69 Chanel Bags

Holy Flaps, Batman! L.A.-based forum member Regina07 means serious business. She manages to take her obsession for Chanel bags to a whole new level. In just one year’s worth of time, she’s acquired just about every Chanel Flap imaginable, sixty-nine to be precise. And the madness doesn’t stop here!

Obsessive-compulsive or helplessly devoted? You be the judge. Definitely the most exciting Chanel handbag collection I have ever laid my eyes on.

69 Chanel bags and counting;

69 Chanel bags and counting;

69 Chanel bags and counting;

Click the thumbs to enlarge.
See the rest of the pictures in this thread.

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  • springblossoms

    :shock: I am in awe!

    • sam

      :grin: That is amazing, chanel seriously makes the most beautiful bags…if i had the money, my collection would be bigger, lol!

  • LuLu

    She is really mad.. she has the same bag in different sizes !! :shock:

  • misswhitelily

    What´s next??? :shock:

  • my new bag

    uhhhh..speachless at first, I hope her investment pays off.

  • tlrmade95

    OMG :shock: At least I’m not the only one with a purse addiction or should we call it OCD?! :lol: Congrats, you go girl.

  • raquel

    i’m so jealous !!! i want to see your clothes behind purses HAVE you the same dressing for louis vuitton bag ?

  • mette

    Jesus, this woman really is addicted. There are so many bags,that just does not make sense. I owen about 6 bags and feel that I could do about less.

  • LVowner

    Lets be honest, we are a little envious that she’s racked up this collection in CHANEL alone.I do understand her passion (not addiction) and admire the girl for showing us all what an advocate of chanel really is :mrgreen: Hats off to her!!

  • lisa

    thats impressive but lets just do the math, shall we. 69 bags at an average of $2000 per bag comes to $138,000- and thats figuring conservatively and not taking tax into account. but hey, if she can afford it and it makes her happy then why the hell not.

    • Roxana

      I believe most of them are vintage and were never 2000 average…

  • NancyCP

    I say…..You go girl!….

  • lisa

    ps…i wonder if she has a son my age… i could inherit those bad boys on day…

  • pjh

    You have no idea how much I respect this. There’s no doubt in my mind that obsessive compulsive disorder has fueled the luxury bag market, and as someone who loves fashion and has mild OCD, I say rock on sistah friend. I have about sixty bags myself, none of them Chanel :(, but let me tell you if I had the money…

    • imobsessedtoo

      big props to you darling

      i have 150 bags/purses.

      chloe dooney marc d&g and others… of course they arent all designer!!

      much bag love

  • Irina

    Woo hoo…. lucky girl.

  • Chantelle

    I just hope she has enough social events to go to so she can actually use these bags! There is no point if they just sit there in the closet, is there? I would rather send my kids to school with that money.

  • Laurel

    :smile: Clearly I am in the wrong line of work! It would take me almost 7 months to make enough money to buy 70 Chanels. And that’s BEFORE taxes, so forget that!

    Love the collection. Wish I could just figure out how to make more money….

  • Cathy

    I am amazed – but surely this is not how she stores them?? Please tell me they are not all squished on some shelves without dust bags? I would treasure them………..

  • Jahpson

    thats ridiculous!!

    she has numerous of the same color and style bag!! waste of money

  • faber

    wow that is such a waste of money. she coulda bought some of them and used the money for better use, like donating it to a needy charity.

  • melvina

    danggg…i would rather buy just a few of chanel bags *not the same one of course* and the rest of my money i would spend on buying different brands of handbags..i just like having different varieties of handbags rather than just one..but again its just me..

  • buttercup

    WOW! :shock: Outrageous and awesome! I hope she has insurance for them.

  • hal

    well i really admire this woman and her bag collection especially when this amount of money could fund a whole class year of education in a school in vietnam. She is making a statement, but personally i would wait for the more special editions of the flap bag. IN 2005. Chanel switched the ruthenium chain on a magenta flap bag with a chain of hearts,divine. This season they did square paillettes in black and white and a gorgeous lime green version. I saw a dark green mini envelope 2.55 in bottle green. I would have coveted them most. In addition, i was miffed, where was the limited edition vermillion 2.55 in her collection. And recently the madison avenue boutiques also carried a few NY editions. she should have blown the money also on those….however having said this. im grinning. i love this eccentric woman and yes she has a humidifier in the room, thats how she keeps her bag pristine dahling.

    • BLAH,BLAH,BLAH-pretentious?!?!????

  • lola

    the collection def grabs attention but then when you think about some of the ongoing issues in the underprivileged and malnourished countries- i can’t help but wonder how selfish one can be and how our priorities are set.

  • kim

    can some of these responses be anymore judgmental. world problems or not, it is her money and she can spend it anyway she chooses. and how presumptuous! how do you know she doesn’t make donations to her favorite charity every year or volunteer? everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but it would be nice to keep the “hating” to a minimum. :roll:

    • Monku Girl

      Here here, Kim!

      I second your nomination!

      There ***IS*** a reason why we are all in TPF.

      Way to go Chanel Collector, whomever you are. All the more power to ya!

      ox Monku Girl

    • jessa

      right on Kim! her collection is amazing! I’d give up anything to be in that closet with those fabulous chanels :wink:

  • mini

    ooooh i am so drooooling over the contents of that closet. impressive, very impressive! just curious though if this lucky gal (with excellent taste) has any other purses in her collection as well :?:

  • Chel

    Wow…. speechless. :shock: I reckon she uses Chanel every day, wherever she goes. OMG!!!

  • william

    There are some ladies in the Balenciaga forum that have impressive collections, as well, like Decophile.

  • dknigh21

    Gorgeous collection. I’m especially loving the reds.

  • pursecrzy

    BRAVO! Stunning collection.

  • Kelley

    Great collection. I would be so happy with just one Chanel, I don’t need an entire closet full.

  • I want a Birkin

    Melvina, you are not alone. I am just like you, ie. I want to own at least 1 bag for each brand… :grin:

  • Dana

    im im sooooooooooooooo jelouse of her it would be my dream to own that many :shock:

  • Lisa

    This is amazing…i’m speechless…I showed these pictures to my friends and my boyfriend…haha they’re shocked and the first thing they did was do the math. I agree with kim and Monku Girl…how do we know she doesn’t donate money to charities…=]

  • AJC

    Eccentric doesn’t cut it :shock:

    It’s a magnificent collection but kind’a nouveau riche at the same time. So did this lady suddenly decide she wants to build a Chanel collection over one year period?!? But why, on earth, I don’t get it :???:

    It’s cool she has the means to buy nice expensive purses, but I even wonder if she’ll get a chance to wear them all at least a couple of times each? And wouldn’t it be better to wait for special editions and little collector’s gems rather than just dump all one’s money into every 2008 chanel bag?

    I say, you have the means then invest them to build your collection over time – this way it’s more unique and special.

    • cv

      if you read her posts, she has barely any NEW bags, they are all a few years old! Read her words before you judge!!

  • KathyD

    Congrats on a beautiful collection. I am in awe. I don’t understand some of the other posters comments. I thought this blog was about bags, not a commentary?? I’m a collector of flaps also. Enjoy your beautiful Chanels!

  • nhop1976

    OMG!! I am so jealous!

    I love Chanel. I don’t own one yet, but will soon. She owns a beautiful collection. I am glad she has them organized nicely. The bag I am dreaming of having is the Spring summer 2008 crackled patent calfskin accordeon with puzzle quilting. Today I will be heading to Neimans to check it out. Awesome blog.


  • tulip618

    This is an amazing collection!!! I love chanel flap. I always wonder why some people have it all while others (i.e. me) don’t even have one………..

  • Jen

    you have to so stupid to have this collection of such similar bags :???: . apparently you have no taste :sad: .

  • tao

    that’s beautiful… but i’m more curious to see victoria beckham’s hermes collection… i would love to see a picture of that…i would just drooooooool…

  • michelecant


    • S

      I LOVE this comment!!!

  • Aidan

    I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night with a credit card debt that huge. Is she very wealthy? Hope she can sell them quickly when she needs the cash. This is a really reckless handling of money with total disregard for her financial future.

    • LOL

      You must be a very ego-centric person if you assume everyone is like you. OF COURSE she’s probably very wealthy. What other person would get it into their head to buy that many Chanel bags in such a short period of time? Or else she’s crazy, but I don’t think so… more likely that she’s a privileged girl. There are lots of resentful and jealous comments on this blog. Hilarious.

  • monkee

    OMG :shock: I definitely give her Kudos! However why would you need 10 black bags that look exactly the same? I guess if you can do it then go for it!!!

  • estella149

    Really, there are a lot worse addictions than a purse addiction!!! At least at the end of the day.. ours has resale value! I mean.. think gambling, alcohol, drugs, food.. you know? And geez.. if most of you spent enough time here at tpf, you would see the amazing generosity of the members here.

    What a gorgeous collection!!!

    • laura

      for me they look a bit too similar. the ones on the bottom. (for me the bottom are the chicest, & some on the top). i cant imagine needing so many that look so much the same. i have one & want to expand to another texture or color. but if she wants too later on she can sell to a consignment shop, make back some of the $ & look for others. its her right to buy what she wants. her charity choices are private. this is a post for collectors. & bag lovers. in any event, as a “collection goes” i agree w/the limited edition approach & assortment of color etc. chanel’s always a good investment. my feeling is this is purely for wordrobe. she should also examine her modivations. it could be a deprivation response, & later shell say whats THIS about? (tamara lee simmons can open a store w/her vuitton collection) oh yes! if she does decide to sell some a ‘closet sale” would fetch more than consignment shop. keep me in mind for the 2.55s!!!

    • laura

      for me they look a bit too similar. the ones on the bottom. (for me the bottom are the chicest, & some on the top). i cant imagine needing so many that look so much the same. i have one & want to expand to another texture or color. but if she wants too later on she can sell to a consignment shop, make back some of the $ & look for others. its her right to buy what she wants. her charity choices are private. this is a post for collectors. & bag lovers. in any event, as a “collection’ goes, i agree w/the limited edition approach & assortment of color etc. chanel’s always a good investment. my feeling is this is purely for wordrobe. she should also examine her modivations. it could be a deprivation response, & later shell say whats THIS about? (tamara lee simmons can open a store w/her vuitton collection) oh yes! if she does decide to sell some a ‘closet sale” would fetch more than consignment shop. keep me in mind for the 2.55s!!!

  • maggie

    Sorry but i have to say that a collection like this looks depressingly fake. By having that many jumbled up in the closet like that, those bags have long lost their ‘special charm’. Why doesn’t she invest some money into displaying and keeping such a beautiful collection – otherwise its a waste I say.

  • Sherbie

    Seriously, I love her collection. Though I’d store them in humidity controlled environment for display purpose. I think a women can never have enough of bags. :) Great job girl.

  • sjunky13

    LOVE IT!!!!!!! Gorgeous bags! Great eye candy…mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Plum Blossom

    I love it when people are passionate about something and go to the max. :grin:

    More power to you Regina07!
    I think you should build a display case to show off those beauties.

  • thewelsh

    She has a stunning collection but it makes me cringe to see them all piled up like that and squished together. She must indeed have plenty of cash to spare to gather a collection like that in just one year. I am indeed envious but at the same time I’m not.

  • Harolyn

    Wow…..i’m lovin it! :wink:

  • Joan

    Truly adore your collection. Ignore those senseless comments from some. From your collection, I can tell your a great big fan for Flaps. Thumbs up :)

  • babydiva5

    I admire the large chanel collection. At least you have a one for every occassion . . . :grin:

  • Natasha ..x

    Gosh! What a lucky girl! Whoa..if I had the money.. :razz:

  • sophie


  • Minh D.

    Wow! But not really impresssed me yet ! I am in my first time of choosing my 1st Chanel bag in my life, so I can be stylist, also age appropriate. I am making all the search about the history of Chanel bags and I think owning one( or more…) meants holding a treasure in your hand ; Beyond the verse” beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”, owning Chanel bag has to be based on taste, not just flasing them without appreciate and no nothing about taste !

  • Stacey

    Beautiful collection!!!! I am quite jealous!

  • Jenny

    such a beautiful collection… :wink:

    and people, please refrain from saying negative things. we all have our own values that govern the ways that we spend our money and lead our lives, so it really isn’t up to you or anyone else to be commenting on Regina’s collection.

    this is an environment that is supposed to foster sharing, and nonconstructive criticism really isn’t conducive to that.


  • sac_addict

    this looks surreal :lol:
    WOW & Ohhh my GOD is all I can say!

  • sac_addict

    WOw and I can see some girls here are jealous of you, Regina07 :lol:
    I absolutely LOVE looking at these pictures! I’m saving up to get my first Chanel flap, still deciding whether to get a white/ red one :lol:
    you go girl!

  • Kristie

    She bought Chanel bags on ebay? Hope they’r not all fake.

  • Dangergirl


    They’re squished and piled together…That makes me wonder what they must look like after spending a few days or a week in that state?

    I love the collection and her devotion. She has passion and she’s the QUEEN right now.

  • SofieK

    Damn!! That girl is lucky!!!!
    Wouldnt hurt if she was my mother!

  • luvmbj

    What the….. OMG, that is totally OCD, are they all real? that’s my questions…and I say, might as well make it 70

  • luvmbj

    I am imagining the Pile of dusters behind her as she takes these pictures.lol

  • stefandr

    total idiot

    • cv


  • bags2die4

    I’m so jeleous and let me tell you it’s not in my nature,I have a Louis Vuitton,Gucci,Daniel Swarvoski,and I am ready to purchase my Chanel Bag,Oh well some girls have all the luck,69 Chanel Bags OMG!!!

  • nadine

    :razz: Wow, great collection! If u ever get tired of them, please let me know!! :smile: U lucky lucky girl. Took me awhile to save up for my very first chanel flap.

  • putri

    that’s waaaaaaay too cooooooooool!!! loving this girl, remember : “SHALLOW OBSESSING STRONGLY ENCOURAGED”

  • Ady

    Is she working in Chanel, as I’ve heard that staff price is unbelievable low.

  • jessa

    right on Kim! I think some should kep the hating 0to a minimum. I love those chanels!! I’d give anything to be in that closet! :wink:

  • susan

    any chance of selling a classic jumbo or large red chanel????DO YOU KNOW WHERE I CAN BUY. i LIVE IN HONGKONG AND I AM CRAZY ABOUT CHANEL TOO. HELP!

  • Liza

    Nice collection! I personally owen 10 of them and I have love them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol:

  • Java Girl

    These are just lovely, lovely bags!

    I love the classic flaps and I am waiting for my first one to arrive in August. I live in Manila, Philippines and we have no Chanel Boutiques here. My friend is in London right now and I’ve asked him to buy me a medium classic flap in red caviar. The waiting is killing me!!! :shock:

  • Chanel admirer – but cannot afford

    i hope that is not just some apartment closet where she stores them Chanel bags. i hope that is a house she actually owns. dang, with the cost of that collection, that could very well be a good down payment on a house. one must have lotsa money to amass such expensive collection.

  • Mrs Sunday

    I am going to become a cat burgurlar and find out her address. Just joking – I have a bag obsession too, when I go on holiday I take a photo of them so they can ‘comfort’ me.

  • erin

    this is quite sad

  • paris coburn

    this just makes me sick really.
    I can understand becoming obsessive if you have the money, but this need to have so much stuff… it’s just unreasonable. This is the drive thats destroying the planet.
    Why can’t people live by less is more?

    I’d be sad if she wakes up one day and realizes she’s sick of Chanel.

  • Esha

    some of those or mabey all are fake :idea: … there are some really good fake chanel bag vendors :lol: , and if she did collect all those at retail price i think she could atleast afford to display them better…imo :shock:

  • sharon

    hi, i recently found a vintage chanel bag, and the zippers has a medallion sun and the CC are in the middle of the sun. has anyone seen one like that before?

  • Sophie_nyc

    I am greeen with envy!!!!

  • Jonna

    Wow i love your collection you are the Chanel QueenBee!

  • lovesbags

    i think they all look fake. No real purse collector would buy authentic designer bags (especially ones that cost over 1500) and leave them like that especially when they come with proper dust bags. Still quite an impressive collection of fake Chanel bags.

  • juju

    She is completely insane!!! And I am totally jealous!

  • emily*

    Can you please put me in your will?
    I’ll take good care of them, promise.

  • Grace

    For everyone assuming they are fake just because they are without dustbags: Why would she post pictures of 69 Chanels IN their dust bags?!? I’m sure she does store them properly but for the purpose of this post, it would be completely POINTLESS if you couldn’t see the bags themselves… duh.

  • telerz

    one word. ENVY!!!!

  • little mamma

    its amazing! but i hope she has enough sense to put each of those bags in its dustbags to protect them!afterall Chanel bags have premium price when they become vintage provided they are in tiptop shape!

  • Wrexie

    OMG, I love Chanel as much as the next Chanel-lovin’ girl. I own four chanel bags and a series of Marc Jacobs, Prada and Miu Miu. I am sad to see these pics. While I am sure she is a great person, there are so many people in need of food and shelter during these difficult times throughout the world. Certainly, the energy and money could be better spent. Coco was a great contributor to the human race and it is a shame to see her name displayed in such a grotesque manner — shame, shame.

  • cawaii


  • Elyssa(jap4life)

    What’s with all the snappy comments. Is she stealing money from you to buy these purses? Nope,I’d assume not. So what’s with the incessant need to go on and on about how “stupid” she is? She earned this money, she gets to do what she pleases.

  • Anna

    If someone owned 69 bags from H&M you would’nt react like this, right? I do not understand, from an environmental wiev, why it’s so bad to own 69 chanelbags! The people who make the Chanelbags probably earns at least 30 times the salary of an average H&M factory worker. And how long does it take before a cheap bag breaks or you’re getting tired of it? A chanel bag has very long lifetime. And I just can’t stand arguments like: she could have used the money better, like donating it to a needy charity. Would someone tell that to a guy who’s about to buy an expensive car? NO! But when it’s about female consumption then everybody’s saying what’s morally right or wrong.

  • listen

    WTF are you people doing in a purse blog if just to say how wrong you think this collection is?

    it might be a bit crazy BUT ITS AMAZING!

  • listen

    and how about you judgmental who cant afford all these bags go do some charity… you know you could serve in the soup kitchen or a homeless shelter and use no money for that…

    maybe our amazing collector does these things… maybe she doesnt… but if you think its so important then dont waste your precious judgmental time on a purse blog to criticize happy purse maniacs

  • newbie


    Does anyone know where to buy new- guaranteed authentic quilted classic chanel handbag which price is cheaper than the chanel boutique?? I would never buy chanel handbag from EBAY cause I question the authenticity. Thanks for the input.

  • y.ramo

    all y’all who are judging this so wrong, rude and evil are hypocrites. its funny how you would even be on a blog for chanel bags when you probably cant afford. its funny if you cant afford it then dont even bother looking at sites like these. you people have so much hate when you know for a fact that deep down inside if you werent a purse freak you would not be on here. you’re probably only really jealous that she has all these bags including the one that YOU want. so poor you!!!! go to walmart or something for a bag that you can afford!

  • e

    do you know if chanel fixes broken zips on their old (like REALLYYY old) bags?

  • whyown

    WOW, I would have loved to have been shopping with her when she bought them,,, I’m just wondering does she have THE SHOES to go with them also….. I would, if I had all the money to buy those bags…………. Hum did you buy them all around the world ????? Now that would be great………….. KEEP ON BUYIN.

  • whyown


  • renier

    an inspiration to us all. but maybe we should inspire her on ways TO STORE the bags?

  • Ronalou Lau

    She is my hero!!! or heroine.. :) I just wana be like her..

  • Kiki V.

    This is just Awesome!!! I would definitely do that in white !!!

  • Lulu

    She sees Chanel bags in the same way philatelists see postage stamps.
    Maybe it’s not about taste, maybe it’s about investment.
    Or maybe it’s just plain COD

  • Nurulhuda

    I wonder how much she makes / family allowance she got. Anyway, you go girl! Keep on!

  • Hien

    WOW! She’s definitely one lucky girl to own 69 Chanel Bags! I don’t even think a single celebrity owns that much Chanel Bags themselves. I wish I was in her shoes to have all those precious Chanel Bags. I, myself only own 4 Chanel Classic Bags and is dying to add more to my collection but the prices keep increasing making it literally impossible to keep it! As far as I’m concern the large Classic is $2750 CDN and the jumbo is $3175 CDN and that’s for caviar. I only know the prices for for the large and jumbo in caviar because that’s my preference when purchasing a Chanel bag.

  • Hien

    *keep up!

    Those prices mention above is without taxes included. My recent purchase was made last Wednesday for the Classic jumbo in caviar with gold hardware. The grand total was $3587.75 CDN because over here in Toronto we pay 13% tax =(

    Luckily for me this bag was actually a gift from my boyfriend and I have very grateful.

  • beli

    je adore CHANEL.
    je suis an collector aussi.
    keep in touch

  • Sarah

    I seriously wonder if paris hilton has that amount of chanel flaps and wonder how would paris react after seeing those collections.

    Anyway, that’s a freaking amazing collections!! Love it! (Just hope that she actually puts those babies in their dust bags and not simply stacked them up in her closet ‘naked’)

  • Preloved Posh

    You can collect that many chanel if you want I think,… as long as you don’t buy all of them in retail… buy them or just some of them in consignment/preloved store

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    You have Chanel or Hermes on hand? send us your bags in action! http://cocobirkin.blogspot.com

  • speaking of…

    I bow down to thee…if i owned those bags I’d be in Chanel heaven…she puts celebs to shame with this collection but please tell me she puts these precious priceless artifacts in a dustcover? or else she should not be an owner.no lover of fine luxury leaves their pieces out like that.
    Chanel must love her if she bought that many ppl like her need to be put on a special list..Fabolousity at its best!!!

  • ann

    I wonder if they are all original Chanel bags.

  • Denise

    As beautiful as diamonds!

  • annabelle

    oh i just love looking at these…getting a bit jealous but no hate what so ever!
    hahaha <3

  • Sam

    Lucky you!! I don’t even own any. My husband was going to buy me a fake one but I dint allow him hopefully one day I can own one. I super super love the brand. I love chanel

  • sharebear

    wow.. you should sell some off and start collecting some more..lol (ipad)

  • OY

    That is one impressive collection….(ipad)