Chloe Haley Shoulder Handbag

You are looking at a Philo-free Chloe handbag that isn’t terribly ugly. The leather looks soft, smooshy, molestable, and yet sheeny enough to maintain some glamour even in a basic brown. The chain handle is chic and very now, and the hardware is quirky without being insane. Best of all, unlike a number of the newer Chloe’s, the Chloe Haley Shoulder Handbag doesn’t have CHLOE plastered across her face. Yet I’m not getting out my credit card. My wallet-grabbing hand hasn’t even twitched. It isn’t even because of the strange buckle clasp – I think it might work on another bag. It’s just that this is a Chloe, and in that family, well, this is the plain little sister. She’s all dressed up in the latest trends – shiny leather, chains, buckles – but she lacks the natural beauty and individuality of her sisters, and she will never have my love. She’s cute, and were she not a Chloe, I might give her more of a chance, but I would rather take sweet Betty or dear Edith out to dance. And fine, the strange coins are not my favorite as far as pointless embellishments go. I’d take a 4-pound padlock over them any day. In any case, if you think she’s the one for you, pre-order the Haley at Saks for $2,080. Available in brown or black, and she’s no cheap date.

Written by guest blogger: Nerdphanie.

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  • Belly

    The bag is delicated.Its style is my favourite.carrying nice handbag is an imporrtant thing for females,i think.some handbags on are good.
    their styles are delicated and nice.seeing nice handbags can improve our taste on handbag fashion,i think…..

  • Naggy

    You’re right; it’s not terribly ugly, but it’s still just okay at best. (ipad)