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  • Doodles78

    Hate sponsored posts.

    • Christina

      You shouldn’t. Sponsored posts are what keeps this website alive.

      • Doodles78

        So I should love them? Ads are one thing. Ads dressed up as legitimate content and paraded as journalism are another.

      • Kate

        I enjoy this site as a form of entertainment entirely for free and understand that’s possible due in part to posts like these. Those who created this site and keep it running have a right to make revenue from their work, whether it be in the form of sponsored posts or ad spaces. You don’t have to love them, but you should have the common sense not to read sponsored posts if you don’t enjoy them. They’re clearly marked. There is no lack of transparency. Be a grown-up and pick and choose the content that suits you. I am bored by most Hermes posts (really, how much can one say about two decades-old bags, ad nauseum?), so I usually just skip them. I don’t navigate to those posts, throw my pacifier on the floor, stamp my feet and complain about how much I dislike Birkins. As for sponsored posts pretending to be “journalism,” yeah maybe at the Huffibgton Post. If you think you’re seeing journalism on Purse Blog you’re a dummy.

      • Of course you don’t need to love them, just as many people will have posts we cover that they don’t love either. However, sponsored editorial pieces are part of our business and help support our entire team and websites. We work hard to be sure that the brands we partner with, on the display ads and sponsored content, align well with our sites.

        We also be sure to mark any sponsored post as such as we believe in transparency so that our readers know what they’re getting.

  • Sarah

    Love the wide selection of items! Thanks for sharing!

  • Cbl

    You can get that exact same black chevron boy right now, brand spanking NEW for $4700. Just sayin.

    • Kate

      Yeah, when I bought my Boy bag a couple of months ago, I initially considered a very similar lambskin chevron bag in the new medium for $5,200, so I can’t understand why that pre-owned one is more than $600 over retail? Weird.

      • Cbl

        Actually this one is the old medium size so it’s $1185 over retail for a bag that’s available in stores now…you’d have to be clueless and do no research whatsoever to get suckered into buying this preowned bag!

  • Lana

    Always appreciate you guys sharing great bags with us!

  • Aidan

    They may take authenticity seriously, but unfortunately my experience with their customer service has been nothing short of awful. Its a shame really.