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  • Stunning! Every single one of them. Hoping to score a reissue for my birthday this year.

  • Sandy

    Now I know that I am not the only one addicted to Chanel!!! OK, I already know that but I love to see the pictures.

  • Rosa Lily

    I could be wrong but, the bags on the first pic all look like knockoffs. I’ve seen knockoff bags on Canal Street that are so well made it can fool any luxury brand expert.

    • leooh

      you are definitely wrong.

      • Cari

        if I bought a fake I would know…and to me that’s WORSE than someone else knowing!

    • BabyDietrich

      Are you serious? Even among fakes Canal Street fakes are known to be low-quality. I would love to see a single example of a fake Chanel purcased on Canal that would fool even casual members of Chanel subforum…

      • Rosa Lily

        Have you been to the “inside malls” located on Canal and especially Chinatown in Sunset Park, Brooklyn? They have knockoffs that are expertly duplicated matching every detail even improving on the quality of fabrics and materials used. The bags hanging off hooks on storefront displays can’t compare to the bags that are kept inside. I’ve never bought a knockoff but I’ve have friends who have and at a glance you would never know it’s a fake.

  • Gigi

    So much beauty, almost brought tears to my eyes ;)
    Hopefully one day I’ll have something Chanel!

  • Lex

    I’m in love!

  • jenjen

    So pretty!!!

  • GH68

    Really nice to see the pics and see which colours and styles people like.

  • Okjuliet

    Wow! This is amazing! Great seeing them all together.

  • Passerine

    The Boy Bag collection is my favorite, but they’re all impressive. I like seeing the LV bags that snuck into the Chanel family. I guess they “married up” ;-)

  • Eden

    I am so drooling over these beautiful Chanel bags. I guess, I need to add more to my collection. Haha

  • Natalie K.

    Nice collections. my favorite is Chanel Camera bag though.

  • ea wisdom