You wouldn’t think the words Chanel and Sport would go together. Leave it to Chanel to make traditional sporty items incredibly chic by adding their luxury touches. While there are countless items in their sports category, it seems that none of these are currently available. I even searched on eBay and had no luck tracking down the amazing yet silly Chanel rugby football.

Why do I want these items, you ask? Well, because I am one of those people that buys into hilarious over-priced gimmicks and wants to place them around my house and office. I’d much rather use a set of Chanel hand weights as paperweights than the usual offerings. Yesterday, I found myself desperately seeking the Chanel football and hand-weights, but since they are from 2007, they are nowhere to be found. All that means is that this Wednesday I am truly wanting these items and I also can’t have them. That is the worst combination ever. If Chanel is listening, all I ask is that you create more items that I don’t need but I seriously want.

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  • Louch

    Being Australian, the boomerang appeals but I don’t think I will be buying a Chanel any time soon!!!

  • Marie Martell

    very cool! Maybe I’ll work out more cause I’ll be looking FAB!

  • Eleanor

    With all due respect, Megs (I love reading your posts, as they are always both interesting and humorous), I am not really a fan of the Chanel sports equipment. For some reason it seems gimmicky to me, and I think that that sort of gimmicky-ness cheapens the brand.

    • It is totally a gimmick – but there are some items that I would love to put on a shelf and have a good laugh at!

  • mochababe73

    The sports equipment by a luxury house is cheeky fun. I love it. Fashion doesn’t have to be so serious.
    I like the football as well since my boys play the sport. But there is no way that they would ever put their grubby little hands on it.

  • lisa

    megs- your best bet to find the sport items is to call the soho boutique. in the past they have carried the tennis racquet, tennis balls, and a basketball. if not, try the 800 number for chanel. good luck!

  • rose60610

    I wouldn’t be a buyer of these items, but I have taken my large 2.55 to the shooting range to complete my outfit with pearls and Coco red lipstick. The other shooters look on with amusement and/or admiration. I’m a good enough shot so they take me seriously, if also a little off base.

  • J Umm

    not worth the price tag

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    so lovely .i like it but the price too much,
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    .i like it but the price too much

  • Melissa

    I received the boomerang as a gift a few years ago and love it. (I’m half Aussie, so it has extra appeal.) Its a definite conversation piece.

  • Nancy Vander Weyden


    I’m a frenchspeaking belgian beauty reporter and I received the Chanel Rugby ball, the Chanel Basket Ball and the Boomerang as press gifts ( think it was between 2010 & 2011 for the launch of Allure Homme Sport). I kept them as collectors but I move in a tiny flat and I need some space. So, I intended to place an ad on Malleries or ebay… but after looking for the good price, I found your post on google. Are you still interested in before I put them on sale ? If yes, send me a e-mail to :

    Have a nice day !