Goldenbleu Tiffany Patent Clutch

Sometimes you have to wonder. What in the name of the good Lord was Eve thinking? First of all, she took her cues from a serpent. They slither and hiss and are NOT to be trusted! But seriously, was one little piece of fruit from an entire garden of lush melons and berries really worth risking the ire of God? And how about Snow White? She has an evil Queen on her ass and she takes free fruit from a strange old hag? Come on, she lived in the middle of nowhere with those dwarves. She should’ve known to be suspicious of door-to-door peddlers when there were no other doors around. But perhaps I’m too harsh. Perhaps that forbidden fruit and that poison-dipped morsel shone with the apple-green exuberance of this Goldenbleu Tiffany Patent Clutch. What mortal woman could resist this luscious green sheen? The leather looks like it might have been burnished by the elbow of an angel, so soft and glossy is its lightly pleated surface. Maybe those fatal fruits were as alluringly curved and plump as this darling clutch with its billowly overstuffed shape. I must be a fool myself, because though in my head I know that this clutch is best suited for glorious days in the sun and saucy nights on the town, my first instinct is to take a big wet bite out of that juicy green. Grab this beauty and resist the urge. $455 at Neiman Marcus.

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  • Naggy

    That green is so luscious; I want to go to an Amazon jungle with this. (ipad)

    • Naggy

      I meant *the* Amazon Jungle, LOL. (ipad)