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I have not been super impressed with any of the Chloe handbags released as of late. They look the same as all the others, they are ridiculously heavy, and really just not that appealing to the eye. It would be one thing if they looked great and were heavy to lug around, but that is not quite the case. Now Chloe has geared up and is ready for Spring and Summer. With the new season comes new handbags, and Chloe has released the Chloe Maya Bags which come in fresh bursts of color, turquoise and violet. The look on these bags are different than most of the Chloe bags I have seen; sporting a modern vibe with quirky accents and additions. First, we have the turquoise Chloe Maya Large Shoulder Bag which is true to its name, in that its dimensions are ridiculously large (Width 15.5″, Handle Drop 10.5″, Height 15.5″, Depth 6.5″). Chloe leather is known to be thick and heavy and they did not seem to change that for these handbags. There is an adjustable canvas strap across the top and two front zip fastenings. Then we have the Chloe Maya Shoulder Bag which is also very large (meaning also very heavy). This bag sports an east/west style, with a width of 18″, and there is a zipped pocket on the front and open pouch at the back. The east/west version is a tad more expensive than the large version. $1405 via NAP and $1540 via NAP. Overall, I am not wowed. The sizes are enormous and will surely lead to tendinitis, as did the Paddington for many of its wearers, but at least it is a different look!

chloe maya bag1

An aside, if any of this does not make sense or there are huge errors, blame it on my 6 hour jet lag and lack of sleep

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