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No matter the season, you can always count on Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel show for at least one thing: a very strong theme. For Chanel Spring 2012, you had to look no further than Kaiser Karl’s seashell clutches to find the oceanic common thread that ran through the entire collection. Or maybe it would be more accurate to say that Lagerfeld was inspired by the shore; after all, the runway was lined with sand.

I’m not sure how many times a woman will have an opportunity to wear a conch shell-shaped clutch in her sartorial life, but if you’ve got a beach wedding on the horizon any time in, oh, the next ten years, I’d hazard a guess that these are the best bags you’ll find to carry to such an event. As always, Chanel will do lots of non-runway bags if you’re looking for something a little less literal, but a few of these bags make me long for a beach vacation something fierce.

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  • lisa

    i would wear number 21!

  • DJ

    Not crazy about these bags–especially the one that looks like a big shiny shell. But I do love the sea urchin ring.

  • Kim

    “Satorial” means tailor or tailored clothing; accordingly, it generally refers to men’s wear. No, I can’t imagine the man in my life carrying a conch, or any handbag for that matter.

    • Silversun

      I believe “sartorial” can be used in a broader sense to mean style of dress in general; I don’t think it’s restricted to menswear by any means. (Also, going from “tailoring” to “menswear” seems a bit of a leap.)

      • Kim

        I would agree that it has become common to bastardize the term by using it to mean any and all fashion. However, the basis for sartorial is in reference to menswear; no leaping required.

  • Chels K

    One of the worst collections I’ve seen on PurseBlog. Sorry.

    • MYong

      Yes! you right, think so!!

  • mochababe73

    Not really a fan. The seashell bag looks as though it should be a decoration on a coffee table at a beachhouse.
    As far as the rest of the collection goes, I only like the clutch in picture number 24.

    • Alene

      true, thats exactly what i thought

  • Silversun

    I actually quite like the conch, although probably only in theory. :D I’m inordinately amused by the one that looks like a paper parcel wrapped in a chain.

  • Sandra Rowley

    I keep saying that when Chanel comes up with something different than the quilted, flapped, chain handled, pill box bag…I would buy one. Just kidding, these are weird.

  • Stephen

    I think if you walked around with a huge shell purse people would think your an idiot or you just plucked it off the shelf of a souvonier store at the beach. Not really impressed at all.

  • bir

    theres something fishy about all this ????? im not sure i love it. the clothes on the other hand were flawless!!!

  • rose60610

    Way too “out there” for me. Especially when you consider Chanel price tags.

  • klynneann

    The clutch in 21 is really beautiful, but the rest I could do without.

  • louch

    I reckon the shell could be a decent weapon if warranted

  • Reina

    Picture 10 looks like alexander wang designed it.Not loving this collection one bit

  • ChangeTheCut

    not buying at all.
    for me it is not high more of a bad taste.

  • Izzi89

    Very unpractical but beautiful still, they look like art pieces!!!

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  • Kristen

    #14 and #24 are my favs!!!

  • Sil

    i don’t like them, but they’re definitely fun to look at
    and i wonder what material those shell bags are made of, they look so weird!

  • J Umm

    the package bag is so clumsy and looks as though they made it backstage. I like the shell… as a house decoration not as a clutch, would be the most awkward thing to hold.

  • 318Platinum

    WOW, Karl !!! You couldn’t give the clutches the ESSENCE of a Shell, but you had to make it look EXACTLY like a Shell ?

  • JingBirkin

    The designer forgot the true essence of a “bag”. Artistic but very impractical. Overall, very disappointing.

  • JingBirkin

    ‘Of course, except for a few pieces. But still, the designs are not really excitingly “chanel”.

  • Rita

    I guess I’m alone in this, but I absolutely loved the collection, especially the ones that look like furoshiki bags! So they’re not as elegant as the 2.55 bags, they can still be worn flawlessly in a classic outfit or a casual one.

  • Florence

    Oh my god! What’s going on? I wouldn’t like to carry a seashell, beach or not. No. 24 may be the only saving grace of the collection, but I’m not sure about the material. Will grabbing it hurt?

  • Ms. O

    I can definitely see myself clutching that sea-shell bag in my next beach-wedding invitation in Bali ;)

  • AW

    Definitely fun but tbh not sure that anyone would recognize this for Chanel right off the bat. A great way to change things up though

  • Lisa V

    Something different ? Not anything I would spend lots of $$$ for. Maybe the shell bag for my shell collection. Where is the classic Chanel we all love ? Some of the bags looked like something a student would carry to school in the fifties! Very disssapointing collection. So happy to have my classic Chanel bags.

  • Donkey

    Where do i find The picture of chanel hand bag, number :a67087y07543?
    Please if you know where to find a picture send me the link.

    Thank you

  • zhou xiao

    yes,it’s cool.

  • easonvae