Chanel Bag and Katherine Kwei Clutch

My family spends Christmas Eve with family friends who throw an amazing party every year. It is now a staple of our holidays and an event that we look forward to. This year Shannon and I put down our bags for a moment and Vlad took the opportunity to capture a shot.

My bag, a 2004 navy blue and white Chanel bag is a little treat I love to bring out. Small, light-weight, feminine, and still very Chanel. Shannon added a bit of glitz to her outfit carrying a gift from Katherine Kwei herself, a Donna Clutch in metallic water snake.

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Alana

    Love both bags!!

    • Lucy

      I love them by voguelande dot com

  • Lauren

    I really love my Donna clutch. My husband got it for me 2 1/2 years ago and I whip it out for day and night events. Its really versatile!

  • whatdialike

    so beautiful

  • AA

    I love the Chanel!

  • Loquita

    The Chanel is timeless, but I *really* love the Kwei piece. As a designer Kwei is doing things that no one else is doing, which is refreshing. Gorgeous clutch!

  • mark gil anthony plaza

    Many people love Chanel bag because of the style its so gorgeous…… I love the bags also of Katherine kwei……..more

  • luxury_999

    Love This bags!

  • Lucy

    They are gorgeous!! voguelande dot com

  • Kathy

    Thanks everyone for the great feedback and comments. The Donna Clutch is a classic and one of my favourite bags. I am so thrilled you all think so too.

  • kmjohn

    What a great idea to take a picture of these bags. I love the bags and I think I will try this too! You should frame this picture as art.

  • ninalou1

    I love both too. I wish Kwei was more widely available – does anyone know of any UK stockists?

  • Christian

    What a great idea to take a picture of these bags?

  • Elyse

    Nice pic, Vlad! (fb)

  • Joyce

    love ittttt (fb)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    like the bigger one (fb)

  • Beina

    katherine kwei donna clutch is so unbelievably gorgeous!