The handbags during the Chanel runway shows can be totally hit or miss – sometimes Uncle Karl equips his models with hardly any bags, sometimes they’re crazy-literal like spring’s sea shells, sometimes they’re just the same ol’ Chanel that we’re all used to. In the case of shows like Chanel Fall 2012, though, the bags get better and better as the show progresses and remind you why Chanel sells bags hand over fist in the first place. And if you’re a Boy Chanel fan, then boy, do I have a treat for you.

For Chanel, Fall 2012 is all about gemstones in their raw state. Perhaps predictably, that lead to lots of handbags in rich jewel tones, the best of which were the Boy Chanels finished in plush velvet. I’ve always been a fan of the Boy line, but after seeing the shape in vibrant purple and yellow, how much I’d like to make a Boy bag mine cannot be overstated. I need one, you guys. Maybe more than one.

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  • Brigitta

    LOVE those Boy bags in deep purple and green!  

  • camilla

    If you consider the brand, a luxury one, those chains are terrible. It’s not class at all. Disapointing.

  • Color Me Happy with that Amazing Yellow Mini Bag!

  • May you get what you wish for.

  • Fashiondoesntexist

    Amazing, really amazing and so fresh…this is one of Karl’s best collections!

  • bebe

    Love the Chanel boy!!

  • D Harding

    LOVE them all but the shagreen bag is especially amazing. 

  • Ijtso88

    Love the deep purple in velvet.. Love it..

  • Marie Martell

    not my favorite collection.. but some are nice

  • FelixBrown

    If God had meant us to fly he’d have given us wings

  • i didn’t think i could cry over a bag but ho dear lord those boy bags in velvet are so gorgeous

  • Jennesia

    The velvet is beautiful!

  • Karin bag4bag

    WOW ! They are chunky and bold. Would kill for the green one ! They blend with the colors of the outfits but the materials are raw and strong. I can see how some people would hate the dog lead type shoulder straps but bags with such thick and powerful looks need more than a delicate strap. I like them !  

  • MsLabelsOfLust

    Again I have been disappointed..That young boy is soo lucky! Congrats to him walking his second time for Chanel..

  • peekaboopink

    if you have the money to throw out then why not, but I prefer to stick to the classics they are a great investment

  • ColoradoLady

    Glad I don’t love any of these bags.  Way to small for everyday use and too expensive (I’m sure) for just special occassions.  Chanel’s pricing has gotten waaaaaay out of line and I am so glad that I have a few of the classics and a few of the edgier ones from years past.

  • Katja