Susan Box Clutches all the more exciting.

These designs aren’t charting any new fashion territory, but like Diane von Furstenberg’s Lytton Minaudieres, they’re filling an important void in the market – non-formal evening bags at a contemporary price point. You don’t have to wait for a gala to carry these designs, just your next night out, but they’re a slightly more streamlined option than your average clutch. That also means you have to be careful what you pack, but at seven inches wide, these box clutches are bigger in person than you’d expect.

So let’s talk price. I’m a bit of a magpie, as we all know, so I’m naturally drawn to the Halston Heritage Susan Metal Mesh Clutch, which actually appears to be covered in tiny gunmetal pyramid studs on close inspection. It clocks in at $295, which is $100 more than its colorful counterpart, the Halston Heritage Susan Watersnake Clutch, which will only set you back $195 for real snakeskin. These price points may not be totally unheard of, but for this type of product, they’re definitely hard to find. Buy the metal mesh or watersnake versions, both via ShopBop.

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  • LauraJamesJewelry

    Love these cute clutches!

  • LauraJamesJewelry

    Love these cute clutches!

  • rose60610

    These look terrific for evening! Too often I see women (without kids) carrying gargantuan bags to dinner in even expensive restaurants. My husband (who is oblivious to bags) said it looks real stupid. You don’t need everything plus the kitchen sink just to go to dinner. I hope more will take advantage of these nice little clutches that do far more for one’s appearance than a bag that could hide a horse.

  • Charisse

    $300 for the Metal Mesh? Maybe it’s just the model used in the photo but, if you examine it, you tell that the mesh is crooked.

  • Rakhee

    These bags are a extortionate price, there are better and cheaper clutch bags on ebay! http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/270761127558

    • ahot

      @ Rakhee, please this is not a platform to sell your business or whatsoever. If you have nothing relevant to say, please don´t.#justsaying

  • ahot

    I like how they look. i want the black one. Hope there will be more to see in this collection

  • krisanti

    I bought one in watersnake skin and I think it’s gorgeous.