botkier lolaI’m sorry, you guys must be so sick of clutches by now…but here’s another one. Check out this Botkier Power Ranger – sorry, Botkier Lola Clutch. It’s quite an interesting creature. There’s a little band in the back that you can slip your hand into for easy holding, so you get a kind of glued-to-your-hand effect. The way the model in this picture holds it amuses me greatly. The clutch looks like a boomerang or a giant morphing ring. I don’t know, some sort of alteregoed crime-fighting device. Adding to this effect are the sporty perforated leather, the very blue color, which is actually a very nice blue, and the darker blue accents. These accents are in fact patent leather, but I feel that they would be more appropriate to the clutch if they were made of plastic, and if you could press them down like buttons to summon your robot or communicate with the rest of your team of vigilante cartoon justice. The gold hardware – which, if you look closely enough, actually consists of cute little buckles – also adds to the mighty morphin’ feel of the bag. Now I am not saying this bag is ugly, and I actually think it’s kind of cute and interesting. Still, it recalls too many things that make me giggle and practice karate chops to tempt me to buy. If you would like to nurture the spandex-clad bad-ass inside, this is the bag for you. Get it for $275 at activeendeavors. Be sure to use coupon code “spring” to get 20% off.

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  • howdoesitfitdotcom

    I just bought this clutch in ivory and is much more classy than the blue! It’s buttery soft leather is heavenly!!!!

  • Kendra

    WAAYyy too small. (fb)

  • Naggy

    It’s a little cute. (ipad)