biba patent clutch

Correct me if I am wrong but typically a new designer wants to be noticed by their first bag in a good way. Why on Earth would anyone send out one of its first bags with a huge and hideous oversized B on the front? Welcome to the fug that is the Biba Patent B Clutch. A shade of brown that resembles and infants dirty diaper, this camel patent leather looks fug and the B metal detailing is even worse. Does Biba think they are so big they can do this? You have not proven yourself to be able to fling your initials everywhere, and now I can not even take you seriously. I just do not like this bag, not one bit. If your name starts with a B, at least the clutch will look personalized, but if you ask me the B merely stands for downright “BAD”. Via Neiman Marcus for $550.

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  • EmilyGL

    That bag is hideous, from the color to the B, it’s all terrible! What were they thinking? And why did Neimans buy it?

  • Claudia

    Well I don’t think it’s that bad but I’m not a fan.

  • Alina

    i think this bag is amazing!! it is beautiful!!!!!! i dont know what u r sayin EmilyGL!!!! :roll: i luv this bag!!!!!!!!!!! it is adorable!!!! :grin:

  • karin

    Ilove this bag in white . Of course I would not buy it but my last name intial is B Too fun

  • Sorry, don’t want to disappoint you but BIBA brand IS a BIG brand. They started as a huge department store in 1960s, in 1965 they created their own brand, and a bit later opened their next store. “BIBA look”was a look to die for in 60s. And in 2006 they re-launched the brand, but still keeping signature logo’s, f.e. art deco sign “BIBA” or B letter like on this bag that u hated so much.