Most people who follow fashion know the Chanel signatures very well: black, ivory, bouclé, suits, camellias, black, ivory. Rinse, repeat. Karl Lagerfeld’s Spring 2010 haute couture collection of graphic white and silver was a significant departure from the Chanel aesthetic that we have all come to expect, and his Chanel Fall/Winter 2010 Haute Couture collection is yet another giant step into new territory.

The most startling things about this collection were the surprising choices in color and proportion. Normally Chanel’s color palette is very predictable, but these clothes were rendered in the very un-Chanel shades of maroon, gold, navy and brown. Proportion was primarily at play in the collection’s suits and coats – abbreviated jackets were paired with below-the-knee flared skirts, coats were often boxy and straight or puffed to comical proportions. As always with Chanel couture, the real fireworks started after the show’s halfway point, where somewhat odd suits and jackets gave way to beading and embroidery so intricate and masterful that an in-person viewing would surely be required in order to appreciate the skill of the work in full. In the end, this collection should be counted as a bold achievement on the part of Lagerfeld and his team even if the suits and coats looked to hold it back at times.

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  • InTrend Fashion

    Where did you get your information? Check They have no information whatsoever, and their information is straight from the fashion industry itself.

  • 19yearslater

    Wow, I love this collection! It’s very fairy-tale like, a point emphasized by the carrying of a lion’s head in the last picture.

  • Edoardo

    The collection is wonderful and it’s the first time that Lagerfeld doesn’t do a completely black look in his collections for Chanel… –> look here, it’s my blog and I’d like to have some readers :9


  • E

    I’m sorry to break it to y’all but i hate hate HATE this collection. All my friends think it’s hideous too. The proportions are too chunky and the models’ hairdo look like they’re crazy people. What happened to Chanel? Does he really need Valentino to challenge him or something? Chanel was doing so great even three years back.

    • Musette

      Whew! I thought it was just me!

    • OhDarling!

      Honey, Valentino is nothing compare to Chanel. It is not or will ever be, what it was when it was under Valentino’s own hands. although, I have to say its not my favorite one, but I find it that it was true to the Chanel spirit of simplicity, luxury, and craftsmanship. Something, that Valentino has yet to conquer.

  • mrsmere66

    There are a few that I love. The white sheath, the outfit with the first coat in dark red, and the pale blue and silver. But I agree on the hair. It’s very distracting – I want to grab a brush and fix each and every one of them. Must we have bed head on the runway? Really?

  • Mama M

    I can’t imagine anyone wearing these, except for the 1st one. The green one in the middle of the 4th row reminds me of an artichoke. The boots are ugly, too. The Elie Saab collection is beautiful — I can see every one of those dresses being worn.

  • OhDarling!

    I have to say its not one of my favorites, but I find it to be quite luxurious, more than all the other collections. In my personal opinion, Chanel and Givenchy were the only true shows that really hit the spot with what Haute Couture is and should be. Dior was a complete let down, were some of the clothes made you look fat or pregnant because of the way the fabric was texture or the color choices were the same ones he has always used. But in the end, Haute Couture is not about how a model looks or how their hair looks, its about the clothes and they represent, an art loved by many and owned by few.

  • whit

    both valentino and chanel sucked this time around. i’m sorry, this is couture, not RTW.

    the proportions of those on chanel models make them look short and stout. thats something for a world where you have to be at least 5’9, 5’10 with very few breaking that e.g. kate someone who have always found something to take away from with chanel’s runway this particular show…no.

    i’m not expecting something crazy spectacular like galliano but this is just. so. wrong.

    however i did strain my eyes to try and make better of the cuffs/bracelets the models have on..lucky some of the slides have view details. still not impressed.

    • I agree that Valentino was terrible, just as it was last year. I think I look at Chanel more positively because all the stuff I liked was toward the end, which helped wash away some of my memories of the weird proportions and shapes at the beginning of the show.

  • arlene

    I hate this collection . In the last year or two I have fallen in love with the chanel jackets/sweaters and have purchased many of them. However I found nothing appealing in this collection. I thought the huge shoulders were especially unflattering . My bank account and husband will be very happy!!

  • Genie B

    I like this collection. To me, haute couture has never been about wearability. It’s an exhibition of artistic creativity. So for that, I prefer this collection to the previous Minnie Mouse one. I find this refreshing and interesting to look at.

    • OhDarling!

      Agreed, You could not have said it any better.

  • ashley

    i think neither valentino or chanel delivered a good collection, i think that the idea was very good but it wasn`t executed very well, like i don`t think that that is the best he could do. valentino wasn`t very good either, i think what stole the fall couture week was definitely Givenchy.

  • Pink Owls

    I don’t like this collection at all honestly. My friend bekka was in the show though (third row of pics down). Still some good looks, but not as polished as years past.

    • Alma

      Completely agree.

  • Jimmy

    I as well am having a hard time to “get” those volumnious coats, it all just looks very unflattering to me on the models and I even get a bad retro vibe from how it makes the upper arms look so bulky. Perhaps it might look better on “real” women (i.e. with an actual bust) but I’m having a hard time imagining that too. The makeup and hair was lovely if you ask me, it felt very sexy (in contrast to the clothes wich were anything but sex). Is it just me or does anyone else get a Carine Roitfeld reference?

    The true showpieces were divine aswell, I believe no one today can show off mind-blowing workmanship like Lagerfeld (remember couture ss09 and paris-moscow?) , though this season Tisci’s Givenchy came dangerously close to question that. The lion backdrop was absolutely stunning too, if you take a look at Chanel’s website there is a video on their blog featuring the “making of” the backdrop.

  • Alma

    Love #12, tuxedo looking one. If I could afford this, and was a size -2, Then I’d be very happy.

  • abercrombie coats

    I’d wait ’till they go on sale, then buy them for next year. But if you’re dying for one now, you should check ebay. Sometimes they have good deals. sometimes by the time the bidding is over, they cost the same or more then what they would cost brand-new in stores.


  • NAN