Nothing says “Friday afternoon” like a post about Paris Hilton getting arrested immediately following one about college football (all tangentially purse-related, of course). We hope that all of you are enjoying the day before your long weekend as much as those of us here at PurseBlog are.

As we all know by now, celebutante Paris Hilton got herself arrested in Vegas last weekend for knocking some cocaine out of her purse in front of a cop (allegedly). Most people didn’t wonder what kind of purse she might have been carrying at the time, but I did. And now, thanks to and People magazine, I have my answer – her bag was Chanel. Or her friend’s bag, or whatever.

She claimed that the coke wasn’t hers because the bag wasn’t hers and the friend who had last used it had left it in there, but the purse that appears in her arrest photos also appears on her Twitter feed – as a new purchase that she made back in July. There’s a lesson here: you should keep your new bags off the Internet if you plan to use them in the alleged commission of crimes.

Thus concludes your weekly installment of trashy pop culture, since Real Housewives of DC didn’t have a new episode last night.

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  • kemilia

    Wow, that is a nice bag, too bad it got involved in the World of Paris.

  • Lynne

    Should be arrested by fashion police. This Chanel is not pretty.

    • sees

      Agree! Purses celeb carries doesn’t mean they are great pieces of design. Numerous brands sponsored numerous celebs, just a way of doing business. I’m not saying this bag is a gift to Paris from sponsorship

    • merve

      Totally agree. Moral of story is being a celeb with loads of money doesnt buy you taste and being a celeb with loads of money doesnt buy you a decent education for you to have some sense!!! Those CC’s are gonna take a whole new meaning now, one that Chanel will be none too pleased with.

  • Amy

    The internet wins again lol

  • abitnerdy

    hahahahahaha, oh paris hilton. for.. your.. lost.

  • Staci

    Amanda, I can’t decide whether I actually like this bag. Yes, it’s Chanel but…there are so many c’s on it! I hope Paris learns something from this incident..

  • otter

    Studio 54.

  • celestialdoll

    Honestly? do not blame the purse. amanda…yes it had too many C’s inside too…LOL

  • Miriam

    Haha. Reminds of of the time I found my daughter’s Marc Jacobs lying in the hall with a fine sprinkling of baby powder coming from it. Wondered what the bag had been up to…

  • Dezynrbaglaydee

    This gorgeous Chanel is going to now be known as “The Coce Chanel” Paris Hilton was carring. lol

    • belle


  • babe

    I wonder what Chanel company thinks about this?

  • 19yearslater

    Oh, give me a break, Paris. Like she’d have to borrow a bag. Seems like she just buys whichever one catches her fancy. Or whichever 20 catch her fancy.

  • speaking of this ish…

    I’m not surprised that she is on coke! This makes it the third time she has been arrested in the space of 2 months for coke, once at the world cup, once in the meditterenian (excuse my spelling) and now in vegas…she was not charged for the previous 2 situations and i’m sure she isn’t going to be charged for this either…smfh

    • sunflower

      Her other two incidents were for marijuana, not cocaine.

  • J.L.

    Wow, just wow.

    Can someone please explain to me, how you fail to mention that a purse forum member broke that story?

    Jlinds broke that story in the “offical Paris Hilton thread”. Yslovely posted twitter pics. All the night before.
    Members passed the story on, which numerous media outlets covered, the next day.
    No one at Purse Blog is aware of any of this? Wow.

    • We don’t read every thread in its entirety! It has been picked up by many many many media sites. If it was found out first on our forum that is beyond amazing and of course we would give it credit. But no one send me a message to tell me that! I’ll go look now

      • J.L.

        I know it would be crazy to read even a third of the threads, just way too many threads.
        I was in the thread in real time, it was posted at least 6 hours before anyone picked up the story.
        Was this the only place it was posted, who knows. More than one person might have noticed it.

        We all pretty much knew it was Paris’s bag. I thought if anyone had seen her with it, someone here would post it.
        Just like O.J. he never claimed the BM loafers that the Enquirer found pictures of him wearing.

        This whole crime centers around a purse, I was just shocked that no one checked that thread.

  • mochababe73

    Since sparkle is my favorite color, I really like this one. It’s fun and edgy all at the same time. Too bad that the likes of Paris Hilton have sullied the bag. It’s such a shame since it’s not the bag’s fault.
    Paris is knocking on the door of 30. She’s getting a little old for this behavior. When I think of Nicole Richie, Alicia Keys and Kim Kardashian who are of similar age, I can’t help but to think that Paris is wasting her life. She’s a bigger mess than Lindsay Lohan, in my opinion, because she’s now starting to look like a pathetic loser.

  • MAX

    Paris Hilton, The women who changed the way women look. Movie in theater now “Cocaine Chanel” lol. Her parents kinda get used to it now arent they?

  • Franca

    I am sure Chanel will be “thrilled” by all the jokes an publicity about the Coc Chanel , ,the to many cccc , the Cocaine chanel… you are all so creative … LOL !!! I also read that Paris uses other “very intimate” places to hide drug..

  • gacats

    Paris. What a silly child.

  • J.E

    Haha, she is such a lier, its def her bag! Its not the prettiest chanel bag is it? But its her style…

  • Adrienne zedella

    she’s got a reputation as a liar now for sure. She’ll never be trusted again by media or public. Too bad this expensive purse is sitting on a police department evidence room shelf. It should be auctioned off to another rich person to help get rid of debt, if Las Vegas has any.

  • Adrienne zedella

    ps – maybe the recent publisher’s clearinghouse winner who lives in Vegas can buy it.

  • Fashion-Fanboy

    Gorgeous bag – Hideous owner

    I’m sorry Paris, but you have to get a larger chanel bag where you have space for your lies…

    Is it OK If I use this article (not the whole article, but the actual story) for my blog ?
    I gave you credit :)

  • Fashion-Fanboy

    OH ! and BTW My blog is called

  • Elly

    I am not a fan of this Chanel. To me, this is no different than a monogram Louis Vuitton, of which I am also not a fan. It looks tacky but probably cost thousands. Luckily, Chanel still has their classic bags!

  • Lisa

    I’m cringing right now. I just thought there were no photos.
    I did not know that no one thought to look.
    I know they said she wore it to several red carpet events.

  • Karin bag4bag

    That is NOT what you should have in a Chanel purse…

  • edoardo

    The most ugly chanel bag in the world…only a person as Paris Hilton could buy, or steal, this bag…because, despite I love Lagerfeld, it seems a fake bag or a cheap bag so this is not chanel is…!!!

  • Prue

    Gross. This looks like a Chinatown purse. Maybe this one is just for keeping her coke in.

    Hopefully any luxury brand with an ounce of class has more sense than to have any promo arrangement with her… crazy exposure opportunities aside, what a trashy representative Paris Hilton would be.

  • erica

    Paris would find a way to make even Chanel tacky

  • Bell

    I’m wondering how much does this purse cost? It’s really pretty and too bad Paris used it in her own way.

  • Christian

    Christian Louboutin boots stilettos helped back in fashion in the years 1990 and 2000

  • Jelita78

    my poor chanel..
    i know u must be embarrassed by this incident.
    and i can just imagine the abuse u have to undergone all this time from your so called-borrowed owner.. (as such!)
    but rest assured that all your chanel fans out there , are here giving u all the morale support u need, to get by this difficult times..
    u’ll be in our prayers..

    p/s: shame on u paris!
    trying to put the blame on chanel.. huh! nice try sucker! (ipad)

  • beanyce126

    how can a mom of a chanel leave such a thing behing, its just unfair. if you wanna be my foster bag, ill be here for you. (ipad)