We are huge Chanel lovers around these parts, and if you visit our site you know this fact very well. The Classic Flap is the ultimate timeless bag and Chanel continuously creates different varieties of the design to please its massive fanbase.

For the Spring 2013 pre-collection, Chanel is taking a cue from the 70s with a white and pink Chanel Tie Dye Effect Classic Flap. We turn to you to ask: what do you think of this bag?

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • It cheapens it.

    • kevinkim

      but im sure they will still charge upwards of 4500. haha

  • AshleyG

    *Wayan’s voice* Hated it…

  • David

    reminds me of a tampon

  • miss jinjing


  • mlle p

    maybe in a different color combo it would work.

  • It looks like a bloody tissue paper, nothing like “Tie dye” at all…

  • PhotoGirl

    Tampax. Used. Quick! Somebody call the Man Repeller!

  • Ali

    Thus the tampon bag was born, what in gods name were they thinking :o

  • This is hideous.

  • kemilia


  • Dierregi

    Even without reading the other comments, that is exactly the first thing I thought: a blood stained sanitary pad…. Super chic, isn’t it? ;-)

  • ???

    i actually wanted one of the tie died flap bags from previous years…wished the tie die wasn’t so smack in the middle… :(

  • absolut

    Didn’t like it, initially thought the color had faded. Then I saw the tampon comments and that’s all I see now :|

  • ruby_s

    I would love this idea executed differently, different color combo and perhaps an ombre from bottom to top, but this looks just wrong. Also the red doesn’t graduate to the white smoothly, so it looks like a really terrible accident.

  • missbrasilnyc

    Oh my dear lord…what were they thinking with this one? NOT a flattering color combo, especially with that quilted pattern! Jeez.

  • Chanel Snob

    classic flap. i think you can take out the classic word. this wont be a classic.

  • I clicked to say that this looks like a maxi-pad and found that everyone already agrees. Horrible.

  • Ashie

    This is letting down coco chanel… ;( !!!!

  • eli

    They should use a different combo and pattern. With white and red in the middle it looks either it was stained by blood or the color just faded so bad

  • Anne

    Repulsive. It definitely illicits a visceral response.

  • Jamie

    This is NOT my cup of tea.
    BUT my 21st birthday is next month, and its about time I got a big-girl bag.
    Does anyone know how much the solid colored flap bags run?
    Not anything from recent collections, the classic flap(in red).

  • I don’t wanna have to say this… But it reminds me of a maxi pad…

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  • TxOceanGirl

    Wrong in so many ways. What were they thinking/drinking/smoking?

  • Shelly Maynard

    I actually just purchased this bag saw it a year ago. This picture does it no justice. In person it,s so much more beautiful and it looks hot pink down the middle not red

  • PKW

    it’s a make it stop.