Chloe Heloise Bag

Chloe is well known for their heavy leather, chunky accessories, and paddlocks but now they would like to break into a new dimension. Braided leather. We all know that Bottega Veneta lives on top of the world with their woven leather, but can Chloe break in at all? The Chloe Heloise Bag features a stunning shade of taupe leather with gold tone hardware and a chunky braided top handle. The shape of the bag is fresh, with a pleated front, tabbed side, and zip top closure. Dimensions are 13″H x 14 4/5″W x 7″D. Via Saks for $1670.

Fab or Drab?

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  • monsoon88

    I like the basic shape of the bag, and, I agree, that the color and leather are superb. I’m not sure that the braiding adds anything to the look of the handbag, though. Might be a bit OTT for me… Sorry! :neutral:

  • Abby

    Absolutely love it. Must… have… it

  • Dania (fendihunter)

    I agree with monsoon88. The braiding does nothing for the bag, and it’s been done better.

  • Elim

    hi~ i have question regarding this chloe paddington bag

    i didn’t see any version of this in all the chloe selling site, is this a limited audition? or is fake?
    n’ if the seller’s willing to go to the original chloe store to check the auth. w/ me, then it should a real one?
    n’ if this version exist, how much is it in retail store?

    sorrie the question is not related to this post, but i dunno if u’d check the old posts’ comments so i put it here, i think u can give me some professional comments on this, thank you so much!

    • BCNBibi

      The Heloise bag is not a fake.
      I live in the UK and have only seen two in the shops as it is still too early for all the shops to have.
      It is beautiful.
      Works well on or off the shoulder. It will be a classic.
      The Paddington bag has been re-vamped for AW07/08.
      I hope this helps.

  • GuZ

    i love it. it’s absolutly beautiful!!!

  • Otter

    Perhaps it is photo, but the braided handles look like a tangle mess — looks like the work of sailors in basic training practicing knots.

  • Lisa

    i love the vintage look
    i will always love chloe

  • suzannah

    to much-love the colour, vintage style ect-but handle-way to much :!:

  • Monique

    Love it! Don’t love the price though. :???:

  • Alina

    i luv the bag!!!!!! but i agree! the handles r just a tangled mess!!!!! i hav seen much better ones!!!! but the bag itself is amazing!!!!!!! also i dont like the price of it. y do the bags always hav to be so much??????? :neutral:

  • yoanna

    i’m glad you’re covering these heloise bags. i as searching for info on them recently. the red one at bergdorf is divine!

  • Kim

    Oh I LOVE this. You could wear it with everything.

  • Héloise

    I love the rich leather & yum taupe colour – & seeing it shares my name I’m gonna have to get one!

  • Diane

    Love this bag!! I think the braided handle makes it look even better. I want one!!! (Don’t have a Chloe yet!!) :cool:

  • kateholli

    like it, too, especially in the tan colour

  • bagaddict

    love it as well! Saw a replica on wonderfauxhandbags. You can definitely tell the difference between the two.

  • Anna

    :razz: I love, love, love my Heloise bag. I have one in RED.

  • mo

    i have one in tan ,
    The bag is unique, it has a classic look but also it will be really easy to tell the replica from the original, unlike in some other designer bags

  • Sam

    I love this bag, i’ve bought it in black for my 30th birthday present for myself!! It’s beautiful and timeless. Shame i won’t be soon! :cry:

  • MC

    I love it but think the handle should be longer and thicker – the bag looks huge in comparison

  • jusha


  • S.L.

    where can i purchase this? seems to be out of stock everywhere? :cry:

  • madrid dancer

    :idea: Just got the Nordstrom March 2008 accessories catalog and it is shown in prune (actually quite nice), but can order in noir (black) or gazelle (tan) for 1670.

  • Vicki

    Very difficult to find the gazelle (tan). I have it in prune and gazelle, but can’t decide which color to keep! HELP!!

  • Ellie

    I have a cream paddington but i love this the tan colour is amazing and i love the handles and it looks really vintage so i might just have to get one :)

  • madd4bagz

    I have the Heloise in a mustard/golden color. I saw the electric blue one recently but it was not available when I bought the bag this summer in LV. I was told that this color is a hard to find color and that I should keep it instead of swapping for the blue. Has anyone seen the the golden mustard Heloise around?

  • Jennifer

    I have seen the honey one at Neiman Marcus recently. They call it a honey mustard color, not sure if it is the one that you are looking for, but it is a great color!

  • MelissaH

    I love this purse. Where can I find it?? I want it in this color! gorgeous :)

  • Steph

    My boyfriend bought me one in black for Christmas – I have always wanted a Chloe. It is absolutely stunning – a classic! It goes with everything. I will have this bag forever and don’t think it will ever date.

  • ihey

    I love it as well. i have one in red and use it often. the leather is just gorgeous, it gets more beautiful with age.

  • Heather

    I just ran across one on sale at Saks in the metallic. I love it! Can’t wait for it to arrive!!

  • Lieu

    Gawd! I want this bag and I would love it in that tan color also! It looks easy to wear. It would be my perfect everyday bag!!!!

  • rorosity

    Love this bag.

  • Shaz

    I have this bag in prune (or rather did have until one of the straps tore away from the metal hardware yesterday!) Got it one year ago as a 40th birthday present. I totally love the bag, can wear it with nearly everything and am totally gutted! Have sent it back to Harvey Nics and am praying they can get it repaired for me!

  • Hanis

    I have one in Cobalt Bluee!!! Im lovin it!!

  • JoM

    Hey….having just purchased Heloise (the dark chocolate brown chocolate version of which there are only 2 avalaibale in London) after months of trying to find Ethel I have to say that it’s been a blessing in disguise. It is more usuable and looks better and is more practical…and I’ll love it forever (well unril the next best thing that comes out off Chloe…)

  • Daniella

    Does anyone know if this Heloise bag is available anywhere anymore in the color Taupe of Gazelle (tan)? Both are so lovely!! Would love to find them.

  • Daniella

    Does anyone know if this Heloise bag is available anywhere anymore in the color Taupe or Gazelle (tan)? Both are so lovely!! Would love to find them.


    I have been looking all above for all of this material. Thankfully I seen this at Google.

  • missholly1212

    Hi I’m putting an authentic Chloe Heloise bag gold/bronze colour on ebay this week if anyone is interested